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Born far-Easterner by circumstance, not descent. Played Marathon for Mac, X-Wing, Escape Velocity. Went to the University of Chicago and discovered Vendetta Online. Lived in Colorado for a year, rode Crested Butte for 70 days. Worked as a Geoscientist. I have always enjoyed designing games; would love to do it for a living.


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  • Why I quit Albion and why you should too!

    fanglo said:
    So you offer no examples and expect us to believe you?

    But yes, support will always back up other employees.

    Random Person: I love having sex with women
    Random Person: I'm a lesbian
    Me: I'm sorry
    Me: I hope they find a cure for that soon

    Mod: Homophobic comments are not allowed
    Me: Some rant about censorship of speech
    You got what you deserved, loser.
  • More Greedmonger refund drama

    btdt said:
    It would seem to me that if these people really wanted their money back and had the legal right to do so, they'd sue the man.  Because in the U.S., suing is the second national pastime right behind  baseball.

    The courts can freeze his assets until he makes repayments.  His lack of free time becomes irrelevant.

    Now of course, if the people don't have a legal recourse, meaning they had no legally binding contract, they might as well forget about ever seeing that money again.

    Whether the man is a charlatan or not is irrelevant.  It doesn't make you guilty of a crime.  It may make him morally reprehensible, but not a criminal.

    As far as I am concerned, not a single kickstarter is any different.  It's a loot box per se.  You're hoping your investment results in the ultimate loot box.  And like all loot boxes, most are filled with junk.

    Do you really need the Government to protect you from stupidity?   Because that is essentially what you are asking for when you participate in these things and the outcome is less than expected. 

    They should sue the man... with the monetary reward to each participant being $1 to teach them a valuable life lesson.  They obviously are In desperate need of one.
    See my link on page 1.  KS absolutely does represent a contract and there has been legal precedent set for this sort of thing.  You don't have to believe me: believe the Federal Trade Commission.

    Contracts are broader than you think: if it's above a certain value it must be on paper, but if you walk into Bloomimgdale's and buy a pair of jeans this too represents a contract.

    That stated, I wish Jason Appleton the best and hope to see a peaceful resolution to all this. I hope he is as good as his word and former backers don't have to sue him. It doesn't make the grand standing Slapshot highlighted any less childishly petulant.
  • Frontier Announces End of Mac Support - Elite: Dangerous - MMORPG.com

    who uses mac for gaming anyways lol
    I do.  It's my main rig.  My Toshiba laptop is secondary.
  • Mobile MMO (online) games on PC ?

    Vendetta Online is a PC MMORPG available on mobile.

    For those agape at Fortnite's port: a twitch MMORPG on mobile (VO) has been a thing since 2011.

    I play on PC, mobile, and in virtual realty.
  • Star Citizen Wins Prestigious "Worst MMO Business Model Of 2017" Award

    CrazKanuk said:
    Kind of a re-defining of the word "prestigious", that is unless we call every award given by a random website "prestigious". I haven't seen anything given out by MMORPG.com labeled as "prestigious". It's not even an award given by a collective of industry experts, it's voted by fans, lol. 

    That being said, *shocker* yes, Star Citizen is still a polarizing topic. Check here just about any day of the week. 

    As far as models go, it's made somewhere approaching $180 million from fans without delivering anything but a rough alpha. To me, from a business perspective, that's pretty much as good as it gets. Jealousy will get you nowhere. 
    Somehow, I doubt those fans who gave CIG 180 million would be fine if CIG stopped where they are today, saying "thanks for services rendered", so no it's not as good as it gets when it comes to business models.