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    Darksworm said:

    Also, the base game is about as big as a WoW expansion at launch...  
    What are you smoking?

    Gorwe said:
    Torval said:
    Darksworm said:
    Biggest issue with this game is the buy-in is very expensive now.  It's like a $100+ game if you want to buy it and get all the Expansions/DLC content.  This is very odd, considering it's been customary for hte past decade to simply bundle all the DLC into the latest expansion purchase.  WoW, EQ, EQ2, and several other games have been doing this for at least a decade.

    Imagine if you had to buy every Expansion and/or content pack for WoW separately, and BGs required a DLC purchase, among other things.  They wouldn't get ANY new players... AT ALL.

    It's like $100+ to add all of this to the base game (which cost $50-60 for me), and you still have to buy convenience things like Mount, Storage Space, etc. or subscribe for it.

    It's gotten a bit too expensive.  It's at the point where even if I wanted to play it, I could never justify it.  I don't do subscriptions, anymore.  I don't even think they sell Game Time cards, like Battle.net does (that I can buy in Wal-Mart or Best Buy).  Maybe I'm wrong on that, though.
    Well don't buy it all at once especially when you don't need to. The base game is $30. Wait for a sale and you can get it for $10. Subscribe for $15/mo and get Crowns and buy each DLC with your sub Crowns every other month and you'll have the DLC you want.

    But you already knew all that. You just like to stab yourself in the face with a red hot poker and play the poor victim card about it. Lame.
    Don't be a victim to your own claims. It's tragic, really. If he'd do what you suggest, he'd still spend AT LEAST 100$. Probably 150$ too. Sure, it's over a course of 6-8 months(as opposed to burst purchase), but that doesn't change the fact that the game costs 120$+ to play properly. Sure, you don't need DLCs, but what about "spirit of unrestricted exploration" then? You'll be kinda restricted, you know.
    There's enough content in the base non-DLC game to keep you going for a year or more. None of us that played it at release had any DLC to play in for 15 months. We managed to feel "unrestricted" that whole time. 

    The base game that is almost always on sale for $9.99 gives you all of that. If you want the base game + the Morrowind DLC you can get that for $19.99 right now at GMG.

    Only an idiot would pay $150 to get it all before they even know if it's boring to them or not.

    YashaX said:
    Darksworm said:
    Gorwe said:
    Scot said:
    Gorwe said:
    Xarko said:
    Of course, an old Vermintide addict like yourself must find ESO combat slow and impactless.
    But CLICK! it feels slo, wait CLICK! THE SCREAMING ONE!, as I was saying...slow(nah, VT is awesome, seriously). :D

    VT is a favourite of mine, what you seem to want is a MMO with combat as good as that. Remember I said I was not tied to trinity, but the action systems in MMOs were second rate. Give us VT combat in a MMO and I would be there. Until then its ESO, PS2 etc.

    Oh yes, yes! I ask ask, nice nice!

    The point is that they married interesting story with a very nice art with one of my favorite IPs(Warhammer Fantasy) with a very satisfying gameplay. This...I know it had bumps and warts when it launched(oh do I know or what), but...it should've been more recognized.

    I hope that VT 2 gets recognition VT 1 should've had. It's easily better than most "triple A" games right now. It deserves to be wildly popular.

    The point is: I like nicely tuned combat systems where you feel the consequence of your actions. Be it turn based(Mordheim, Shadowrun), RTwP(Dragon Age) or Real Time(Vermintide, hell even GW 1 or EQ2 or WoW could apply). ESO feels...off. It's not off. It FEELS off to me. Like you are swatting flies or something. Like there isn't a feedback to your strike. Lack of procs etc only further this point.

