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  • Elder Scrolls Online - The 5 Best Things in Dragon Bones - Update 17 - MMORPG.com

    Sovrath said:
    etharn said:
    Only thing I was excited for was outfit system.
    I was excited for the leveling up guide but not that I've seen it, it seems only half baked.

    Oh sure, it gives you skills to get but doesn't say much about armor/weapons. Which means, any player who doesn't already know something about the game could really screw themselves over.
    That's the basic default build for each class. The other builds in the adviser (magicka DPS, Stamina DPS, Healer and Tank) do include armor and weapon skill recommendations.

    It's ironic that the one build it defaults to and that newer players will be most likely to try totally ignores armor and weapon recommendations.

    I gave them as much feedback as I could while on the PTS about it telling them this was a mistake but I guess it was more important to them for some unknown reason to remain neutral in not directing new players toward either magicka or stamina with their appropriate armor and weapons.

    As I said in my thread here about that system a couple of weeks ago, considering the available adviser options, a new player would be best served by following the magicka DPS build and specifically the ones for either the Warden, Sorcerer or Templar since those are the easiest classes to level early due to access to end-game caliber self-heals before level 5.

    Magicka DPS with all light armor using a destro staff at first and getting a resto staff as the 2nd weapon at level 15 is by far the easiest way to level for new players. But that build doesn't exist in the adviser and it's sort of a mix of their magicka DPS and healer builds. 
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    That settles it. Next time I need a lawyer I'll pick one from YT.
  • Big Brother's Watching - Blizzard Culling Toxic Players Via Social Media Vigilance - Overwatch Video

    I just love it when morons out themselves by posting their evidence on YT or Twitch... like the group of geniuses that posted YT videos of how to break and exploit the newest raid in ESO recently that led to several temporary bans of those who used the exploit after learning about it and permabans to those posting the "how to" videos.

    It's not like Big Brother is watching you it's more like you phoning Big Brother and saying "hey, watch this!" lol.
  • BioWare's Success with Anthem is Key to Its Future as Release Slips to 2019 - Anthem - MMORPG.com

    Gorwe said:
    Am I the only one seeing imbalance here?

    Bioware = god of singleplayer games hopes to...
    ...achieve success and save itself with multiplayer.

    No. There is no chance in hell this'll work in their favor. Maybe short term. Maybe. But BW is toast imo. It was good knowing you.

    Know that you'll be missed. (but hey! At least Obsidian's here! And there's always a slim off chance that docs will start a new game company)
    Didn't you get the memo? We all just hate single player games now. They're doing this for us! :)

  • Jason Appleton pokes his head out again...

    All he needs is your banking info and he and his Nigerian prince pal will deposit the money into your account. What could go wrong?