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  • Data mined details about the upcoming Summerset Isle Chapter

    The evidence seems to be pretty strong that the next big Chapter will be the Summerset Isle, home of the High Elves.

    Along with that it looks like we'll be getting Jewelcrafting and a Psijiic Order guild with its own skill line with active skills similar to the Fighter and Mage's guilds.

    Detailed article at the Unofficial Elder Scroll Pages:  http://blog.uesp.net/index.php/2018/02/17/eso-update-17-data-mining-3

  • Elder Scrolls Online - The 5 Best Things in Dragon Bones - Update 17 - MMORPG.com

    Sovrath said:
    Iselin said:
    Sovrath said:
    etharn said:
    Only thing I was excited for was outfit system.
    I was excited for the leveling up guide but not that I've seen it, it seems only half baked.

    Oh sure, it gives you skills to get but doesn't say much about armor/weapons. Which means, any player who doesn't already know something about the game could really screw themselves over.
    That's the basic default build for each class. The other builds in the adviser (magicka DPS, Stamina DPS, Healer and Tank) do include armor and weapon skill recommendations.

    I just went in game but don't see it. It does say that the build is health or magicka or stamina but I see nothing about armor and weapons on any of the builds. Now, this is for templar so maybe they got added elsewhere.

    It also says whether it's a tank or damage, etc.

    I just double-checked my templar and the recommended weapon and armor skills are there for both the "Gleaming Champion" magicka damage dealer and "Beacon of Hope" healer.

    Did you look on the right hand panel that has all the skills? The left hand panel will only show you whatever 3 skills in the build it thinks you should be taking next but the right hand panel puts a double border at the corners of all the skills in the build.

    Just pick "Gleaming Champion", look under light armor and destuction staff and you'll see the double border around the destro ultimate and the 2nd skill as well as all the recommended passives. Look under light armor and you'll see it around almost everything there.
  • Skyrim is from 2011. I think its time we stop comparing it to new games.

    ikcin said:

    Skyrim is not an original came. The concept, the story plot, many of the mechanisms are literally taken from Gothic2. You do not compare everything with G2 only because it was not popular in the US. But this is the real standard for OW RPG and it is set in 2002.

    I will quote a real gamer, leader of community of gamers: Why I lost my time with this shit Morrowind? Now I play G2 and the difference is enormous.

    And I agree with him. Morrowind is not a bad game, but till Skyrim Bethesda had nothing equal to G2.

    Now, if we compare, Skyrim is better as graphics, and equal or better in many playing mechanisms, but still G2 gives more freedom to the player, and has better AI. The NPCs change their behavior not only in the day and the night, or when you character get specific quest or alliance, but in the different hours, during the time in longer period, if you are stronger or weaker than them and etc. - just one example.

    Way to revise history lol. The first ES game, Arena, launched in 1994 and it was open world with many of the same elements (first person combat, NPCs with day/night cycles, ability to roam anywhere you wanted to go, etc.) seen in every ES game since.

    Skyrim is just the latest (and apparently the only one that some players know) but it's really nothing more than a technologically updated Arena in many ways. As with all ES games (save for Arena that made the whole continent available) the only other things that each ES game does differently than previous ones is some tweaks on things like classes and skills (I still miss the original spell crafting) and focusing the story and action on a smaller part of the continent.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 creator Mike Pondsmith Interviews (Hype)

    This is the game in development I am most excited about.

    I just finished watching Altered Carbon (starts slow with seemingly too much style over substance at first until you get to the last few episodes and realize a lot of what seemed just style actually is very much also part of the substance - good series) and every good cyberpunk story I read or show I watch reminds me that this is coming... can't wait.
  • REZZED: The Most Important MMOs Of The First Modern Decade - The List - MMORPG.com

    Yes kids, there were more than 5 influential early MMOs and the extent of their influence is highly debatable. How dare this guy have just 5 that are not my 5... especially Asheron's Call where I lost my MMO virginity. The nerve!