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  • Camelot Unchained - EXCLUSIVE - Mark Jacobs on the Road Ahead for Camelot Unchained - MMORPG.com

    $7.5m in additional funding is great news, congrats CSE! Even better is confirmation that the design and the business model will not change at all. 

    Something that is driving me a bit crazy though - where is the announcement?

    This is an interview about the announcement. MOP have done similar. Where is the actual announcement?!?! There is nothing on the official CU site either. Am I missing something? Is the announcement only available to backers or the press?

    This interview also says this is the second of four big announcements. What was the first? Was it the fact that they're staffing up?

    I know it's petty, but dissemination of gaming news is a pet peeve of mine, I hate when the source information is hidden away somewhere and all you can find is the commentary on it. 
  • Your Favorite MMO Roles? - General Columns

    Gameplay is, as always, the most important thing, so I would generally stick with whatever class has the most enjoyable gameplay.

    Typically, this means playing a support character. What I like is the variety that they typically offer. The holy trinity, whilst important, is generally too boring and one-dimensional for me. Whenever I play a trinity class, I always find myself frustrated with other peoples failings. For example, when I'm playing a tank, there is very little I can do if the healers are shit or the damage dealers are too slow.

    With support, that all changes. If the healer sucks, then I can focus on CC/debuffs/off-healing to make life easier. If the DPS sucks, then I can buff them to be better, or focus on damage myself. Support allows me to have a greater impact on the outcome of a fight, even if it's not obvious to the average player. Of course, a poorly designed support class can end up one-dimensional too, but luckily I've yet to play a game where that has happened.
  • CU big announcement Thursday Jan 18th

    CrazKanuk said:
    OK, so they posted a link to the "announcement of the announcement" newsletter on MOP. The newsletter says nothing about this announcement being bigger than beta 1, so I'm now back to being convinced that this will just be the beta 1 announcement that was promised last month. 
    No MJ has clearly said it’s not Beta 1 but bigger than that. Beta 1 announcement will come soon though.

    Ok, so if it's not a Beta 1 announcement, then I'm assuming that a release date announcement is out of the question, so @cameltosis can probably scratch his #1. I'll write a new #1 for you....

    1) That stuff that had us fucked has now been unfucked. 

    I feel like that would be pretty big. 
    Na, if this announcement is bigger than Beta 1, I still think an actual release date is possible. 

    Stuff that fucked them up has already been unfucked. I guess new staff could be a big announcement from CSE's point of view, but from our point of view I can't see it being big news unless they announce new features (which I can't see happening) or confirm a release schedule as a result of the new hires. 
  • Player's Choice 2017 - The Best Overall MMO - MMORPG.com

    klash2def said:

    What I don't get, is why are people so upset by this? It's my opinion, you don't need to agree. It's just a point of view. 

    I get quite vocal on this subject, so perhaps if I explain my reasoning it will make you a little clearer on why you are wrong. 

    1) Being massively multiplayer is a feature

    This is the absolute most important point I can make. If your game can support 500+ players within the same virtual environment, that is a genuine feature of the game. It is a feature that I, personally, value very highly and is something I factor into my purchasing decisions. 

    For some reason, you don't seem to understand that this is a genuine feature that other people want. You completely dismiss this argument whenever it comes up, falling back on the fallacious style of argument that "well, its just like Destiny but with bigger instances". 

    Being an MMO means having a massive amount of players within the same virtual environment. That is it's only meaning, it is a genuine feature and to some of us, that feature means the difference between buying a game or passing on it. The fact that you, personally, don't give a shit about that feature doesn't matter, that doesn't give you a license to ignore the feature and corrupt it's meaning. 

    2) It's disrespectful of other people's playstyles

    In most of your posts about the definition of "MMO", you invariably end up dismissing other people's enjoyment of massively-multiplayer environments. You usually say that it has no impact on the gameplay or on player's enjoyment of the game. You dismiss it as petty. 

    That is directly insulting other people's playstyles and opinions, myself included. Just because you don't understand the appeal of a massively multiplayer game, doesn't mean that it doesn't have appeal for other people. By trying to corrupt the meaning of MMO, you are indirectly saying "your preference doesn't matter". You can see why this would make some people angry. 

    3) Corruption of the English Language

    This is the weakest of my arguments. Words have meanings, languages have rules. When you apply the rules of the English language to the term "massively multiplayer online game" you come out with a fairly clear definition, the only thing that's missing is an absolute number. 

    So, when you try to change the meaning of "MMO", you are deliberately ignoring the rules of the English language. It seems completely illogical to me to take a term which has a clear meaning, then completely discard that meaning and replace it with something else. Especially when your new meaning has no logical reason behind it and contradicts the English language. 

    4) You have minimal support. 

    Most of the MMO community disagrees with you
    Most developers disagree with you
    Most publishers disagree with you
    Most journalists disagree with you
    The history of the genre disagrees with you
    The English language disagrees with you

    If you look around, there are actually very few people who use the term incorrectly. There are some journalists who get it wrong. Most of these admit they get it wrong deliberately in order to generate more clicks (this site and MOP have admitted this at some point over the last 3 years, as has superdata), but some of them are simply ignorant of what an MMO is (PCGamer regularly gets it wrong). 

    But then we get people like you. You've been a part of the community for a long time, so you've played actual MMOs. You're not dumb, so presumably you can apply English comprehension to the words "massively multiplayer online game". But, you are insisting on twisting the meaning of the term to something non-sensical. Why? That's what doesn't make sense to me. Pretty much everyone is telling you that you are wrong, even the developers of games you call MMOs are telling you that they aren't. So why are you trying to change it? Does a diluted meaning benefit you in some way? Does it make it easier for you to find games? Have you developed an online game that doesn't qualify for MMO status, but you want to call it an MMO? 

  • GameSpace News Article - Mark Hamill Regrets The Last Jedi Criticism

    Torval said:
    Interesting news article and discussion in the comments. What do you think?

    I like @SBFord 's comments about our sound-bite culture and context. I also like the point that our perspectives change over time and we experience new things.


    To be honest, it is very rare that I bother listening to interviews with actors about movies. It's all just grip-and-grin PR bullshit, it's so rare that you get any additional insight into the movie or the actors. 

    So, I'd missed Mark's comments. They seem pretty innocent to me - he had an issue with the creative direction of his character. That's fine, as he said, that's very common with any collaborative creative endeavour. 

    I'm not quite sure how his comments translate into support for the anti-sjw movement. That seems a big stretch. I'd personally consider it support for the shit story / writing for The Last Jedi, it also makes me think more highly of Mark Hamill as now I know he stood up and made his feeling known during production, rather than just going with the flow.