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  • Shroud of the Avatar, insanely awesome!

    Shroud is probably one of the best non wow games since Black Desert.  mmo players who want real community content are loving it. I'm finding people who are WoW players , aren't liking it. That makes sense, since the game is nothing like WoW.

    I also think the fact that people need to learn how to read again is another detractor for the easy mode gamer. Mixing the mudd like elements in a old school new school hybrid, makes shroud a classic in every sense of the word.

    How can you compare BD to this Shroud crap? 
    First, the population is way better in BD. ( maybe 300 players are playing SotA. )
    Second, SotA is really just a cash grab, an empty one but still.
    Third, why there is ZERO review about this *game* ? Gamespot , IGN ect ect.
    Plus , nobody is streaming the game. I wonder why... ooh maybe because the game is really not that great.
    The game is nothing like wow, yes. But the game is nothing like.. a good game either.
  • Portalarium and Travian have a new website with new terms for SOTA

    Rhime said:
    I don't get it...the game graphics look fantastic(I know, I know), but a lot of people are crapping on the game so far and seem to be reviewing it as dead from the get go even though it's not live. Am I missing the bigger picture? Is it all justified and why wouldn't I want to play it when it goes live?

    This is why I recommend you try the game yourself then make your own choice.  half the people that spend 90% of their time in this forum, and others with there hate on have not even played the game in the last month or year and have no idea what has even changed. 

    Sure, everyone is wrong except a tiny community ( fanboys) of SotA.  Everyone on steam is wrong, MMORPG.com and all the other websites..Streamers don't even want to stream this game. Oh and don't forget the whales who quit the boat because of the direction of the game. Rhime, dont waste your time on that crap. Wait for the release and reviews. As the game won't last long . 
    LOL, there is only +/-200 players playing the game, that alone is enough to keep you away from it.
    As I said, don't wait your time. 
  • New Free Trial Program Allows Newbs to Choose One of Three Paths - Shroud of the Avatar - MMORPG.com

    I can't wait for release !!
    To see that game crash n' burn. That will prove that the devs were wrong on everything. ( looking at you Chris )
  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    No one is playing?

    I think a lot of people are. I constantly run into other commanders. What game are you playing?

    You're not playing the same game as us, for sure. The game is empty. OP, I stop playing because there is not enough content and the grind is way to real for me.
  • Limited Free Trial Reemerges from Now Through Sep 27 - Shroud of the Avatar - MMORPG.com

    Explore hundreds of scenes, talk with thousands of players, adventure through the opening quests, and gain experience and skills as you get used to the world of New Britannia! ------------ Talk with thousands of players, that is simply a LIE.