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  • Early Access Games - Glad To See Someone Calling It Like It Is

    I just saw this link on one of the reddit forums for Sota that relates to these early access developers mentality.

    "With all do respect we get to decide how the terms are used, not you."


    Link to the forum post it was found in.

  • The 10 Best PVP MMOs of All Time - The List - MMORPG.com

    Iselin said:
    100% correct.

    That real sense of community we had that would make us want to drop whatever we were doing to answer the call when the realm was in need is what I miss most in MMOs these days. The DAoC core servers (I played on Guin) didn't really have PVE players and PVP players. We all did both.

    The way content is presented in MMOs these days feels like you're supposed to pick mutually exclusive types of content. You're a "PVPer" or "PVEr" or a "soloer" or a "raider." And the different types seem to go out of the way to dis and blame the others for whatever they feel is wrong with their preferred type of content.

    DAoC was a whole game and we played it that way. Maybe a part of it was the times and those of us who played it. But I think it was also built with the thought that it should all tie-in together: Realm-wide PVE buffs based on PVP outcomes; entry into a prime PVE dungeon (Darkness Falls) also based on PVP outcomes and then the need to clean out the previous owners so we could PVE in relative peace.

    I had hopes that ESO would also work that way but the 2015 player base did not want to have entry into its version of Darkness Falls (the Imperial City) restricted in any way. So it's open all the time to all 3 alliances. There were polls and the player opinion overwhelmingly wanted it that way. The typical opinion seemed to be "I paid for it so I want to go into it any time I please." Such a waste of a perfect opportunity to create a strong RVR/PVE connection.

    Times have changed I guess.
    I was on Guinevere too <waves>. Guinevere was such a great community of people on all sides. We all worked together and had so many years of fun in those early years. Loved, loved, loved Dark Age of Camelot. Three cheers to Mark Jacobs and his team that created it. Those were some of the most epic battles I've had in pvp and I really hope Camelot Unchained will be my next loved RvR game for a long time.
  • An Impressive Look at New Moondial Effects - Shroud of the Avatar - MMORPG.com

    @Voidfarer, Welcome to MMORPG, land of the completely unmoderated forums where the same half dozen trolls who were banished from the forums years ago trash the game each week! Same guys every time. Look at  Ice-Queen's message history.
    Complete falsehood, I can't say I'm surprised though, as this is a typical response from you. You seem to be just as trollish as anyone else, you're always out and about trolling those you would label trolls to try to delegitimize their truths about your game. I have never been banned from your forums. One need only look to see. Although, I'm sure you're petty enough to do so as you can't take criticism well and seem to have a child like enjoyment of trying to quiet people when you don't like what they have to say. Much like a child that can't get another to play their way, so they take their ball and go home... You seem incapable of taking criticism of the poor mechanic decisions of the game that involve your making. I also don't post every week here about your game. All people here are doing is telling people our experience with Sota. If your game was booming and had people actually playing it, you probably wouldn't be so bothered by negative feedback and posts about how terrible it is.

    I think people should all try your free trial so that they can see for themselves the state of your game. I'm guessing the trials aren't bringing many in to actually buy the game after they do see for themselves right? How many people are even left playing Sota these days, 300, 400, 500 people? I'm sure no one will ever give out the numbers, it's embarrassing. Out of how many accounts? Speaks for itself really how this game is, and why they even let the dev hothead post on other forums is beyond me, but it's actually amusing because people can see the type of devs involved with Sota.