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  • Why dont they just make world of warcraft 2?

    Kyleran said:

    I think opening classic servers is their concession to WOW 2.0, at least as far as they are looking right now.

    Plus, it is a low cost, almost no downside move. 
  • Game publisher reputation

    Scot said:
    I take each game as it comes, you should carefully look over all elements of the gameplay.  Somebody like EA just gets an extra check for the dubious elements they often bring to the table.

    Never pre-order, never fund a kickstarter, never join a game before it is launched. Always read the reviews not previews. What are your friends saying about the game? What does Metacritic and Steam say? Check every damn thing as the time spent ensures you don't waste time playing a game for a couple of days and then deciding you are going to bin it. Even worse, putting money into the game before in launches and then finding it is below the standards you expected.

    Or ... buy it on steam .. play for 20 min. Refund if you do not like it. 
  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    Robokapp said:

    gerund or present participle: trolling
    1. 1.
      make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.
      "if people are obviously trolling then I'll delete your posts and do my best to ban you"

    wow .. you just describe what you are trying to do to me.

    But .. i am the bigger man. I am not going to be angry. I am just going to be amused. In fact, i am shocked that you will twist my post about using accurate language, which MANY has done so before here, to something twisted (see my pun there!).

    So let me ask you this .. do you disagree that language should be used accurately? Or that you do not think there is a difference between MMO and MMORPG?
  • Star Citizen And PvP

    Whatever they do a lot of people will be disappointed when they do commit to one side or the other.

    lol .. they have bigger problems than balancing pvp and pve .. like ... actually finishing a game. 
  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    laxie said:
    I miss the social aspect and the longevity of the communities. Gone are the days where you could play one MMO with the same people for 5+ years.

    Good. I don't play games for community and people. I treat most other players as NPCs anyway. If i want to make friends, i have plenty in real life. 
    and this is exactly why the genre is where it is today, and why we have no AAA MMOs being made anymore.
    What are you talking about? Wasn't Destiny 2 just got released? Don't tell me it is not AAA.

    And yeah .. the genre is exactly where i like it to be today. More fun, less grind, no dependency on others for fun. 
    Their aren't MMORPGs being made anymore is what he is meaning. 
    If he means "MMORPGs" instead of "MMOs", may be he should be more careful with his words and say so. I thought people here cares about accurate usage of their words .. i guess that does not apply to some.

    Plus, i have no obligation to "guess" what he actually means, instead of just go by his words.