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  • What game sucks up hours before you even notice it?

    Conan Exiles for me.
  • The 10 Best PVP MMOs of All Time - The List - MMORPG.com

    Iselin said:
    100% correct.

    That real sense of community we had that would make us want to drop whatever we were doing to answer the call when the realm was in need is what I miss most in MMOs these days. The DAoC core servers (I played on Guin) didn't really have PVE players and PVP players. We all did both.

    The way content is presented in MMOs these days feels like you're supposed to pick mutually exclusive types of content. You're a "PVPer" or "PVEr" or a "soloer" or a "raider." And the different types seem to go out of the way to dis and blame the others for whatever they feel is wrong with their preferred type of content.

    DAoC was a whole game and we played it that way. Maybe a part of it was the times and those of us who played it. But I think it was also built with the thought that it should all tie-in together: Realm-wide PVE buffs based on PVP outcomes; entry into a prime PVE dungeon (Darkness Falls) also based on PVP outcomes and then the need to clean out the previous owners so we could PVE in relative peace.

    I had hopes that ESO would also work that way but the 2015 player base did not want to have entry into its version of Darkness Falls (the Imperial City) restricted in any way. So it's open all the time to all 3 alliances. There were polls and the player opinion overwhelmingly wanted it that way. The typical opinion seemed to be "I paid for it so I want to go into it any time I please." Such a waste of a perfect opportunity to create a strong RVR/PVE connection.

    Times have changed I guess.
    I was on Guinevere too <waves>. Guinevere was such a great community of people on all sides. We all worked together and had so many years of fun in those early years. Loved, loved, loved Dark Age of Camelot. Three cheers to Mark Jacobs and his team that created it. Those were some of the most epic battles I've had in pvp and I really hope Camelot Unchained will be my next loved RvR game for a long time.
  • How to milk $hroud of the Avatar.

    Rawyn said:
    This is a really good post that helps to show how dire this games financial situation is, kudos to this guy.


    The suggestion that they can continue to operate under their current revenue stream is laughable. Since you are so fact based in your analysis, let me speak your language. All of the following information has provided by Portalarium and, I think, contradicts any suggestion that without changes, the company has financial issues (all numbers below are approximate)

    In the seedinvest documents, Portalarium estimates their monthly expenses at ($230,000)

    In 2017, January through July, Portalarium's expenses (based on the figure they provided) have been ($1,610,000)

    In 2017, January through July 26, Portalarium has raised $999,977.

    In 2017, Portalarium has spent ($610,023) more than they have earned.

    In 2017, Portalarium has averaged $142,854 per month, an average monthly shortfall of ($87,146)

    March is the only month so far in 2017 that Portalarium's income outpaced (by $13,038) their seedinvest reported estimated expenses.

    A comparison

    January - July 2014: $1,646,488

    January - July 2015: $1,300,414 (-$346,074)

    January - July 2016: $1,488,209 (+$187,795)

    January - July 2017: $999,977 (-$488,232)

    Since last September, Portalarium has raised $1,721,122 vs. their total estimated expenses of ($2,530,000) for a deficit of ($808,878)

    In the seedinvest documents, Portalarium put their current cash on hand at around $600,000 in May 2017. Since May, Portalarium has had 2 months, June and July, of expenses totaling ($460,000) and has raised $228,069 for a deficit of ($231,931).

    If Portalarium maintains their current 2017 funding level, their projected total raised for 2017 would be $1,714,248. Their projected expenses for 2017 are ($2,760,000).

    In order to break even, Portalarium needs to raise $1,760,023 over the next 5 months (August - December) which means averaging $352,005 per month. In the 52 months since the end if Kickstarter, they've exceeded $350,000 4 times. April 2014 with the expiration of Founder status expiration, August 2015 Reward Expirations, July 2016 Summer Expiration Event 1, and August 2016 Summer Expiration Event 2.

    In the seedinvest documents, Portalarium stated their monthly income ranges between $150,000 and $300,000. Their monthly average in 2017 is below the minimum stated at $142,853. 4 of the 7 months in 2017 have been below $150,000. The actual range for 2017 is between $67,413 (June) and $243,038 (March).

