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  • Magic: The Gathering Arena TCG Enters Open Beta Testing - MMORPG.com News

    They finally took that little page out of the Pokemon book and are including codes in their physical packs in exchange for the same pack online. Should have done that a long time ago imho. That should definitely encourage more people to play and get more value out of buying packs.


    I am so happy about this decision.

    I buy booster boxes (the 36 booster pack boxes) quite often for new sets, and sometimes me and my SO will buy two to construct decks and have fun opening the packs, if this can translate into boosters in game, I will be a happy customer.
  • Hear the Demonic Laughter? You Might After Wakfu's Latest Update - MMORPG.com

    This makes me want to play Wakfu again. I just remember how difficult it was to find groups at lower level content, and the only real way around that (at least to do dungeons or group content) was to buy NPC characters of specific classes permanently out of the cash shop that you control in your party at will. Don't really feel like dumping a bunch of money into it just to give it a try. Maybe I can level without dungeons, I can't really remember. 
  • TERA's Ninja Class to Arrive on Consoles Tomorrow Along with a Leveling Event - MMORPG.com

    I'm pretty sure the car mounts aren't too hard to get from the auction house, but I'm not sure how the economy is anymore. I had a Taxi and some other car, they are fun to do donuts in around towns but definitely break immersion super quickly if you care about that. 
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    This is probably the one non MMO that I'm extremely excited for. From is extremely good at making atmospheric games, and they know how to do combat really well. I'm hoping that because they removed all RPG elements, and focused on story / combat that this will be awesome.
  • multiple media MMORPG ?

    I was going to say Defiance had a TV show that ran with it, but it looks like you mean inside of the MMO it self. 

    I know there have been concerts inside of some games (I want to say WoW had one in the past), other games like The Secret World had you using an in game browser to find information online for puzzles in game. 

    I mean plenty of games have GM interaction or events. I don't know if I could see myself reading news in game, or going to a virtual concert unless it was a specific genre I would like to listen to.

    You might want to check out virtual worlds more than an MMORPG, like Second Life or Entropia. Those seem to have a lot more what you are talking about, and a lot less combat.