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  • Does Classic Charm Make for an MMO Worth Playing? - Shroud of the Avatar Review - MMORPG.com

    Darkstarr9 said:
    We actually agree with many of your negative points and are working to address them.

    Glad to see you say that, only your former backers had been telling you many of these same things for years, but you decided to ignore and/or silence them from your forums and call them trolls for pointing these things out. Glad to see a reviewer tell you what the backers have been trying to tell you for years about this games problems, thankfully you didn't try to lump this reviewer into the conspiracy theory you created and call him a hater too for just being what the rest of the world would call disappointed CUSTOMERS voicing opinions. Sure some of the negative feedback over the years weren't as polite as the reviewer here, but the feedback was about these many, many same issues.

    Many of these issues that you bring up have been brought up by  backers for a long time now Gareth and instead of fixing these problems the feedback was ignored, silenced, and even a conspiracy theory made up to make excuses for the poor numbers they see of people playing this game and of this games issues to dismiss backers negative feedback and disappointment as some sort of group with superpowers that have the magical ability to make people not want to play this game just by voicing opinions. Yes, that sounds ridiculous and bizarre I know, but they honestly love that conspiracy of some boogeyman out to get them instead of facing reality, which is this game is just very niche and hasn't been well received by gamers. Some of the issues you bring up Gareth were even made fun of in this video years ago back in 2014.

  • Whats up with the hatred?

    Why does the game have such a low score, and people hating it so much?

    People are saying p2w but so is archeage and bdo and most mmo's out right now with there cash shops

    What makes this one worse?
    It's not hatred, it's disappointment from many early backers that thought they were getting an RPG first and an optional Selective Multi-Player. We all wanted it to succeed, but it's been persistent for over a year now and out over 60k people they have 500 or a thousand left? The only number we have really is from Chris during their seed invest that said a bit more than 500 people login concurrently. What it turned out to be was a half put together mmorpg that does nothing well. In my opinion, yes just opinion, not conspiracy theory hatred, it's a mish mash of the cheapest unity assets all thrown together in a game that looks and plays awkward, with a story that feels thrown together as well, with a cash shop now hidden in game.

    No matter how the devs and few remaining players try to paint the negativity toward this game (yes, they say there is an "organized group" trying to damage the game .. which is a bunch of conspiracy theory). There are however probably 10's of thousands of disappointed "CUSTOMERS", yes customers, that's what the rest of the world calls it, disgruntled customers, disappointed customers, unhappy customers, etc. etc. that are just telling people to try the free trial first before buying it. If the game was good there would be more customers playing, it's that simple.

    I see people all over the net ragging on World of Warcraft but it isn't hurting their customer base.  Remember Warhammer Online, it got slammed by customers and even Mark Jacobs himself slammed for it being so terrible, but did he come back and say "Oh boo hoo, there's an "organized" group or haters trying to hurt my game? NO he pulled up his big boy pants, sucked it up and took the hits even though it wasn't all his fault, because that's what adults do. We own our mistakes, we learn from them, and we do better next time. We don't go around playing the blame game like a bunch of grade school children. Bottom line we're "CUSTOMERS" that were disappointed, nothing more.

  • An Impressive Look at New Moondial Effects - Shroud of the Avatar - MMORPG.com

    @Voidfarer, Welcome to MMORPG, land of the completely unmoderated forums where the same half dozen trolls who were banished from the forums years ago trash the game each week! Same guys every time. Look at  Ice-Queen's message history.
    Complete falsehood, I can't say I'm surprised though, as this is a typical response from you. You seem to be just as trollish as anyone else, you're always out and about trolling those you would label trolls to try to delegitimize their truths about your game. I have never been banned from your forums. One need only look to see. Although, I'm sure you're petty enough to do so as you can't take criticism well and seem to have a child like enjoyment of trying to quiet people when you don't like what they have to say. Much like a child that can't get another to play their way, so they take their ball and go home... You seem incapable of taking criticism of the poor mechanic decisions of the game that involve your making. I also don't post every week here about your game. All people here are doing is telling people our experience with Sota. If your game was booming and had people actually playing it, you probably wouldn't be so bothered by negative feedback and posts about how terrible it is.

    I think people should all try your free trial so that they can see for themselves the state of your game. I'm guessing the trials aren't bringing many in to actually buy the game after they do see for themselves right? How many people are even left playing Sota these days, 300, 400, 500 people? I'm sure no one will ever give out the numbers, it's embarrassing. Out of how many accounts? Speaks for itself really how this game is, and why they even let the dev hothead post on other forums is beyond me, but it's actually amusing because people can see the type of devs involved with Sota.