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  • Johnny Depp's Production Company to Produce TSW Series - Secret World Legends - MMORPG.com

    This could be really good on the right network. Hope HBO or Netflix are the ones who pick it up.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - The Savage Loot System is Broken - MMORPG.com

    So much acceptance of grind in this article while pointing out a couple of flaws with the grind system.

    Any kind of lock-out or page-drop restrictions is an artificial impediment to advancement, not to mention guild-friendly grouping.

    If you're doing the content once or 10 times a week you should get the drops every time. That's the real issue with the forest, not just a couple of bothersome trees.

    But then, of course, you'll notice the reality of the end-game busy work designed to keep you playing until the next expansion.

    And some people rush to end-game because that's where the fun is... lol.

  • Ian Frazier Moves to Unannounced Project - DLC Death Knell? - Mass Effect: Andromeda - MMORPG.com

    Not sure I agree it needed to be addressed in the review.  The review should solely focus on the content quality of the game itself.

    Any assessment of the whackos was deserving of and appropriately addressed in an opinion piece centered around that issue in context with other, similar issues that have occurred within the genre.  Including it in the review colors the review more than the whackos, at least reference the reader of this review, who may or may not have intimate knowledge of the controversy.

    I don't disagree the hate has been over the top from some folks, and the misogyny is straight retarded..  But this isn't the first AAA game to come out with such surprisingly obvious quality issues.  I would surmise some of the hate MEA got is a residual hate that's been building among the gamer population (see Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed, heck even Kane and Lynch way back when).
    In general and most of the time I would agree that reviews should try to ignore extraneous factors as much as possible. But there are exceptions and to be fair, this was not by any means the only site that felt a need to acknowledge and take at least a passing stance on some of the external events surrounding the MEA launch simply because it was so loud and widespread that to simply ignore it would have seemed like a deliberate omission of related material.

    Also reviewers are no more immune, nor should they be, from having opinions partly based on their own ethnicity, country and/or regional cultural conventions and certainly not gender either.

    The link in the original review was to a particular misogynist alt-right hit piece that was part of the anti MEA campaign madness. I might not have chosen that particular link to highlight the idiocy but then I'm not a woman and what I find most outrageous is colored by my own personal circumstances. Jim Sterling chose to highlight multiple different examples of the same tripe to ridicule based on his own personal reasons.

    Reviewers are not required to put on blinders and channel Joe Friday ("Just the facts, mam") and produce some sterile pseudo-objective review. That would be some really boring generic shit to read.

    I can understand those with legitimate negative MEA opinions feeling uncomfortable when it gets pointed out that a sizable portion of their anti camp is behaving badly and I think a lot of the complaints about the MMORPG review piece are just attempts to carve out the legitimate negativity about MEA.

    But ironically, instead of just saying something like "I'm aware of the extraneous complaints about MEA but mine are not about that" and carrying on, they've spent a lot of time undermining their own credibility by focusing instead on bashing Suzie.
  • Ian Frazier Moves to Unannounced Project - DLC Death Knell? - Mass Effect: Andromeda - MMORPG.com

    Ginaz said:

    This was completely unnecessary.  

    Susie and the "reviewer" didn't shit on anyone's opinion differing from theirs.  They only commented to trolls saying things like "paid review" etc.  They also defended themselves from those that saw a 5 min youtube video and had a PhD in MEA and decided that the review was invalid because of their pretentious views.  I'm guessing you were one of those people.  Why else would you post something so stupid.
    The reviewer very openly insinuated that everyone who was critical of ME:A was engaging in a witch hunt and harassing women involved in making the game.        

    No. She didn't do that.

    You would have to outright deny reality and go into "alternative fact" territory if you ignore that there was an orchestrated alt-right anti-MEA and anti-Bioware campaign surrounding the launch of the game.

    The game can indeed be criticized legitimately but that criticism was somewhat tainted by the actions of the lunatic fringe. There were even some reviewers that disliked and ridiculed the game who were nevertheless just as quick to ridicule the reasons being cited by many metabombers for their 0 scores. Just have a read through Jim Sterling's "Metabombed: Mass Effect Andromeda is 'Pure SJW Propaganda'" for an example of that. He also gave it a 5 out of 10.

    The fact is that, like it or not, there was so much wacko, extraneous bullshit mixed in with the legitimate criticism of MEA that any review written at that time pretty well needed to acknowledge the lunacy as part of the launch environment. And that's exactly what she did.

    "Everyone who was critical" is just your spin on it.

  • Should there be NO trading at all in MMOs?

    Frankly I could care less. The whole economic aspect of MMOs is something I see as a necessary distraction from the core game that I only participate in to gear up, not for its own sake. I'd just as soon get what I need and sell what I don't through NPCs. 

    I find it funny that some immediately equate it with positive social interactions when there are so many other positive social things you can do in MMOs that don't involve trading that are, IMO, much more central to the core game play.

    You want to be nice to someone in a game? Give them some of your time. It's much more valuable than trinkets.