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  • CU big announcement Thursday Jan 18th

    I've been checking in on the CU site every hour today.....well, since 9am US anyway. Nothing yet, but I remain excited!
  • It's time for government regulation...

    SEANMCAD said:

    so where is the line? should the government ensure thru legislation that I wear the proper gear when going out in the cold or should I learn that from my mother?
    That is regulated. 

    As a child, your mother has a legal obligation to ensure that you dress warmly in cold weather in order to prevent you coming to harm. 

    As an adult, its your own choice whether you want to dress properly or not. 
    SEANMCAD said:

    Can I be allowed to spend my money as I see fit even if it makes me broke? 
    Again, there is an absolute shit-ton of regulation about how you're allowed to spend your money. 
    SEANMCAD said:

    A video game has been argued to be highly addictive and highly damaging to people who are addicted, so why gambling with money but not video games or gambling without money? because I will go broke? maybe the goverment should tell me what to spend money on?
    You are trying to make it sound like a black and white issue, but you know it's not. 

    When assessing whether to regulate something, the government has to consider the issue from every single possible angle. It's not enough to say "it's addictive, therefore let's regulate it". 

    They must consider:
    • Is it physically or psychologically addictive, or both?
    • What is the mechanism involved for becoming addicted?
    • What is the impact of becoming addicted?
    • How prevalent is the issue?
    • What options are there for preventing addiction?
    • What is the impact of all these options?
    Most things can become addictive, but usually only psychologically addictive, not physically. Stuff that is physically addictive, like nicotine, heroin etc, tends to be easier to assess and regulate. 

    Stuff that is psychologically addictive is a much harder cookie to crack. In the overwhelming majority of cases, there isn't a set mechanism for becoming addicted which means that you can't regulate it. 

    So, gaming addiction for example. It's estimated that there are now 2 billion people on the planet who regularly game. An extremely small percentage become addicted. An even smaller percentage experience significant damage. There is also no set route for becoming addicted - it is usually related to specific personalities and events in a person's life. 

    This means you wouldn't regulate gaming in order to prevent gaming addiction, because there is no real reason to do so. 

    That's not the case with gambling. With gambling, there is a clear mechanism for causing the addiction. There are clear impacts, one of which is your brain actually changes. The problem is prevalent and we've already found plausible solutions.  

    So, to most of us, regulating paid-for-lootboxes is a no-brainer. As a society, we've already decided that we should regulate them, its just that games developers are essentially exploiting a loophole to avoid regulation. We want to close that loophole. 

  • [Spoilers] Star Wars - The Last Jedi - Your Thoughts

    Gorwe said:

    My current rankings of Star War films, from best to worst:

    1) Return of the Jedi
    2) A New Hope
    3) Rogue One
    4) The Force Awakens
    5) Revenge of the Sith
    6) Empire Strikes Back
    7) The Phantom Menace
    8) Attack of the Clones
    9) The Last Jedi

    The Last Jedi had good special effects and is a good setup for the next film......thats it. Terrible story, full of holes and terrible acting/scripting made it worse than everything else in my opinion. I know the story in Force Awakens lacked originality, but at least it made sense and flowed properly! I know that Hayden Christensen was a poor choice for Anakin and he couldn't act, but neither can Daisy, yet we forgive her! 

    I just feel that whilst every star wars film has specific failings, TLJ fails across the board. 

    Well, my list hasn't changed much. It just got the bottom feeder: (Revenge and Rogue traded places ; everything between Rogue and Return is very close to each other anyhow ; in fact I like Revenge the best but the Empire is so much better that I can't put Revenge above Empire lol ; I'll try to be more visual)

    1. Empire
    2. Revenge

    3. Rogue
    4. Hope
    5. Return

    6. TFA

    7. Attack
    8. Menace

    9. The Last Shit

    ( 10. Holiday Special )
    I like this list. I used to have Revenge at number 3 on my list (return > new hope > revenge) but each time I re-watch it my opinion drops a little bit further. 

