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  • ArcheAge's Next Update will Let Players Choose to be Pirates - MMORPG.com

    Mikeha said:
    Mikeha said:
    Mikeha said:
    I find it so funny how people say a game is ruined or dead but the game is still going and getting regular content updates.

    I mean the game released in 2013 and here it is still going in 2019. Looks like the game just does not need you all in it and is doing fine without you.

    Go ahead and talk about how Steam is only a "small part" of the game population and ignore the statistical fact that the numbers are a microcosm of the larger population.

    Go play Bless Onl... never mind.

    LMAO, are they right when they say " The Guilty Will Always Speak " 

    This just shows how desperate haters are to find some forum of enjoyment since they cant find it actually playing a game. 

    That boy went got some STEAM numbers! LMAO

    Its just silly to post STEAM numbers from a game that is not exclusive to STEAM and act like those numbers are a reflection of the total population. How many people are playing though the official launcher? Please post them here so we can see them. 

    Come on dude, the game launched in 2013 and its still getting a steady flow of regular content updates in 2019. 
    If the game was not doing good this would not be happening. 

    At some point common sense has to kick in. 

    When I asked you to do the obvious logically obtuse thing one could do I was being facetious. I really wasn't expecting you to literally do that mixed in with the whole "haters" thing.

    There's now 2 legacy and 1 fresh start. There's your common sense corky. That means the population IS dwindling. In addition to that publisher was purchased and the NA forum isn't even updated with the new server info but they're pushing content through. It's been more than a month.

    I'm a "hater" who had a stand alone account, AND a Steam account. I was a around when there were WAY more servers for NA. My toon is still sitting on whatever server it was merged into siting around at 9k GS.

    The difference between me and you is I'm not a weeb who eats imported dry wall chip chips and licks windows in between Bless/Archeage posts.

    But again, I'm typing to the same username wearing capes for Bless Online & Neowiz. You still playing Bless Online with that vast community or are you now waiting for Bless Unleashed?


    And just like I thought you dont have a clue how the game is doing. I never said that the population was not dwindling. I said prove that the game is doing bad and the only way you can do that is post a source to a report from Trion / Gamigo proving the game is doing bad. Telling me how many servers the game has is not going to do it. I play Blade and Soul and that game only has 3 servers. 

    So you go ahead and keep trying to spin it to Bless Online because you cant prove your point about ArcheAge.  

    You act and sound like a child. /sad

    This. The population isn't that bad on the servers. I tried one of the legacy servers on launch and they had so many people playing there was a long ass queue. Sure right now the population isn't as high as back then, but there's always people talking in chat, and I see plenty of players just running around leveling. 

    Back when the game came out, everyone talked about how awful it was doing, and how even the Korean version is doing bad and will be shut down. Obviously that didn't happen.
  • ATLAS EA - Angry Joe Review

    Rhoklaw said:
    Grunty said:
    Rhoklaw said:
    nickiamx said:
    mmorpg a place for middle aged people to feel relevant. 
    Beats spending $50-100 at a bar on a weekend. Way I see it, gaming allowed me to escape that sad reality. So I view it more as cheap entertainment than anything else.
    Look at the name not the avatar.  We got us a real larda errr, hardass here.  It even learned how to change it's name.
    @Grunty Do you know nickiamx as someone else? I'm confused. I'm sure nickamx leased that avatar from Torval, heh.
    Yes, his account creation timed perfectly with the banning of a troll whose entire account was dedicated to trying to victimize himself against older accounts, such as @Torval's account.

    May not be him, but the timing was impeccable, and this account has contributed no more than did the previous.
    They also keep changing their avatars to match other users, I'm sure to confuse people responding. 
  • Servers now down until mid Jan

    It's good they called it apocalypse. 
  • Bill’s Favorite Games of 2018 - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

    I agree with the Switch statement. That's been my most used console this year. Even more than my PC, which is crazy to think about. Pretty much every first party title on the Switch has been extremely good. Can't stop playing Smash Bros now.
  • Is Jagex Working on a New ARPG Based on Runescape? LinkedIn Profile Pretty Plainly Says 'Yes' - MMOR

    This is a cool idea, as long as it isn't Runescape "immortal".