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  • Would you do an MMO afterlife?

    It wouldn't be me doing it.

    If it were sophisticated enough it might think it's me but it still wouldn't be. So good luck to it but as for me, so long and thanks for all the fish.
  • WoW's Game Director On BfA's Pre-Event; Metzen on Toxic Nerd Culture - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.co

    Rawiz said:
    SBFord said:
    Margrave said:

    And just like that, Metzen insured that I will not be returning to WoW.

    What atrocious customer relations he has.

    Never a good idea to call customers, former, potential, or otherwise, names.

    I will not return as long as he continues to write for them.

    He's just upset that his little narrative wasn't loved by all. He showed what he's made of with this. I thought it would have been sterner stuff.

    You do realize that Metzen retired at least a couple years ago and doesn't write for them any more?
    Well, sadly this clickbait topic name portrays Metzen as if he still was the game director. Everyone who has played WoW or kept within times knows Metzen is gone.
    First paragraph: "...former Blizzard developer Chris Metzen..."

    In other news reading incomprehension reaches pandemic levels.
  • WoW's Game Director On BfA's Pre-Event; Metzen on Toxic Nerd Culture - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.co

    I see just as much developer/publisher arrogance and disrespect as I see toxic players... more probably. It takes two parties to build a mature and respectful relationship and I see fault on both sides.

    But I see a lot less toxicity in player communities with developers like CDPR who don't bullshit their customers than I do with players in SWBF or Destiny which leads me to believe that the developer/publisher has much more control over what type of relationship they have with their fans than the other way around.

    Blizzard... let's not forget "you think you do but you don't." They might have backtracked and started working on Vanilla WOW but the disrespect for their fans inherent in that original response stands.

    And like @laserit said above, just look at their monetization model for a clue about what they think of you.
  • The Beta Crusade Ends, Long Live the Beta Wars! - Camelot Unchained Columns

    Iselin said:

    berlight said:

    This is oral masturbation.

    Do you know what the word "oral" means? Do you know how typing works?

    I'm frightened to think about how you might be masturbating.
    Verbal banana
    A high, joyous beta make
    at the perfect start
    The thread is going haicoocoo!

    I can already hear them: "But why? Why didn't you just give us the data?" (preferably in binary code).
    I felt like the thread needed one.

    I'm a big fan of Tim's extremely parenthetical, idiosyncratic writing style... I's got soul, don'tchakow.

    I read other writer's stuff and I get as much enjoyment out of their style as I would from reading a recipe... maybe it's a yummy double chocolate recipe but it's very familiar and stylistically undistinguished.

    But then I was also a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson in the old days. I think of Tim as Mr. Gonzo of the gaming press :)
  • Whales and freeloader symbiotic relationship conquering gaming?

    Ungood said:
    Iselin said:
    Ungood said:
    I love how some people feel entitled to tell other people how they need to play a game and spend their money.

    Truth is, the more haughty and high horse someone is, the less people care what their stand or feelings are. Just like the people who think they are making a vote by not spending money.

    All you are really doing is, making people turn a deaf ear to your inane ramblings.
    Extra funny coming from the guy with pages upon pages of inane ramblings about how players should spend.
    I never told anyone how they should spend their money.

    I only made it clear that all development will designed to target those that do spend money, not those that do not. Which is really just stating the blatant obvious, but you know, I was surprised to learn that there are some people really don't know that.

    They are up there with the people that think I am telling anyone how to spend their money.

    Neither are we telling you how to play.

    But just how you make no bones about how you feel about freeloaders, a few of us here make no bones about the lack of true MMORPG gaming cred anyone who plays 10 of them per month has. You ARE a dabbler and a tourist.

    I'm sure you don't like being called a tourist any more than F2P players like being called freeloaders but both terms fit.

    That's the irony of you taking offense when your personal gaming habits are called weird.