    It has an amazing opening few scenes, Utapau is awesome, the wookie stuff is great and it has, of course, the greatest lightsaber battle in the entire Star Wars franchise. Ewan McGregor also becomes the ultimate jedi in my opinion, such an awesome actor (when i first started growing my hair 4 years ago, it was in imitation of his obi-wan look from this film.....yeh, I have no imagination!)

    OK, so I was about to start listing my issues, but now I just want to watch the movie again!
  • The Most Wanted MMO of 2018 is.........PANTHEON: RISE OF THE FALLEN! - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

    Torval said:
    Sovrath said:
    Ozmodan said:
    Nilden said:
    Ozmodan said:
    Only until people watch others play it.  Anyone who thinks this is old school has lost their marbles.  There is nothing user friendly about Pantheon.   You are going to spend lots of time forming a group to play, no 30 minute play, you are going to have to dedicate significant time for play.  That will doom the game for many.
    Actually I think half hour or less dungeon runs where you press a button in town to queue up are a big part of what is wrong with MMORPGs and want to dedicate a significant amount of time to play.

    I hope they have dungeons in Pantheon that takes hours or even days to fully explore.
    Sorry, but that is exactly what is wrong with the game.  LOTS of pickup groups.  Good luck with them.  I don't mind grouping, but constant need to group makes for bad gameplay.  The game will be a ghost town within 6 months of release.
    Isn't there a whole slew of people who want to have more grouping? I'm pretty sure there is.
    This.  I only question the execution.  Im interested, but not hopeful about the way things are going thus far.
    What do you mean? What specifically are referring to with the execution and why is it questionable and how does that detract from your outlook? I'm probably missing something obviously implied, sorry.
    I'm the sort of player who primarily plays in groups, yet I too question the validity of having a group-centric game in this day and age in a similar vein to EQ. 

    So, in terms of implementation, the 2 main issues that need to be solved are:

    1) Vertical Progression

    Any game that employs vertical progression is going to have a long term problem if it is group centric. Vertical progression segregates the community by power so that you can only really group up with players of a similar power level. If you join at launch, you won't have a problem as you'll be leveling up with the pack, so your segment will be large enough to find players. 

    But, 6 months after launch, the pack will be at cap (or at least further ahead in power) so finding a group becomes a real challenge. This makes for a terrible experience for newbies as well as for people leveling alts, so it chokes off the new blood that is needed to sustain the game. This is why so many olders MMOs ended up revamping vanilla zones to remove group content. 

    2) Group composition / classes

    Another common problem is the masses love to play DPS classes, so finding players in other roles becomes a challenge, further increasing the time/difficulty in putting together groups. Games that employ the holy trinity suffer the worst, especially ones with small group sizes. In SW:TOR, for example, 50% of your group needs to be tank or healer, two roles that aren't always available. 

    Vertical progression is a problem that hasn't yet been sufficiently solved. Horizontal progression is the solution, yet we haven't seen an MMORPG that uses it yet. LotRO originally had it at endgame which was great, but then they ditched it. CU is going to have it, but hasnt released to no idea whether the implementation will work. 

    Group composition is something a few games have played with so we have options. Classes can have multiple roles (like SW:TOR), allowing players to be DPS for the most part but switching to a more needed role when necessary. Groups can be a larger size so a smaller percentage of the population needs to play unpopular roles. For example, if you had a group size of 8 but still only need 1 tank and 1 healer, that's only 25% of the population that needs to play something unpopular. You can also expand the trinity to include dedicated support roles, giving you more leeway with group composition. In LotRO, for example, it was possible to do nearly all content without a tank or healer if you fully utilised the support roles. I remember one guild managed to do the BG raid using a loremaster's pet bear as the main tank. Of course, content design is critical, if you go for a lazy design by using enrage timers on bosses then you remove a lot of potentially weird group compositions as you're forced to aim for high dps. 
  • most-of-the-real-mmo-players-are-gone-from-this-site

    I always enjoy delete's threads!

    They start out with an interesting (click-bait) title that I think might lead to a fun debate, but every single time the OP is almost entirely unrelated to the title and almost always using some sort of questionable metaphor to back up his point. 

    In this case, "real MMO players leaving this website" somehow equates to people dropping out of high school because they don't like football....