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  • Blizzcon's Gear Shop Opens, Reveals a Mysterious New Diablo Title - MMORPG.com News

    lowlama said:
    Diablo 1 remastered obv ;)
    If they are remastering Diablo 1, I want an expansion pack published by Sierra to come out for this one too.
  • Lineage 2 Classic thoughts...

    t0nyd said:
    I think that people focus to much on solo balance. I hate the concept of solo balance. I love the concept of trade offs. If I make a great support character that sucks solo, thats my choice and I will live with it. If I make an excellent solo character that isnt great it group play, im happy with that. Maybe lineage 2 can offer that kind of play for me...
    If you are referring to PvP, then yes L2 is completely not balanced for Solo PvP by every class. Certain classes obliterate other classes, and are designed to do so. Buffers absolutely cannot solo in PvP, but when I played Blade Dancer, every time our clan went to sieges or to PvP in groups, I was always invited because the buffs were so good. 
  • Lineage 2 Classic thoughts...

    t0nyd said:
    t0nyd said:
    You obviously don't like the game, don't force yourself to play it. 

    The classes don't get interesting until after the first / second class transfer (the first being at level 20 the second being at level 40). This is because the game has so many class choices and in the beginning everyone is the same two for each race. After 20 you start to delve a bit more into whatever class you chose and you get more skills to work with. 

    Questing isn't important in L2. It never has been. The quest chain you do in the beginning, was never a part of L2 back in the day, the gremlin part was the only part that existed. It's basically there to help you get soul shots / HP potions as those cost quite a bit for a new player starting out.

    Once you hit 20, you start partying with other players and grind. The entire leveling process is grinding, so you really have to enjoy that aspect or you will have almost no fun. You also have to keep in mind, being social is a big aspect of L2. You want to group. You want to join a clan. You want to talk to people, otherwise you will get bored. 

    Soul shots are in the game to make a commodity that will always be needed. To promote crafting classes, and have an item that players will always buy off other players. I knew people who only sold soul shots on their dwarves, and made TONS of adena. It's actually a pretty great system, as most games with crafting only have armors / weapons / accessories to buy, having an item that is always in demand is great. 

    Drops are low to promote crafting / player markets as well. 

    The fun of L2 comes from the PvP and clan / alliance drama. Owning a castle and participating in sieges is extremely fun, and open world PvP is pretty fun to participate in as well. 

    Also, you mentioned ranger. Absolutely never play a ranger as a first class. They use Soul shots, arrows, and mana every shot. Mana will be a constant fight, and soul shots / arrows can get expensive as hell.

    The only thing right now that isn't great about the classic server is how little adena I have, but as the economy grows in the game, items you get from drops will sell for more and you can always start to make more. 

    You already made your mind up, no reason to bash the game further. It just isn't for you. 

    IMO it's great, and I'll continue to play the classic server as I'm having a blast.

    My issue with this style of game is that you say the fun comes from the PvP. I enjoy PvP. You say dont force yourself to play the game, you dont enjoy it, before I have reached the fun part of the game? Seems counter-intuitive to me.

     I do understand the concept of making crafters useful and viable. I just disagree with soul shots being a good way to do this.  If crafters already make arrows, than thats one consumable. Potions are another consumable. There has to be a better way. Crafters are viable in Eve.

     I am not bashing the game. I am giving my honest opinion. 
    I meant more of, if you aren't having fun in the leveling process (which admittedly isn't the best in the world) you won't enjoy the grind to get to the point of being PvP viable (as it's a really really really long grind), unless you are a buff class which then you can be viable in group PvP relatively early on. 

    I don't actually know if arrows and potions are a commonly sold item by crafters to be 100% honest, now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen a player shop selling arrows. I do know some of the bigger potions like greater potions were sold by crafters. But maybe it's because I've never looked for arrows that I've never seen them, but I did browse a lot of shops. 

    Lineage is a weird game, because it mixes insane grind with very well done PvP systems. The money grind is a completely separate grind from just leveling grinds. A lot of people used to run dwarf accounts separate so that they could make adena while leveling alt characters. You aren't going to make money while leveling usually (unless you get in some decent raid boss groups, as those can make quite a bit). 
     Ive been trying to push past the boring parts to see if the PvP is worth while. This is just opinion of course but so far I have yet to see someone say that they enjoy the pve or grind. Seems like they could almost remove the 1st 20 to 30 levels of the game entirely, and people would enjoy it more. 
    Yeah which was the appeal of Private Servers originally. A lot of the very very populated ones (3k+ online) were all PvP 5000x exp rate servers where you could hit whatever the server had as the cap in like an hour and just PvP all day. 

    I personally do enjoy the PvE, but it's only because it allows me to essentially just interact with other players in my party while grinding, or watch something on my other monitor. The raid bosses are actually quite fun to do as well, but right now on the Classic server it takes ALOT of players to do them due to lack of high end gear even in the early levels. When I did one the other day we had a raid of 157 people to kill one of the bosses and it still took 15 minutes straight of attacking / kiting the boss around. Also in a party that size I got like 30% of my level of exp which was cool, I'm assuming in a smaller (used to take 1 or 2 full parties so 9 to 18 players) group I would have gotten at least a level or two. 

    Honestly, I would say if you want to get to the PvP aspect of the game. Join a clan as soon as you can. Make sure they are active prior to joining as well otherwise they are pointless and I think you have a 72 hour cooldown on rejoining a new one. When you start actually talking with players, and grouping, the game is a lot more fun. 
  • L2: Rev, trying this out

    Update, I haven't played this in a long time.  Does anyone still play this game?
    I did until recently. 

    It's just not fun after a certain point. I think I got to level 90 or so and I was just logging in each day to go through the motions. You go through the daily quests, go through the weekly quests, do each dungeon type, and go collect herbs. Then you are either ready for the next story quest or you grind while afk doing something else until you are. 

    The game is designed around having the game on, but not actually playing. Even PvP is automated. 

    Then you run into the fact that getting high grade weapons and armor is entirely based off of cash shop boxes, and you have to hope you get a good roll. I had most gear in R grade, but getting them leveled up was another waste of gear and time. 

    I felt like I needed to spend money to progress at the point I uninstalled, just because mobs were hitting harder and I couldn't progress much further without a struggle. 

    It had some cool ideas. Actually having the ability to go hang out in the clan hall with other members of your clan and alliance was super cool. Even though most of the time it was spent at the fireplace getting the free exp with other people afk.
  • Tides of Vengeance Live World of Warcraft Q&A on October 11th - MMORPG.com

    I think I might just finally be over gated content that is "Do X amount of quests that we allow you to do each week to farm X reputation to get arguably nothing". There is nothing for me to do anymore other than world quests and maybe find a group for the raid. I can go farm old content for cosmetics but at this point, I've done that every other expansion. I could go PvP but they removed all incentive to PvP. Even getting attuned for a raid back in the day felt better than current endgame. 

    This expansion really isn't that fun.