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  • Eaglance Inc. Announces Launch of Kickstarter for 'Hardcore Medieval MMO' - The Flower of Knighthoo

    Kyleran said:
    lahnmir said:
    Ohh man, awesome!! Where could this possibly go wrong?

    Nowhere, it's a solid 100% going to be made by 2020 and will be the BEST MMORPG we have ever seen, with all of the information they are providing. 
    Absolutely no P2W either, for sure. 

    How could they possibly have P2W, there was no P2W in the Medieval times, only monthly subscriptions of 15$
  • Epic Stepping into eSports in 2018-2019 with $100,000,000 in Tournament Prizes - Fortnite - MMORPG.c

    Elminzter said:
    imo, this is fake news, 100 mio really??? idk epic games always tries to get free publicity..., show us the money!!!!
    There are estimates that they made 129 million in revenue in February alone off of fortnite. That's one month. Since then, from what I see, a lot more players are spending a lot more money on skins and Battle Passes. They can't throw around numbers like that and post them publicly on their official website and have it be fake. People will call it out when the tournaments happen if that is the case. It's definitely not fake news. 
  • ArcheAge - Are Fresh Starts Just a Phase? - MMORPG.com

    Wizardry said:
    YAY had to edit post to work in the proper paragraph's because YET AGAIN the system fails.IDK maybe the coding people/person will learn their trade without so many mistakes.Maybe i expect too much from a PAID employee?
    I think of it this way..there are a LOT of nazi police who like to complain about posters English,writing whatever so when the website fails ev1 it is just a complete fail.
    I really think it's on your end. I've never had any issues with formatting from this website. Ever.
  • Latest Update Will Boot Your Booty If You're AFK Too Long - Conan Exiles - MMORPG.com

    Torval said:

    SBFord said:

    britzban said:

    AFK timers and building decay can have an impact on those that are pulled away in their real lives too. I remember when they first introduced the building decay. A friend and I had just spent a good 50 hours building a nice base, acquiring a ton of thralls and acquiring a nice stockpile of resources. I went on vacation for 5 days and he was out of town as well and when I had gotten back, everything was gone. I have not played this game since. This game is great for those that can play every single day but if you get pulled away because of "adult" things, you are screwed.

    You cheat yourself. Start your own server and don't implement destruction option or toggle it off if real life interferes. Easy solution!

    Yeah.. a small group of friends just reloaded this and got a server. Just 6 of us but having fun. It’s been tough getting up for work after playing to 2 or so. But you just found the perfect Thrall or need to make gruel or just need to build something...

    We haven’t hit a Purge yet so that has us a bit concerned about whether we will be able to defend all we built.
    Are you guys managing your own server settings? The Purge has its own config section with pretty fine-grained tunings.

    One thing that stands out about the game is the depth of server configuration possible. You can tweak the server to play the game how the server group wants it to be. I think it's quite powerful. To test for the review I've cranked up XP settings to max and harvest and respawn rates by a bit. I'm not sure if ARK or other survival games offer this level of server customization but I've been impressed by this.

    ARK had similar settings, but not as customizable as this. Conan has some really cool settings, I made a few mistakes while setting my server up, that I'm going to have to change today, like our night time lasts a whole 30 seconds. I didn't know you could remove the purge settings though, that's kind of neat. 
  • Longevity - Black Desert Online Columns

    axtranti said:

    Zerat82 said:

    No matter how much you get payed to advertise this ultra scam game no one will play it but not only that but this is the game why the west is afraid to approach korean mmos. They still own me 170 £ that how much i spent on it till i realized it's a never ending roation of paying for durability with 0 end game content.

    Maybe you realized too late and or bdo was your first korean mmorpg? BDO is your typical asian MMORPG sandbox, PvP enforced, grind fest, siege oriented PvP balance end game. If you play bdo and not siege nor high end tier node war, it's hollow as hell. Just like Lineage, ArcheAge.

    However, BDO offers the best out of the 2 previously mentioned. The durability thing is not that bad. Yes, I know it cuts A LOT of time, but NA version is the least p2w version of them all and still is a really good game. No other game, pvp wise, compares to bdo. Every single mmo out there, pvp wise, is extremelly primitive compared to this gem. You just gotta' realize games are a business, they gotta' make a living just like you do at whatever you do to eat, have vacations, etc.

    In what way is the NA version P2W?

    I didn't see anything that you could get through the cash shop that wasn't either cosmetic, or could be gotten by grinding. What did I miss?
    People consider it P2W because you can buy costumes, premium time, and pets through the cash shop and sell them for in game currency, which can directly buy the gear that you are grinding for. This isn't as big of a problem as some people make it out to be because you are limited as to what you can sell from the cash shop in the market per week. Plus the rate in which things are exchanged, is not great at all. I can earn that much silver in like 30 minutes.

    The only thing in the cash shop I don't like, is the costumes, and that is due to the fact that they do have stats (non combat) on them. But again, you can buy these with silver from other players when they put them up.

    Honestly the system works really well in BDO, I've gotten full costume sets, 5 pets (upgraded), and a constant value pack without paying and I don't even grind that much.