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  • Whats up with the hatred?

    Brugas said:
    Aragon100 said:
    Nothing to say about how developers tried to influence the Steam reviews? =)

    Interesting how you call the truth propaganda. 

    You avoid all discussions that can be negative which is seen in this reply that is almost only personal attacks.

    Negative information is important for developers if they want the game to succeed.

    Your truth is not truth and your constant twisting is propaganda for anything anti-SotA.  Anyone can easily see that, be it in this thread or view your other posts.
    You are the one twisting the truth. 
    Praise the game all you want. You have ZERO fact to prove your points. All you do is argue with everyone who disagreed with you. 

    ***Perhaps your definition is limited and perhaps your scope of view is limited.  It also means to lure or bait. ***
    Who wrote that post ? oh right. It is you. 

  • All Systems Go for March 27th Launch, Physical Rewards Need to be Confirmed - Shroud of the Avatar -

    Voidfarer said:

    LeFantome said:

    LeFantome said:

    Lol, I see them when I'm playing. Did I hit a nerve?

    Thank you, you're proving my point.

    Your point being that you have an abnormal hatred for a video game and are trying to turn my opinion post about a game into a debate over numbers? That's all I took from your post.

    You're still don't have anything proving your comments. When everyone else knows how empty the game is. The devs are doing the same as you ,they don't answer any questions about the population. Cheers!

    And YOU don't have any proof either, and do you know everyone btw lol

    Very funny that he is using anecdotal evidence then insisting everyone else prove their assertions/opinions with facts. Good catch.

    Good point !!
  • Recommend me a MMO, please

    ikcin said:

    I’m searching for a multiplayer online game with fantasy lore, and I mean really multiplayer, but not a massive solo online game. I’ve tried many like AA, GW2, BDO, Darkensang, and etc. And I have an issue with all of them. They are too focused on the solo grind, but multiplayer part is very limited like raid bosses or meaningless PvP. L2 before GoD was cool, but it is very outdated now. I would like a game where the PvP and the PvE are linked, and both lead to progression trough multiplayer gameplay. Game where the guilds matter and people really play and socialize with other players. Is there such a game among the vast number of MSOs, called MMOs?

    Sorry dude.  MMOs are dead.
  • I think this is Commercial Launch scheduled for Tuesday March 27, 2018 what is this?

    Hachlath said:
    The game is not ready for launch at all. Needs a lot of improvements imo.

    No, Lord British said that, the game is great, wonderful and there is plenty of unicorn for everyone.

  • The 10 Best MMOs of 2017 - The List - MMORPG.com

    “In no particular order, here are our 10 Best MMOs of 2017. Note, not all of these are MMORPG’s, but rather prime examples of the changing landscape of persistent online games.”