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  • Blizzard Hopes to Tame Overwatch Contenders Chat with Ties Between BattleNet & Twitch Accounts

    Thane said:

    they could just ban toxic players.

    chat restriction? pffff... quite frankly, why'd i wanna chat to those assholes?

    Yeah! I said "assholes" once and now i'm banned!

    In fact, if the cops hear you say "assholes" in real life, you go to jail!


    I'll see you in jail.
    In the state I live in it's technically illegal to swear in public.


    I have a feeling it's more geared towards intoxicated people being unruly, but still!
  • Ninja Makes History as the First-Ever Gamer Featured on an ESPN Magazine Cover - MMORPG.com News

    What a joke. Lets put aside the absurdity of a video game being a sport for a second. Ninja isn't even a top 5 Fortnite player. To site twitch views and popularity as a reason to be on ESPN just undercuts eSports even more than it already is.
    While I don't think it's absurd to consider video games as a sport (not a physical sport obviously) if things like Chess and Poker are able to be on sports channels and covers. Ninja is #1 in kills on Fortnite, and #9 currently in total wins. That puts him pretty high up there, and why wouldn't they have someone who is literally the most popular streamer (of all time) of the most popular game on there? It isn't like he is a low tier player, hes still one of the best. He's literally the face of the game right now. Not that I like him at all, I actually tried to watch his stream twice before and turned it off in less than 2 minutes because I hate his personality, but I'm just pointing out facts. 
  • Why I quit Albion and why you should too!

    fanglo said:
    So you offer no examples and expect us to believe you?

    But yes, support will always back up other employees.
    I'm sorry I didn't copy down the chat, but I will try my best to re-create the chat in Global

    Random Person: I love having sex with women
    Random Person: I'm a lesbian
    Me: I'm sorry
    Me: I hope they find a cure for that soon

    Mod: Homophobic comments are not allowed
    Me: Some rant about censorship of speech
    Email to company

    To whom it may concern,
    At about 0500 UTC a SJW moderator attacked my character <Redacted> by calling him homophobe. Nothing that I said during the course of that morning was homophobic and definitely nothing was against the terms of service. This attack on my character should be looked into and that moderator disciplined. 
    Censorship these days is becoming a huge problem and it saddens me that Sandbox Interactive might be a part of that problem. <Redacted>
    <Redacted>(AKA Fanglo)


    Hello <Redacted>,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    You have been muted 1 hour for homophobic hate speech. I have seen the conversation in global chat, and the mute was completely warranted. Freedom of speech does not exempt you from following the rules which you agreed to upon registration by accepting the Terms and Conditions. 

    Please take the time to review these rules found here: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/43613-Ingame-Chat-Moderation-rules/ as future violations will lead to increased durations and/or a permanent mute on the account.

    Kind regards, 

    <Redacted> | Customer Care Agent | support@albiononline.com

    Albion Online - Craft. Trade. Conquer.'

    Wow, how is this being taken out of context? You literally told someone who was a lesbian that you hope they find a cure for it. How is that not being a homophobe? That's not calling you a childish name, it's what you were being. 
  • UEC Cap Removed, Is The Game Going Full Out Pay To Win?

    it was not pay to win before?

    You could literally spend thousands on powerful ships with insurance. I don't understand how this isn't pay to win already.
  • Nexon Launches MapleStory M - A Mobile Adventure Title Based on MapleStory - MMORPG.com News

    Oh boy, another game completely ruined by Auto Battle and Auto Quest. I seriously considered giving this a shot, but the fact that EVERY SINGLE mobile MMORPG that comes out has Auto Battle or Auto Path or Auto Quest just ruins it for me.