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Born far-Easterner by circumstance, not descent. Played Marathon for Mac, X-Wing, Escape Velocity. Went to the University of Chicago and discovered Vendetta Online. Lived in Colorado for a year, rode Crested Butte for 70 days. Worked as a Geoscientist. I have always enjoyed designing games; would love to do it for a living.


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  • I Think I Made a Mistake 2 of 2

    Kyleran said:
    NorseGod said:
    Check out 1 of 2, where I discuss gimmicks and what lead me here.

    So, I'm just hanging out reading up on stuff. Waiting on the Mercury Q&A. It's a dud. It's slow, sold as fast smuggling ship. Data limitations, but more computers than any other sub-capital ship.

    Then, I noticed in the last 2 days, threads about private servers and getting rid of PVP from the game popping up.

    I'm sitting there reading all this about PVP needs to go, it's not fair, I just want to play with my friends, etc etc. Like, great, here we go with casual carebears ruining another MMORPG.

    So casual carebears, whom will leave the game after their first 30 days, are asking for a PVP/PVE toggle, PVE servers, and outright getting rid of PVP.

    THEN, I found a thread about private servers. And from the thread discussions, there will be:

    Private servers
    Public servers
    Official Public servers
    PvE servers
    PvP servers
    Capital Ships Only servers
    Sub-Capital Ships Only servers
    [Insert another way to split up the playerbase] server

    I asked for citations. Yep, it's true. Everybody is going to be spread out across a million different private servers. The casuals support this so they don't have to play with others or PVP, etc.

    So, if you think server pop in an MMORPG is important. There ya go.

    Those citations were from 2013, but no updates. They are hard to find, as with any important information with this game.

    Kinda mad about it.

    It's not because of the $200 I threw at them. Not because of the new SSD I bought this past Saturday, solely for the game. Not the hours of reading and watching videos.

    No, I'm mad because I have been waiting over a decade to have a large, OWPVP, sandbox MMORPG that I could get lost in again. Now it's a co-op or single-player game or, MMORPG if you're willing to pay to play on an empty Official server (why would you if there are 100K free ones to play on?)

    So, another game I have to move on from. I'm so damn sick of casuals ruining games. I hope you people that care about PVP and challenging MMORPGs start speaking up loudly. I don't know what casuals do or say to devs, but, it's not a joke or something that should be ignored. If you get in an alpha or beta and see some casual thread, stomp it into the mud and make it clear to the devs that little Billy who only plays 2 hours on Saturdays isn't worth more than you.
    The game you want already exists, its called EVE but I assume you aren't playing for "reasons."

    There are others as well. 

    Those deeply inculcated by SC culture tend to have a pair of blinders on; they have been told SC is the only worthwhile space sim on the market or even that SC will 'save PC gaming'.

    There are others.
  • Why I quit Albion and why you should too!

    fanglo said:
    So you offer no examples and expect us to believe you?

    But yes, support will always back up other employees.

    Random Person: I love having sex with women
    Random Person: I'm a lesbian
    Me: I'm sorry
    Me: I hope they find a cure for that soon

    Mod: Homophobic comments are not allowed
    Me: Some rant about censorship of speech
    You got what you deserved, loser.
  • What a horrible game !

    So it was free flight this weekend in SC...
    My friend and me installed game with high hype and here the nightmare started..first of the game was laggy and poorly optimized..even the controles was horrible prolly due to lag and bad optimizing.

    Then we spend like 1 H just to join the same server and try to use the invite to party.We had to watch youtube and read guides and allmost ask in the white house just to seach for clues how to invite each other..we managed to somehow login on the same server by random chance but we never got to be in same party.

    Then 30 min later we managed to find out how we got the ship ready and he choosed some kind decent looking spaceship and i choosed a dragon something..then we laughed hard because his ship was like a huge motherload of a ship and i only had this space scooter looking thing...

    By now he tryed to start his spaceship and got frustratet over how to actutaly controle it and take off because he was allready bummed out of the whole game. I wanted to fly this dame thing like a last thing to do before i quit the game for good.

    So i entered the ship and pressed the power on botton and something with B key to enable something that was half assed explained.
    Then i pressed another key and the engine started to spin and i was ready to take off..or i was hoping to fly soon. Tnen i pressed another key that was glowing yellow..that could be the handbrake or something....But no..it was the jumpseat botton and i ejected out in space and died...

    It was the most horrible game i ever tryed..no guides ..no welcome..i know some people would say
    " its a use ur brain game huehuehue"  Its 2018 here people...we dont think anymore we just do stuff here and now.
    Games are not ment to use ur brain anymore..wake up devs

    We spend more time out of the game reading up on old and crappy guides that gave us nothing but wasted time..

    And btw wasent this ment to be ready 2014 starting on it 2012..Using way 2 much time..if they need to boil this soup any longer then they will end up overboiling the meatballs and they will loose the taste..prolly allready 2 late if you ask me.

    But i wish you god speed and have a great succes with ur over boiled soup *gg

    'Only smart people will play this' probably isn't the best message to be sending the SC die hards right now. 
  • Would you do an MMO afterlife?

    Furthermore, think about it rationally: setting aside people that have been clinically dead for minutes or those under the influence of a particular substance, there hasn't been anyone who has returned from the dead after years to definitively state "this is what happens". Those who state consciousness ends at death have as much evidence as those who claim it continues. It's tempting to take a skeptical approach here and to those that do I say "cheers!".

    However, I think there is a good rational argument to be made for consciousness after death. 
  • Samsung Galaxy Exclusive Beta Event Begins - Fortnite Videos - MMORPG.com

    Hey, I have a Samsung Galaxy!...

    ...no interest in Fortnite :-/ I'd rather be in VR.