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  • Tim Eisen: A Relationship with Gaming, 2018 Edition - MMORPG.com

    Good read. Hey I think I recognize one of those crowdfunded games you referenced. ;)
  • When does the NDA lift?

    I'm curious to see how things are going in the CU Beta 1.  Is there any word on when the NDA will be lifted?
    It hasn't been discussed recently, but I wouldn't expect to NDA to be fully lifted in the near future. There's still a lot that needs to be done before the game starts to resemble how it will play at launch.

    Lifting the NDA to let people talk about things such as the current animations and characters that CSE is currently in the process of upgrading wouldn't make sense. You'd get negativity about parts of the game that will be very different and better in only a few months.

    There will be some partial NDA lifts for major streamers to stream the game and also some videos of gameplay released by CSE later in Beta 1.
  • Camelot Unchained - 500 Player Battles - Possible?

    Are there even 500 people playing it?
    There are roughly 25000 backers so at launch the answer to your question will be: yes.
  • Camelot Unchained - 500 Player Battles - Possible?

    Torval said:
    meddyck said:

    Yup, it is certainly going to be a challenge and I don't know enough about engines to be able to predict well enough. But, this is why they've created their own engine, so that it can handle large battles. 

    My suspicion is that they're going to keep as much computation on our client machines as possible. So, if we're all shooting siege weapons at a wall, the computations for damage, collision etc will be kept on our machines with just the result being sent to the server. The server then decides when to trigger collapses and stuff and just sends that small message back to the client, which then determines how the wall collapses. 

    I guess will depend on a lot on collision detection / despawning of voxels. If we destroy a wall, will the rubble be left on the ground? If so, will we have to jump over it or can we walk through it?

    The downside is that by pushing the computation onto our machines, it does make the game more susceptible to hacking, but I'm sure they've thought of that. 

    The other possibility is that by creating their own engine, they may be able to make better use of multi-threading and scalable cloud computing. It may actually be fairly cheap for them to just have 100s of processors for their server setup, its just a case of having an engine that can take advantage of all that power. 
    No. The calculations in response to players moving or using abilities are done on the server to limit the opportunities for hacking as much as possible.

    Well, that will be interesting because the reason many studios choose client side calculations is explicitly for performance reasons. All server side calcs (which are great in theory) means that the data has to make several round trips in real time. Considering the scope of 500+ players this is what raises concerns and a lot of good questions.
    Getting all of that working and at good framerates on the client is a big part of why the game is still in Alpha 4 years after funding. But from what I've seen I think they are on track to meet that goal.

    Also keep in mind that after launch on actual servers there probably won't be 500+ player battles all that frequently, so the servers and clients will be able to handle the typical, smaller battles extremely well.
  • Crowfall - A Lightning Pace - MMORPG.com

    That was an...interesting...read. :)