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  • What I Want from ESO’s Next Chapter

    BadSpock said:
    The problem is not that animation canceling exists, it's that the devs design content around it which makes it mandatory unless you just want to be dead weight.
    I would highly, highly doubt that.
    There is a crowd in ESO whose main goal running dungeons is to do them as fast as humanly possible as if they were an annoying chore they need to get over and done with. "Dead weight" is their code for those who aren't as burnt out on the game as they are :)
  • What I Want from ESO’s Next Chapter

    Scorchien said:
    BadSpock said:
    Can someone explain the whole animation cancelling thing? I don't get it?

    Interesting. I haven't played ESO in a while but I always thought animation cancelling was more like For Honor where you cancel an attack to do something else, but here in ESO you actually do damage with the cancelled attack. Really weird.

    This is a double edge sword. On the positive side it speeds everything up. On the negative side, i can see this discouraging slower players from doing PvP because they will always die.

    This would not affect me personally since i don't do PvP, but I can see it being a problem in PvE if groups start demanding animation cancelling to maximize PvE damage. If that becomes a thing I would just not play the game or go full solo.
    Yup. Top tier raiding guilds do demand it and that is the problem IF, top tier raiding is your thing.

    It's only a thing in PvP in 1v1 or possibly small group play (battlegrounds) but the core PvP in ESO is large scale in Cyrodiil and animation cancelling would be the least of your problems there - coordinated ultimate groups, AKA "bomb groups" rule the day in Cyrodiil.

    It's not needed for any other content including vet dungeons (and really not needed for raiding either) unless you happen to get in a PUG with some 1337 burn out who wants to speed run it by DPSing bosses down before they can do their mechanics.

    Any PvE fight in ESO that has a "DPS check" (and there are not many of those,) can easily be done without animation cancelling.

    There is also of course macroing to your mouse or KB. It's against the TOS so technically a cheat, but some do it. I mean... anyone who has a programmable gaming mouse or KB knows how easy it is to not just program a button to be "1" but to be "1 (delay) RMB" or even chain a whole rotation to one button if you're so inclined.

    I don't raid except once in a blue moon with one of my guilds and I've done just fine doing just the very basic animation cancelling (which a lot of players do without even knowing that's what they're doing) namely doing a light weapon attack (LMB) before using any ability.

    As to the aesthetics of how it looks... lol. I couldn't give less of a shit about that.
  • What I Want from ESO’s Next Chapter

    BadSpock said:
    Can someone explain the whole animation cancelling thing? I don't get it?
    The simplest explanation is that ESO has active blocking and the game is designed around the tank not aggroing everything so everyone has to occasionally block/bash and that is a priority action that cancels whatever other action you were doing.

    But in ESO the action that gets cancelled by the block (and a few other things but that gets more advanced) still damages or heals or whatever it does at full effect. The only exception about the full effect part are channeled abilities and there are only a handful of those.

    So players "abuse" the defensive interrupt mechanics to cancel the animations of abilities with fake blocks or weapon swaps, and cancel the full animation of light attacks with abilities, etc., and squeeze a lot of extra DPS out of that if they are good at it.

    This creates an animation canceling "elite" that matters in end game hard mode trials and can make a difference in 1v1 or small group PvP... klutzes need not apply :)

    For anything else in the game it's no big deal at all whether you're good at it or not since the difficulty of content is not designed around cancelling. Neither are hard mode trials when it comes down to it but it's the difference between really fast trial runs (there are leader boards for that) and a normal speed one.
  • MMORPGs dead? Nonsense! This is the most exciting time for upcoming games that I can remember.

    The next leap in virtual world technology will have to come from A.I. and interaction.  
    For me that was the saddest part of the EQN cancellation. Dave Mark and Sorybricks were trying to do just that in a AAA MMORPG project.

    That lecture was meant, at the time, to be a thought experiment — what would happen if we actually did put decent AI in MMOs? In it, I challenged a lot of tropes that the MMO scene had fallen into: the Holy Trinity (specifically as it applied to ridiculously contrived aggro systems), static, unchanging (and unchangeable) worlds, simplistic “big bag of hit points” enemies that operated more like a mechanical wind-up toy than an intelligent being, etc. My point was that we could do better in many facets

    That's a quote from Dave summarizing his 2009 GDC lecture on MMO AI.


  • How did you come up with your avatar/forum name and most pathetic in-game name you used?

    Mine is a auto-generated name from DAoC that became my main character there and just stuck with me. This was long before I knew there was a city in New Jersey named Iselin and a Norwegian supermodel named Iselin Steiro.

    IDK about pathetic - you may think it is - but one of my favorite current names I use in games is Ritalina... it's very suitable especially for female avatars in fast action combat RPGs :)