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Born far-Easterner by circumstance, not descent. Played Marathon for Mac, X-Wing, Escape Velocity. Went to the University of Chicago and discovered Vendetta Online. Lived in Colorado for a year, rode Crested Butte for 70 days. Worked as a Geoscientist. I have always enjoyed designing games; would love to do it for a living.


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  • Blizzard is not your friend

    Phry said:
    Remember when Blizzard canned Titan because they didn't think it would be good enough? There was a time when Blizzard had a reputation for turning out the best PC game they could. Now their primary focus is going to be Mobile games, which are no doubt going to be MTX heavy? just like all the other mobile games out there, most of which seem to be little more than a cash shop with a game barely built around it. Diablo, well Satan used to be an angel before the fall, seems appropriate somehow. :/
    I was almost going to agree but... it's really not like that at all? The majority of games on my phone have absolutely no microtransactions, and in the ones that do the mtx are easily ignored.  It's about on par with PC.

    There is a *ton* of content in the mobile space; you will most likely find what you are looking for with a little searching and effort.
  • Last known good in the mmorpg industry

    Scorchien said: 
    Scorchien said:
    Im still having fun , since my first MUD in 83 ...

      But currently UO for 21 years now .. just logged out to log into ESO for pledges then Cyrodill its all good :)
    Which MUD? Mine was Avatar, at age 16.
       First one i played i cant remember the name of it , was in 83 on c64 , and was a Middle Earth MUD it was amazing .. I remember playing Mark Jacobs game Dragons Gate on Gamer World ..and then Gemstone
    It's amazing how vivid some of the pictures in my head were painted with only words.
  • Bill Murphy - Fallout 76 May Be the Sandbox MMO We've Been Waiting For - MMORPG.com

    sopuku said:
    jeasus why people are such haters... what happened to the world? why the f companys who make games should make what you want? they have an idea and they do it.. if they will start to listen what players want so they will have to create like 5 million different games because people dont want the same stuff.. jeasus just start using your stupid heads, stop being so egocentrics.. jeasus people suck in 21 century..
    If somebody makes a Ferrari and tries to sell it as an airplane, it isn't "hating" to point out that it's a car, not a plane.

    Carry on.
  • Best large scale PVP experience/world

    Vendetta Online

    Check out some of Red Eternal Dominion's old videos:

    It's ironically best on PC, but most new players come in by way of mobile nowadays it seems.
  • Anyone try RimWorld?

    Nyctelios said:
    Myrdynn said:
    wow, ok so I went to look at this, and my god, I can't play games in 2018 that look like 1985, dont care how good the game is

    Yes, aesthetic wise the game is quite underwhelming (at best).

    For something more pleasing to the eyes I suggest the ones I mentioned above: Oxygen not Inlcluded and Factorio.

    As much RimWorld does not take the trophy for most hardcore on its genre (title taken by Dwarf Fortress pretty much forever) - as gameplay depth goes it is leagues ahead anything else (but DF).
    There was a story on r/rimworld about how 400 wolves invaded a Siberian town and people were joking how that was something that could really happen in game.  The difference is that in Rimworld it would have been more or less randomly generated whereas in Dwarf Fortress each wolf would have been driven across the globe by seasonal changes, instincts, and peculiar life history.