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Don't PM me I don't read PM's. I am always Jemcrystal or a variant of that name where ever I go online. Yes, there is another Jemcrystal out there not me.


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  • Why do people get in a big hurry to play a game on release ...

    ... when it doesn't even start to function good until it's been out about a year or more?  And along those lines was there ever an mmorpg that released with it's full potential realized post-beta, no serious fixing needed?
  • How long do you play in one sitting?

    Used to play nonstop night day insomniac breaking to lift weights.  Burning through games less than a month blaming makers for shitty content (in my head if not out loud on forums).  Now I think forcing other people to be responsible for my escapism is self centered behavior.  Tried game creation code, model, rig, animate, etc.  What I find is I am a very lazy beast that wants to blame everyone but myself.  Rather than waste time denigrating I have cracked down on a schedule.  Already had routine for weights might as well for rest.

    Playing Wildstar.

  • So I was playing ESO - captured this screenshot.

    Torval said:
    ... snip ...
    You have mad design skills. I love the stuff you put together.
    Not my design.  Impressive pictures my fellow TESO gamers have shared with me.  Thus the "cite" link which means "I have gathered this information from somewhere else; it is not my doing."

    I probably will not be sharing any more pictures.  I loved how artistic this game is.  But it's time for me to leave.  I have been with TESO for a year now and that is about as long as I can stay with any game, mmo or otherwise.

    I'll return to my studies on game design, meshing, rigging, and some programming in my fav language C#.

    It was fun while it lasted but all good things end.
  • Instance logic . Why it must be boss that drop the item ?

    If I made a game the mobs would drop nothing.  You could skin them for their hides tho.  I endured camp grief'ing in FFXI (Final Fantasy 11) and it was no fun.  In TESO you kill world bosses to unlock an achievement which might get you a dye maybe.  I'm okay with achievements if you always get rewarded.  But some achieves getting you something and other achieves getting you a pat on the back and "good boy," naw.  Armor should be crafted always and never be rewarded as a chest or monster drop.  All hail the mighty mmo Crafters!  Store npc's should be murdered with a long respawn timer so no one can buy mats from them (why I left FFXIV).  All hail the mighty mmo Node Pickers!

    As far as instances - Mabinogi you rocked this.  Labeling the instances so people could decide which one to be in.  Good job Mabinogi.  Bad job all the other games who pretend they are magaservers - lies. 

    Instances are not bad.  They should be ready and handy for non-down-time game repairs.  Take down one instance at a time and repair it leaving up the other instances so people can keep playing.  Reduce game down time for overall maintenance. 

    Instances should be reduced when player count is low and increased during events and the United States 5pm-11pm central time. 

    Instances can be very beneficial if you use them wisely.


    iixviiiix, your English is atrocious.  But I am glad you posted.  I know it is hard to speak a language not your native tongue.  You have done well, iixviiiix.

  • Not interested in the current pay model.

    And I don't trust indie games.  Hell will freeze before I -

    (1) Financially support indie anything.

    (2) Pay a subscription fee.

    I'm a box cat.  *