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  • Link between LootBoxes and problem gambling proven

    Myria said:
    From the paper:

    We conducted an online survey with a sample of gamers aged 18 or older.

    Even if there weren't other obvious methodological issues, and there are several glaringly obvious ones, the fact that it was a self-selected paid online survey is problematic at absolute best.

    It's certainly not a paper you can say "proves" much of anything.

    Personally I'm not a fan of loot boxes. Or, more accurately, I'm neutral on loot boxes themselves -- I prefer letting others make their own decisions, regardless of what I might think -- but I really dislike how their inclusion inevitably warps game design around them.

    However, gamers, as a group, are ultimately responsible for these plagues. Pre-order culture, exclusives, blocking cross-play, loot boxes, and all the rest continue to exist, grow, and thrive in gaming because they work -- if they didn't earn companies insane amount of money (waves to CiG) they would have gone the way of the dodo a long, long time ago.

    Predatory game companies, pre-order insanity, loot boxes, we like to bitch about these things whilst they become more and more ingrained in gamerdom. EA is voted the worst company on earth over and over -- itself a laughably ludicrous assertion -- while gamers scream about how they'll never buy an EA game and then, moments later, hand over a credit card to pre-order the latest Battlefield or FIFA.

    Our collective actions don't come close to matching our collective voice. As a group, gamers lack anything like self-control.

    Turning to government to create the control we, both collectively and, in the main, individually seem unable or unwilling to exercise is inevitably going to lead to unintended consequences. We want government to "clean up" the mess, a mess we blame on everyone but ourselves, but inevitably that control we're asking for isn't going to just limit other people's "bad" choices, but also limit your choices in ways you (in the general, not specific) aren't going to like and aren't going to be able to adequately predict beforehand.

    Honestly the gambling argument is one of the most dangerous anyone can make, at least as far as MMOs are concerned. To a non-gamer the difference between paying US$15 for a bunch of loot boxes that might give you something you want and paying US$15 for a subscription that allows you to run a dungeon daily that might give you something you want, well that's a thin line indeed.

    You started strong with valid criticism of the study's methodology. 

    But then you started to loose me with the default anti-regulation fear mongering about "unintended consequences." Maybe you could give a couple of examples of plausible negative consequences that may result from regulating this?

  • Why no triple A subscription based MMO coming out? Read now. You won't believe what I find out!

    Kyleran said:
    The internet would be so much better without these fucking clickbaits and shitposts everywhere.
    Its a shame internet browsers automatically open clickbait posts and force people to read them. 

    Oh wait...they don't.

    I click on all TheScavanger threads because he once admitted that he uses a discussion topic generator he found on Reddit to create threads.

    I click for science because I want to see how his generator is evolving.
  • Why no triple A subscription based MMO coming out? Read now. You won't believe what I find out!

    What I think you just found out - and you're pretty late to that party - is that click-bait titles generate clicks. 
  • Is EA Ready to Go to Court in Belgium Over Lootboxes? - MMORPG.com News

    immodium said:
    Iselin said:

    Some people get too frgigging hung up on legal gambling definitions with all of their exceptions and technicalities when they should really be looking at whether something is a simple and above board transaction or something rigged that has more in common with what you find in fair midways or back alleys.
    I don't know why this partciular issue gets me hung up. I know lootboxes are a predatory practice.

    I just don't agree with a ban or an age restriction.

    That's probably because you're lawful good and I'm chaotic good :)

    You want to see good laws applied logically and justly... I just want the fucking things eradicated from gaming by any means :)
  • CCP Games Acquired by Black Desert Online Creators Pearl Abyss - MMORPG.com

    Spiider said:
    I expect moving boobs on EVE characters now.
    A couple of the new ship models they will be introducing: