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  • Are games art?

  • Level Progression - Is Zone/Character Scaling the Future?

    As long as we're going to have games with extremely granular (as in a whole shit pile of levels to the point where going up one is almost totally meaningless) level-based progression IMO anything designed to reduce that granularity is a good thing.

    The problem is not that scaling undermines levels it's that it's a half-measure built on top of systems that have way too many levels.

    It's just an attempt to minimize how levels spread out game populations way too much and trivialize large parts of the world. In that sense scaling is a very good thing.

    Would there be better ways of doing it? Of course. Becoming more powerful horizontally through play time and experience would be a much better way to do it. 

    Take one of the BDO systems for example. Even though BDO is also mostly about levels and is very traditional that way, the knowledge system about types of mobs you gain by fighting them is a good step in the right direction. It is something that allows you to become more proficient when fighting a type of mob that is level independent. A bit too RNG based for my taste with the way you sometimes want to reset your knowledge for a chance at having the RNG gods give you a better knowledge outcome but the idea behind the system is a good start as a way of becoming more proficient without having it married to levels. 

    ESO as @Jean-Luc_Picard (and grats on gold, bud!) mentioned also does a pretty good job of having different types of mobs just be inherently tougher regardless of them all being the same level. You have trolls, mammoths, giants, etc. that hit harder and have a lot more HP than skeevers, wasps and bandits. That is also a good way to add variety and challenge independent of levels.

    Scaling is not a problem. It's just a half-assed solution to the real problem which is having 100 or more levels.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Bill Murphy - ArenaNet and the Wisdom of Not Doing Anything - MMORPG.com

    Ungood said:
    maskedweasel said:
     I think, in this instance, she's fighting an imaginary battle of sexism in situations where no sexism was present. 
    I just wanna say a little bit here.

    Sexism in Video Game is huge.I used to read developer blogs, and all the stories I could about game development. And the reality is, Video Games has been for a long time a hugely male dominated  business in both creator and connoisseur.  

    It is only maybe in the last decade that the numbers have moved significantly, where women are getting involved in games, both playing and making.

    So there is no doubt that Price constantly has to deal with sexism in the work place and by outsiders, as a lot of other women. Will they say so publicly?...Well, not unless they want to lose their job. 

    But make no mistake, the sexism is there against women in that field.

    Just wanted to put that out. I am not defending Price, or her actions, I am not saying anything other then that the Sexism in the Video Game profession is very real, and still very much ongoing.
    Nobody is debating that.  We are saying that someone offering a differing opinion doesn't make it sexism.  Yet she was super quick to invoke that card and act like a victim.
    Not only that but when she immediately went there and started going on about mansplaining that harms the credibility of the legitimate occasions when this is the case and it invites the reactionary hordes who want to deny that it exists as a real issue to pile on.

    She made a very detailed and interesting series of tweets explaining why it's much easier to give player characters depth in single player games because those characters' personality is more pre-defined by the game.

    Deroir's response about branching did not have the same level of depth as her tweets and when I read it I immediately thought that it would lead to a complex and unwieldy mess of never ending branches that would be hugely resource intensive.

    I expected her to dismiss his response on that basis and Peter actually did touch on that in one of his tweets. But instead she was rude and defensive when she could have simply said something along the lines of what Peter eventually said.

    But she didn't stop there. She then retweeted Deroir's comment as a "women in gaming" issue when it was nothing of the sort. That was a truly WTF tweet. Even her original response, unnecessarily rude as it was, amounted to nothing more than "You amateur. Me pro. Piss off." Not a great response but damage could have been controlled if she had just left it at that.

    It was precisely when she tried to turn it into something about sexism that she opened the floodgates and turned it into a shit show. 
  • I like the houseing in ESO but.... $150 for a house?

    Yep its this kind of garbage, along with the loot boxes, that made me decide to walk away from this game forever.
    You “walked away” from a game because of two things which are not required to play the game. 

    Any straw can break the camel's back. I have myself been playing a lot less recently because I'm pissed at how they implemented jewelry crafting but most importantly, their arrogance in refusing to engage the many players who have a problem with it.

    If you're on the fence or otherwise just primed to leave any way, any large or small thing can tip you over the edge. It doesn't need to be an NGE crisis.
  • Decided to fire up Mass Effect (1) after many years...

    I've now finished the original ME trilogy, not for the first time but this is the only time I've played them back to back to back in a short space of time.

    My impression is that even though the later games did have some interface and QOL improvements, IMO the first was the best. They just got progressively more and more guided into narrow action corridors.

    It's funny because when I played SWTOR I had the same complaint about their misuse of the worlds and I always thought that was due to ME1... it wasn't, it's very much an ME2 kind of thing.

    Don't get me wrong though, I enjoyed the crap out of all 3 and it was fun having the previous games so fresh in my memory when I played a sequel. 

    Now I'm on to a different walk down memory lane with a game I last played back in 2012: Kingdoms of Amalur - The Reckoning. Having lots of fun revisiting that one too. I still love those awesome Sorcerer Frisbees of Doom (chakrams)... such a unique magic user weapon.