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  • PIPE dreams

    Arkade99 said:
    xpiher said:
    Arkade99 said:
    Palladin said:
    My vision of a city siege would be having the PvPers and the PvEers engaging in their prefered play style. The PvE environment around the city becomes the first line of defence to be breached. After all one must subdue the surrounding areas to get to the walls of the city right. The first battle for a city could be one of resources. PvEers could be outside the rule set for PvP thus the game would attract the PvE community and the game would then become much more attractive to a vastly larger player base. 
    Your vision is not the vision of the people making the game. There will be competition for resources going on all the time, not just during sieges. People will be fighting over those resources. There won't be any safe places in a campaign. There won't be players in a campaign who can't be attacked. 

    They aren't trying to attract the PvE community. They aren't trying to attract a vastly larger player base. By their own words, this is intended to be a niche game for PvPers. The PvE activities that exist in the game are there only to support and promote PvP.

    If you want to play Crowfall and be completely safe from attack, you can stay in the Eternal Kingdoms and try to be a crafter/trader. If you join a campaign, you will be fair game to anyone not in your faction and/or guild.

    As stated above, there will be campaign worlds that are purely factional based PvP where giant largely safe zones exist ala EvE Corp space.
    Those aren't safe zones. You aren't safe just because you are in lands controlled by your faction. Sure, you can hide inside a keep that your faction controls and you are safe until another faction lays siege to it, but as soon as you step outside those walls you are fair game. 

    When a campaign first starts, there won't be anywhere to hide, as your forts and keeps will be in a state of ruin. You'll have to help get materials from POIs to rebuild those structures before they offer any real safety. There will be competition between all the factions for those materials.

    It's really not like EvE Corp space at all. You can eventually add NPC guards to your forts and keeps, but they won't be a significant deterrent to attackers.
    The Factional PvP areas have more content built up in them from what they have said, like a basic town
  • PIPE dreams

    Arkade99 said:
    acidblood said:
    Tiller said:
    I just feel like the devs feel PvP PKrs are more important than the PvE players when it comes to this game, yet they hope they can appeal to PvErs for the much needed canon fodder that will keep hungry PKrs fed and happy. Seems like a terrible approach to a game; bait PVErs in to be meat shields xD, and I doubt it will do as well as they hope.

    I get the same feeling, and am yet to see anything decent on the PvE side (having a few mobs != PvE), so no idea how they plan to compete with the likes of FFXIV, WoW, ESO, or even the dozens of F2P asian grinders.
    They have no intention of adding PvE elements to the game. Crowfall is 100% an open world PvP game. They aren't trying to compete with FFXIV, WoW or ESO. They are trying to fill a niche that they feel is under-represented in today's games.
    Ahh, pretty sure you are wrong. While it is NOT marketed as anything other than a kingdom building game, they DO plan on having some good PvE elements. There WILL be materials used for crafting that you can ONLY get from monsters, some of them rare.
  • PIPE dreams

    There are worlds were FFA PvP doesn't exist, where PvP is turned off in large sections of the game, where PvP is only factional, etc. 
  • Crowfall's $7,000 Castle

    Rhoklaw said:
    genaknosc said:
    Why is there even a whole page of people discussing P2W here when nobody involved in the debate even knows anything about Crowfall EK's. lol, people complaining about shit they don't even understand
    Then I guess the correct subject we should be discussing is whether or not EK's have any effect on other parts of the game. Since you seem to be the Crowfall expert, why don't you get back to us on that.

    Keep wise, no, not really. The keeps just look fancy that people are buying. Eternal Kingdoms in terms of land mass and keep size (which everyone can unlock and designed for guild pulling money) do allow you to make statues to the gods that give a MINOR bonus to campaign worlds. Large EKs do offer more land to farm in to make basic gear to take with you to Worlds that allow you to take stuff. However, not every world allows you to import things. Some will be completely clean slate other than character. So no, they don't affect the real game. 

    Edit: To be clear about EK land size, it doesn't really matter all that much as regeneration for materials is supposedly to be fairly quick
  • Can this be solo friendly?

    Arkade99 said:
    kitarad said:
    There are PvE worlds ...really ? I thought this game was only PvP?
    There are no real PvE worlds. Each player gets their own Eternal Kingdom, which is a world they can build by buying or crafting parcels and buildings. They are essentially housing on steroids. They contain only the most basic resources. The owner of each world can turn PvP on or off there, but 99.99999999999% of the PvP will happen in the campaign worlds. Campaign worlds have no safe zones and there are very strict rules as to what you can import from your EK to a campaign.

    There is no traditional PvE in the game. No quests, no dungeons or raids. There will be mobs, but they are there mostly to add danger to the world. They will drop some reagents used in crafting, but no loot. All gear has to be crafted.

    Well, I highly prefer PvP, and that is my desire when I play a game. HOWEVER, I still like the option to PvE if my mood so desires. I was looking at this game as a possibility, but the more I read, the less I dislike it :(

    There are just sometimes I do want to do things alone and still obtain loot or experience. Those hangover days, pissed off mood, or just don't have a lot of time...those are the PvE times lol.

    Long time backer here (first kickstarter) 

    Crowfall is group centric; however, everyone here is misinforming you to a degree. There are largely 3 archetype game worlds to choose from

    1: Massive faction campaign worlds. These worlds revolve around FvF fighting, with limited open world FFA PvP (if any). You join up with a god and fight for the god's glory. This is entry level PvP and more casual focused. These worlds would be the most solo friendly, but offer the least in terms of transferable wealth across worlds. These worlds, supposedly (the game isn't finished yet), will have starter towns not built by players

    2: Mult-faction PvP with guilds: A leg up from the massive faction campaign worlds were there are more than 2 faction vieing for territory. These will have better transferable wealth between worlds than the massive faction world campaigns 

    3: The Dredges - Full open world PvP, highest wealth transfer rate between worlds, dominated by guilds. 

    Now, if you didn't know, every game world DIES at some point and winners are chosen after the death of the world. These winners (factions, teams, guilds, and their members) get to keep stuff from the world to fight on another or take back to their Private Kingdom known as Eternal Kingdoms. There may be unique rewards from these places as well. Also, you can be a part of multiple campaigns at once (unless this changed since my last update check). So if you prefer Soloing or PvEing, the massive faction campaign worlds are more suited to you. If you like a mix, then multi-faction with guild worlds are for you. If you want the full FFA PvP full loot experience and get the best stuff and run with the big dogs then the dredges are for you.

    This game is HEAVILY influenced by DAoC and ShadowBane and, in my limited experience, it corrects some of those mistakes already.

    I do NOT recommend buying it right now. It is still very much in the testing phase. If you want to buy it and play it casually for a few months, I would hold off until Beta.