    It's not bad, but it's far away from GW 2 or TERA and the like yet it is far away from WoW, EQ 2 and SWTOR too. In a completely shitty place.

    edit: The real question is, which (combat) is better:

    Vermintide or Dark Souls

    The difference between your game style preference and mine Gorwe, or by extension between anyone with your play style preference and mine, is that for me combat is just one feature in the game out of many in an "MMORPG."  It is not the main factor for my playing an "MMORPG" nor does it hold the majority of my interest over any of the other features that an "MMORPG" offers.  Combat, for me, is simply one of the means that must be employed by which to finish a quest.  It is no different than competing any of a variety of puzzles, answering any of a variety of questions, or any other number of challenges that a quest may present in order to achieve completion of said quest.  It is one of the means to an end, not THE means to the end.  If I wanted to play a game focused on combat, I will play an FPS or moba game, which are games that do combat games better than an MMORPG. 

    In short, my main purpose for playing an MMORPG is the progressive "role playing" via a journey through a fantasy virtual world as if I was me in that world.  That has always been the essence of an "MMORPG" as it was conceived at its core inception.  IMHO, it is the misunderstanding by many players in this core game play in MMORPGs that has resulted with the bastardization of the MMORPG by developers for the sake of bottom line profits, into the many unrecognizable forms in which MMORPGs are presented today.  

    I agree, a lot of people treat MMO's like a game that has a finish line, so they race to get to the end, max out their character, and get all the achievements done and move on to the next MMO.  It really is about the journey and the main reason I get caught up in following the quests.  I don't stop and read every book and memorize all the lore as some others do but I can understand why they do it.

    A lot of people here started playing this game when it was new and leveled up when others were leveling up - or they got friends to play with them, when they started.  That is fine, and it allowed you to experience the game differently from those who join years later when you and most other people are already at 50 with a bunch of Champion Points - probably on multiple toons.

    This is the opposite of what people like me feel when we play the game.  It feels distinctly single player to a new/lower level player - apart from the massive amounts of chat spam in that part of the screen.  The game's base content design isn't helping it here, either.

    Unless you start playing a game with friends you will feel like that no matter if the game has recently launched or is older. If you are looking for a more social experience try joining some guilds. One of the great things about ESO is that you can see players of all levels doing all (or most) of the content, so there is no reason to play by yourself once you find some friends (unless you want to of course!).

    Just to add to what you said... the best place to make friends bar none in ESO is the low level <50 Cyrodiil campaign. People that play ESO and have never PVPd in that campaign are missing the best that ESO has to offer socially. Many people do just that a early as level 10.

    It's like a completely different game that, at least for me, gives that old-fashioned MMO social buzz. It's nothing like the PVE group experiences that can be anti-social and sometimes downright toxic toward new player.

    Ask in chat to join a group - preferably one using voice chat. Do that for a few hours for a day or two and you'll meet a lot of people, get guild invites and go from there.

    If you want to do nothing but PVE you'll have to work a lot harder at socializing. 
  • looking for a game for a super casual that i can make friend on.

    teflen said:
    Sovrath said:
    Elder Scrolls Online?

    You can craft your own gear which is actually pretty decent.

    ive often thought about eso that 1st person combat tho......i played it in the beta a long time ago im sure things have changed
    1st person is just there for that single player ES fan fix but it's not how most play it. It is first and foremost a 3rd person game just like all other MMOs. 
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    Alvonu said:
    When leveling alts do you still need to do that tedious Molag Bal quest line? or can you bypass the whole thing without missing anything decent? Haven't played in a long while. I can get behind doing a quest one time but repeating it for alts was rather nutty.
    There are umpteen different ways to level. You can solo quest if you want doing or ignoring that main Molag Bal quest line. Some people just grind without even questing. Grinding the dolmens in a zone has become hugely popular way to do it and some level doing just that. Leveling by just PVPing is also viable. After One Tamriel all the PVE zones are open to anyone at all levels: just pick one or a couple you like and go there.

    I've leveled a lot of alts and I have done it usually by questing while queued for dungeons. You get good gear sets that way and it goes by fast and the dungeons break up the questing... works for me. When I happen to be leveling an alt during a double XP event (which they have several times a year) I've hit 50 without even leaving Auridon.