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  • Maguss Set to Hit Open Beta Tomorrow - a Mobile Location-Based Game of Magic - MMORPG.com News

    Sovrath said:
    Ozmodan said:
    Renoaku said:

    Avanah said:

    Another stupid game to cause accidents or worse to unwary people. What are Devs thinking?

    Well the developers are not to blame, I mean I saw a car flip over in front of me because one driver was playing pokemon go and hit a red light...

    Can't blame the developers who make a fun game and someone decides to be stupid like obviously you only play when you are standing still crossing the road you pay attention go across then play.
    I have to disagree because everyone knows people are going to be stupid, you just can't fix that. Because of that the developers are just as responsible as the people being stupid.  Absolving the developers of any culpability is just wrong.

    Nah, I agreee with Renoaku, people are always going to be stupid about everything. But yet we still have so many things that can cause harm if not used correctly.

    If we followed your thinking we wouldn't really have much.

    People need to start taking responsibility for their own failures. You know, like in the "olden days". stop blaming others for their mistakes.
    But that might make them feel bad for their mistakes. Don't want that to happen!
  • Hawaiian Bill Targets Games with Loot Boxes & Limiting Sales to Minors - General News

    immodium said:
    Hawaii are also going to slap an age restriction on Fairground stalls and Pokemon trading packs in the future.

    I'm sorry but only an idiot would think loot boxes are bad for children and require age restrictions.
    Only an idiot would think loot boxes are bad for children? The thing about it isn't the loot boxes themselves. It's kids that develop a gambling habit before even leaving high school. There were those articles about people who have spent 20k + in two years that were under 18, and that's definitely not a normal habit. 

    An even bigger issue occurs when real money gets involved. Like CSGO loot crates, as those can be sold for money and give more incentive to push more purchases to "just get that knife" which for kids can be quite addictive. Plus you have the youtubers / streamers pushing gambling sites for those skins onto the audience which tends to be a lot of people under 18. I know my brother was gambling CSGO skins for a while and he isn't even 16 yet. 

    Pokemon trading cards are predatory but trading cards have always been that way, I know my school banned trading cards because it was causing older kids to take advantage of younger kids by manipulation to get all their good cards. 

    Kids are easily manipulated, and even older teens are as well. Parents should be the ones to limit this behavior but sometimes even that doesn't work. 
  • Outpost Games Invites You to Star in Your Own Reality Show in 30-Minute Chunks - SOS News

    Oooohhh that looks pretty cool. I'm all for new ideas in multiplayer gaming.
  • Team Working to Address Ongoing DDoS Attack Against NA Servers - ArcheAge - MMORPG.com

    TxChief said:

    LOL! Those bastards deserve it.

    I wouldn't say that. They may have ruined a potentially amazing game, but that doesn't mean the people who currently enjoy the game (or even people working for the company who don't have much say in the bad things that happen to the game) should have to deal with this sort of thing.
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  • Patreon for poor people that cant afford CoE? Elyrian Assistance Program announced...

    What even is this thread, it's like a bunch of personal attacks and random arguments going on between two different forums. This is crazy.