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  • TheHiveLeader Heals the Devs in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha - Pantheon: Rise of the Falle

    Cendharia said:
     A thinking gamer's game.
    And by implication those bored by it are non-thinking gamers? 

    It's not an either or kind of thing you know. I've been playing computer games on a home computer longer than many regular posters in this site have been alive. Chris Crawford's Eastern Front on my Atari in 1980 was my first followed by Temple of Apshai, Utima, Bard's Tale and so on. Asheron's Call and DAoC were my first couple of MMOs.

    I have played hundreds of computer games. Enough to have seen them evolve over my 38 years of computer gaming sometimes well and sometimes poorly. I too would love to see the fights become tougher to the point that support roles that mez and root and buff become relevant again.

    But I still dislike this game intensely. Why? Because I would like to see tougher fights and support class relevance implemented in new, innovative ways that are interesting and fun, not just bringing back the same old boring shit. That is just lazy ass and unimaginative copypasta that looks even goofier today than when we sat down to regen mana while in a fight 20 years ago.

    What we actually need to recapture that good ole time feeling is creative, thinking developers not a bunch of goofs trying to cash in on the nostalgia craze by replicating all the warts we put-up with back then.

    Is that enough thinking gamer for you? :)

  • The controversial way of leveling the new Psijic skill line.

    I honestly expected some kind of link between spending cash and expedited advancement of the skill line to avoid the grind.  I guess that was the cynic in me. ;)

    They're not quite that bad... yet. Give them time (PS I hope they don't read your post.)

    But their marketing department is also getting a lot of negative feedback on the PTS due to a couple of changes:

    • That Crown Store ad you get once a day or when they add something new is happening on every log-in of every character on the PTS... and they supersized it to take up almost the whole screen.
    • One of the new things included in the Crown Crates for Summerset is motif pages - not books, just pages - for a new motif. Someone in the forums made a good crack about that one: "What next, you get just a leg of a mount and then a head until you can assemble the whole mount?" :)
  • Is Crowfall skating on P2W / P2A ice?

    Any and all crowdfunded MMO projects with a tiered "donor" system are bound to have quite a bit of advantage for sale. Especially if their post-launch model is no sub.

    In the old days with studio funded projects the difference between the normal package and the premium ones were $20, they would typically add just a mount or a trinket that gave you slight temporary advantages for the first 10 levels or so. Or maybe you paid $40 extra and you got some physical collector items.

    But with crowdfunding where the difference between the base pledge and the top tier can be in the tens of thousands just WTF did you guys think would happen?

    About the only crowdfunded MMO projects that can be less than outrageous with their pre-paid advantages are the ones that plan to have a sub because they can provide some advantage in the form of extra months or years of subs or even lifetime as the main perk for different tiers.

    The rest of them? All they can really do is give huge advantages to make the ultra high tiers attractive and then spout bullshit about how the advantage really isn't one.
  • CoE under serious and extended DDOS attack...

    Lokero said:
    I never did understand why anyone would bother doing this to something as pointless and insignificant as a video game.   But, it seems to happen all the time to the gaming industry.

    I mean, it just makes no sense.
    Also, I don't know why a "backer" would do it, unless they got banned from the forums or something.  That would be fairly counterproductive.  Unless, like Kyleran mentioned, someone got refused a refund, perhaps.
    But at that point DDOSing costs quite a bit, you are spending probably way more than your pledge to make a point? That would be weird and pointless too. 
    Weird and pointless pretty well describes the mind of the big pledgers as far as I'm concerned :)
  • Dragon Bones DLC & Update 17 Coming to PC on February 12th - Elder Scrolls Online - MMORPG.com

    Happy to see this, mainly for the costume system. :D
    The Outfit system as it currently exists in the PTS is quite the gold sink. There is a gold cost per outfit slot based on the rarity of the piece and an additional gold cost for dyeing them. You can easily spend 20K gold or more for an outfit that, IMO, often looks no better than a costume... which costs nothing. If you decide to edit it, that'll cost you gold too.

    I have no idea why they decided to implement it as a gold sink but unless they lower the cost significantly there'll be an outcry once it goes live and people notice just how pricey it is. It's a shame that it'll detract from what is otherwise a fun and well-implemented system.