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  • The Riddle of The Exiled Lands - Conan Exiles Review - MMORPG.com

    review seems off from what I'm readingon the official forums. A lot of broken, a lot of cheating and a lot of request for refunds. my score .
    I don't see much broken with the game. My server gets out of sync sometimes and enemies bug out but that's server side not client side. 

    On official servers there seems to be a lot of griefing, which causes the negative reviews. I've played on a couple official servers but never saw any cheaters. But on my own server it's just been a group of friends.

    The overall steam score right now is mostly positive, which for how bad the reviews were prior to launch, is extremely good. 
  • Gold Rush Or Fools Gold? - Wild West Online Review - MMORPG.com

    After watching the Jim Sterling video on this game all my doubts were confirmed. I didn't realize there was almost nothing to do in the game at all. That's insane. They pushed it out as a final product with almost 0 to do, and a ton of bugs. Gross.
  • Paladins Strike Image Sees Hi-Rez Caught with Its Hand in Blizzard's Art Book - MMORPG.com News

    IceDark said:
    IceDark said:
    koldmiser said:
    Since Paladins was announced a full year before Overwatch I'm going to say Blizzard is the copy cat here. Overwatch was originally supposed an MMO called Project Titan which was canceled in 2014 one year after Paladins.
    As for original ideas...Let's not forget that Warcraft was ripped right from Warhammer.
    Exactly what I said in my above post.

    Please, educate yourself : 

    The game was announced on August 5, 2015. Paladins: Champions of the Realm went into open beta on September 16, 2016

    Overwatch was unveiled at BlizzCon 2014 in a fully playable state and was in a closed beta from late 2015 through early 2016. 

    Fully playable state , yes?
    This argument is moot though, both sides will always defend that their game was announced first or had X feature first.

    Here is a reddit post with a Hirez member linking footage of the game prior to it being called Paladins (it was called AU, and the footage is from 2012). 


    I mean, in general both games are incredibly similar yes. But both games are heavily copied from other IP's and games that already existed. 
    "I remember back in the days, when some people defended Paladins and they even said ( based on some pathetic Hi-Rez *proves* ) that actually, Overwatch is the one copying Paladins."

    I still call that pre-pre-pre Alpha/Prototype "proves" pathetic.  I mean, the videos are not even remotely close to what Paladins actually is.

    If you however, want to see some real prototype game play which actually looks like the final product, take a look here : 

    So assuming, based on the May 2014 alpha/prototype videos of Overwatch, we can safely say that Blizz started to work on the game in 2012, with full production in early 2013. 

    Now , based on the above info, how can someone say that Overwatch copied Paladins ? Even if Blizzard had ( yea right, lol ) access to the "amazing" 2012 Hi Rez prototype videos , there is nothing to compare between the Blizz prototype videos and ... Hi Rez prototype videos. 

    I remember that Paladins looked pretty different in early day's , but soon changed the dev's "vision" to copy Overwatch. 
    I think you are giving far too much credit to both developers here with the idea of the game.

    Both games were intended to be Team Shooters. The original idea for AU was something like Global Agenda but fantasy setting, which if you played GA you would know it was basically an MMO version of TF2. 

    If you look at Overwatch, it's basically TF2 with blizzard flair. Paladins is basically TF2 with Hirez ideas. If you are both making the same type of game, you will end up with similar products. 

    The champions in Paladins are incredibly close to Overwatch yes, I'm sure they did take some ideas there, but the champions that have similarities aren't unique. A tank with a big shield? A dwarf that puts turrets down? A grenade launching guy? The classes that are similar are all from other games. Engineer from TF2, Soldier from TF2, Demoman from TF2. The Reinhardt similarities and how the skills work, are the only things that really make me think anything was really copied. 

    I'm not in love with Hi-Rez, I honestly didn't like Paladins at all, and I love Overwatch. I just think that calling it an Overwatch copy is wrong when both games wanted to be TF2. 
  • Epic Stepping into eSports in 2018-2019 with $100,000,000 in Tournament Prizes - Fortnite - MMORPG.c

    Elminzter said:
    imo, this is fake news, 100 mio really??? idk epic games always tries to get free publicity..., show us the money!!!!
    There are estimates that they made 129 million in revenue in February alone off of fortnite. That's one month. Since then, from what I see, a lot more players are spending a lot more money on skins and Battle Passes. They can't throw around numbers like that and post them publicly on their official website and have it be fake. People will call it out when the tournaments happen if that is the case. It's definitely not fake news. 
  • Path of Exile - The Exiled Tribune - Chris Wilson on the Tencent Investment & the Future of Grinding

    At first glance this sounded like an awful idea.

    But after thinking about it, if they have wanted to do risky things but never had financial backing to support it, having an investor like Tencent might really help with that. As long as they don't touch the payment model of the game or start requiring them to have anything non cosmetic in the cash shop.

    Tencent hasn't really ruined Riot, or any of the companies they own as far as I can tell. It's better than if PWI bought them or something. But it is a little crazy how many big companies Tencent owns.