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  • I can't find any good games to play!

    Torval said:
    You can sure tell Obsidian focused on the first half of Pillars and slid in on the second half. Designing games like that also garners higher review scores and nets better sales because people are just talking about the best part. It's also a much bigger issue with indie games than AAA games. The quality slide curve is much steeper for most indie games I've played compared to AAA titles.
    For those who remember, I will forever think of that as "the Tortage effect." :) 
  • #OurElderScrolls Event Kicks Off in Elder Scrolls Online - You Could Win a Trip to E3 2019 - MMORPG.

    The first of these in-game events, The Witches Festival, starts today as well. There are some special Dremora Plunder Skull rewards for your first of each 7 types of bosses you kill each day:

    End of Trial Boss
    World Boss
    End of 4-man Dungeon Boss
    Delve Boss
    Public Dungeon Boss
    Dark Anchor Boss
    End of Arena Boss

    If you're on PC NA and you want help with some of those (not Trial or Arena) just hit me up when  I'm online. Account name is same as here: @Iselin

  • Zenimax Job Posting Hints at an MMO in Development Based On an 'Exciting New IP' - MMORPG.com News

    Their attention turned to a new shiny MMO does kind of explain why they let interns try their hand a creating new content such as jewelry crafting and why no grown ups have intervened to fix it despite almost universal player disgust with this new system.
  • Fallout 76 platinum edition ($115) doesn't include the Fallout 76 game

    Get in there and pay extra to show them how much you love them and then they'll love you right back... honestly, they will :)
  • Overwatch & the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Share Insights on How Funds are Used - MMORPG.com

    SBFord said:
    Breast cancer is very serious and I hope we find a cure one day.

    Without a single doubt, from September to June my treatment "featured" two surgeries, chemo and radiation and those months were the worst of my life. I had a 2-year-old who cried and ran from me when I had her dad shave my head when my hair started to fall out and who walked around with her hands in fists for the duration. I could hardly get out of bed every morning for 4-5 days after my every-other-week treatments but still did for her sake and to teach 2nd grade -- I didn't miss a single day that year. 

    I don't have a lock on the pain and terror a cancer diagnosis inspires. I'm blessed to be here today when so many others aren't. If wearing pink and supporting breast cancer initiatives in October and any others for all the other cancers out there every other month is the "price" of my survival, then I'll willingly pay it. 

    I celebrate every initiative like this regardless if it is in support of "my" cancer or some other one. And each and every day that I'm on this Earth, I am beyond grateful to have benefited from the generosity of donors who probably saved my life in one way or another.

    I am committed to paying it forward.

    My mother was diagnosed with it and treated in her late 50's and she was cancer free until she died at the ripe old age of 96.

    Here's hoping yours stays in remission that long too.