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  • Blizzard Denies Rumors That Diablo 4 Was Planned for BlizzCon Reveal + ATVi Stocks Tumble - MMORPG.c

    Kyleran said:
    ...this kerfuffle will quickly fade into the past.

    Said the Romans after they beat back the barbarians the first time :)
  • Do you ever get addicted to one game at a time or rotate through games?

    Brutal honesty: I struggle with anxiety-induced, ADD-like symptoms and am trying to find a medicine that works for me.  It's made it hard the past few years to stick with anything. (Before anyone jumps me as an attention-monger: I share this on these forums because it costs me nothing to do so anonymously and there's a chance someone else may read this and go "Wow, so I'm not the only person who struggles with this after all.")

    And this may get sideways glances, but the best medicine I've found to help my racing mind has been cannabis.  So when I'm stocked up, I can focus long enough on a game to really dive in.

    As such, I voted both depending upon other factors.
    You should move to Canada. We legalized it in the whole country a couple of weeks ago :)

    I don't smoke much weed any more and haven't for years but when I did it had the effect on me of making me concentrate just way too much on small things. If you ever found yourself reading and re-reading the same page in a book for 15 minutes you'd know what I mean.

    Back on topic...

    I'm typically married to just one game at a time but I do fool around with others.
  • Zenimax Job Posting Hints at an MMO in Development Based On an 'Exciting New IP' - MMORPG.com News

    Nyctelios said:

    Iselin said:
    Elidien said:
    I think Starfield is the answer. So little info about it this summer and its a new IP.
    Bethesda is developing Starfield, not ZOS.
    Zenimax owns both.
    You guys just seem to have a hard time keeping the two Zenimax straight lol.

    So once again....

    Zenimax Media Inc. is the parent corporation that has several studios including Bethesda, ID, Arkane and many others as well as the apparently confusingly named Zenimax Online Studios (ZOS) which is the studio with this ad that this thread is about.

    Saying that this could be about Starfield which is a game Bethesda studios is making, makes as much sense as seeing an ad for ID software and saying that is about Starfield.


  • Best in Slot Gear - What Should Be Required to Get It?

    Scorchien said:
    Iselin said:
    Iselin said:
    bcbully said:
    There should be no such thing as best in slot. Your play style should determine whats best for you.

    See ESO.
    You're a PvPer not a raider. For PvP ESO is relatively BIS-free although some would argue that.

    For the highest difficulty raiding content and hitting 40K+ DPS there most certainly is BiS gear as well as BiS skills for each class and build.
    What percentage of the total content of the game is that specific content ?
    Tiny but that's the crowd that crunches and re-crunches numbers the most and they come up with consensus BiS decisions by putting in much more time into testing than you and I put into all of our gaming.

    I'm not promoting that kind of play and I'm usually the first to jump on posters who claim that ESO is all about the cookie cutter builds because for 95% of the game those builds are irrelevant.

    But irrelevant for most of us does not mean it isn't there.
    Yup it there and to add you better be the right race for your role  , or you numbers will fall behind , and you will be exposed and removed ...

      yes BIS race.. exists
    Yup. My characters are 90% Redguard or Altmer for that reason. If I were serious about tanking I'd have a lizard in there too though.

    And Reguard women are hot! :)
  • Twitch is Reportedly Blocked in China After Government Crackdown - MMORPG.com News

    dhtx74 said:

    why are you people acting so shocked, have you forgotten China is a communist country, this is what they do has been and always will be this way, their gov. controls everything. what people need to be shocked about is some small portion of people from western countries wants that, they have no idea. this has NOTHING to do with trade war.

    Actually, it has nothing to do with them being Communist and everything to do with them being authoritarian.
    Exactly. Like this would have never occurred to Hitler, Mussolini or Franco if they had the tech to do it lol.

    Even Nixon would have loved to have gotten his hands on something like this and I bet Trump is watching it with a lot of interest :)