    Keep in mind, none of this includes the physical rewards or shipping costs associated with sending out those rewards.


    And now the party takes on a Titanic theme.

  • QA Server, Forums & Release Instructions Now Open to All - Shroud of the Avatar - MMORPG.com

    And just to make clear to those who haven't grasped the wider implication that we former Kickstarter backers who have left the game were long, long aware of;

    • We were promised a Buy to Own game, instead it's been hauled off by the economic designer Chris Spears (who incidentally thinks everyone who posts here is awful, do find his past comments)  into being macro transaction driven and having a Premium Currency on top
    • It is also legal to Real Money Trade both the items in game, the Premium Currency, but also the basic gold itself.
    • Many of the early backers intended to push development towards this, and are responsible for pressuring the team into make the game Persistent so they could begin trading the stock they had built up. The economy however was so seriously unready for this, and the game so badly designed still it was instantly broken upon launch. So much so that Starr Long publicly stated that 90% of players couldn't even afford to play, and they've had to introduce a daily Log In bonus of both gold and XP to allow people to still take part.
    • The RMT backers specifically signed up to Dev+ to get information ahead of time in order to take advantage of Inside Information on all the changes they knew would thus have to be made. In this case, the drama begins when a user who still cares for basic fairness becomes aware that one piece of information is that a vital component in crafting (which like everything else, is tied to not just RMT but the in game Premium Currency) was about to become 100x rarer on the live server. So RMTs were buying up these goods...
    • ... however if you discuss anything you see in the Dev+ forums outside of them, you can be banned from the forums and even the game. So you have a situation where you can get a real money advantage over other players based on hidden information only you have access too, and have them banned if they try and discuss it.
    • So despite Chris Spears pushing an insane Libertarian economic design for 4 years, Portalarium apparently don't understand what they've actually created until the above poster risks it all to call it out all the same, at which point the damage control kicks into affect... probably because Insider Trading where real money is concerned is ILLEGAL. 
    Now I personally agree this was the right thing to do.  However if you read the thread, even amongst those agreeing it was too there are many still asking for some form of compensation for losing the forums

    But they should have been closed at least a year ago, when the game effectively launched. And it was, it doesn't matter how you can spin it, once you start allowing full scale RMT, the game is effectively live for any realistic definition. 

    Insider Trading should never have been allowed to happen. It's Portalarium's sheer blindness and incompetence that ensured it did; and the linked thread shows why. 1 in 4 of the responders when I did a quick count are outraged that they've lost the insider information. 25% or so of the responding population not just demanding the right to be immoral, but continue doing something outright illegal..?! But this is the kind of greed driven Cult thinking Shroud encourages; those of us who tried to appeal against the ever growing focus on RMT ahead of RPG were slowly driven out (or banned from) from the forums.

    Portalarium simply wasn't listening to anyone but the Whales. And now they're getting tied into increasingly awful moral and legal messes... and they're still nowhere near financial security, much less finishing Episode 1.  That's why they're doing a deal to add a cyrpto-currency trading network in game next too.  They. Never. Ever. LEARN.

    Awesome post, says it all. Steer clear of this game folks, don't give your hard earned money to this team. Just let this sinking ship sink, don't help them patch it together to limp along prolonging the inevitable. Unless you like games like Sims, then have at this one because sitting around emoting, dance parties, and decorating your house is the extent of content in this game. It's just a cash grabbing grindy game with no soul.
  • Shards Online Changes Name to Legends of Aria - Shards Online - MMORPG.com

    Seeing as this is now going to be an mmo and not like it was originally pitched small shards, I'm interested. I've been looking for a good UO replacement for a while now. This looks most close to UO to me than any of the others that have tried to pitch it that way. Shroud of the Avatar was a bust, turned out to be nothing like UO, just greedy, incompetent devs with no imagination, direction, and vision, with the add-on store and begathons being more important than game content. Will give Legends of Aria a go when it enters the next alpha phase, already bought it, ready to try it out. :)