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  • How to milk $hroud of the Avatar.

    Good news !!  A new BEGothon beginning at 3pm CT on August 7.


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    Am I biased?  Sure.  I have zero problem admitting that.  Several of these devs are friends, and there's just a lot about the project that I like, and I've never hid that from anyone.  There's no such thing as unbiased.  There's just people who lie about it, and I'm not one of those.  This game isn't for everyone.  
    I'll leave that here... Nothing more to say.
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    SotA isn't anywhere near running out of money.  You're just saying that because you've seen the investment sheet, and this is another prime example of why I don't like Title III raises.

    I... just... I mean... what? I'm just saying that, because I've seen the investment sheet, where they have to list their finances?!

    Well yes, obviously I am. Are you saying they're hiding money somewhere else that they didn't declare to SeedInvest? But surely that would be a major financial crime to do so whilst asking for new investors? I just assumed their financials there would be honest. I mean if they declare they're spending 280-310k a month, and they're sitting on less than 600k, that's how many months of operating capital do they have left?

    Sure they can get more money in from telethons... that's why they're running 3 in quick succession AND the SeedInvest to try and raise that money. But why would they be doing so if they were nice and secure as you claim?

    So far however it looks like everyone else who has read the SeedInvest agrees with the analysis (that you don't dare refer too) that it's an unbelievably unhealthy risk to invest in this Project. Most of the money looks like it's come in from the same old fans again.

    Are you counting the SeedInvest funding by the way in the security you just assured us they have? Because you just declared that was one area you disagree strongly with them on.

    It really is rather a simple point; the rest of your post and OP was the usual flibbertygibberting around how you Still Believe. We all KNOW you love the game. Do we have to explain that we know, and have no problem with people who love things...? The point is you apparently love it even though right in the middle of the article you state you're morally opposed to the only thing that's apparently keeping your own hopes alive.

    Come on, many of us are at least as smart as you are. Instead of trying to flannel us, is it really that hard to admit we might just have a point every now and then...?


    Tell you what, I'm morally opposed to it, and I think it would be wrong and evil to do, but if kidnapping you and making you listen to I dunno, Nyan Cat on endless repeat gets you to agree with us, well I think the ends justify the means. What a wonderful world it will be on that day! Etc.

    But I'm still morally opposed to kidnapping! I just want everyone to know that.

    Not that we have to do it. In my head Red Thomas already agrees with us endlessly! We just decided to turn to kidnapping because mumble mumble mumble.

    That's honestly your argument. You see it as "I agree on some things, disagree on others". We see it as patronizing to either your claimed moral qualms, or everyone else when you so easily sweep aside actual facts because you want to believe in some potential future that isn't even assured if the SeedInvest actually works. Which so far, it may not.

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    Talonsin said:
    The part where they download FREE art assets from the Unity asset store and then sell them for $20 in the game is just appalling. If these developers have no problem doing that, then they sure as heck have no problems doing any other unethical business practices.

    People place art assets on the asset store for free to get their work recognized. These are talented people just starting out on their art careers and are trying to get their names out there and show their work. For Portalarium to just take it and sell for their own profit is so amazingly unethical that it honestly makes me sick to my stomach.

    If these are the kind of people you want to support with your money, then by all means do it. But dont come back later crying about how greedy and corrupt the game industry is after you helped to support that kind of behavior.
    Which assets were those, and I'll look into it.

    The ones I know of either weren't free or were significantly reworked/re-rigged.

    Like this one?

    Tell me, how  much work they put on that one?

  • Portalarium doing some, err some spring cleaning?

    Garriot is really in big trouble. The game suck, the graphics are so outdated . The KS promises won't prolly be done. Chris Spears is killing the fan base and now people are making videos . There are literally no forums outside of theirs who say good things about this fail. And Berek,, what a joke.