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  • Do MMOs need character progression systems?

    Eldurian said:

    Games with the risk of lost capture this. Games with no such risk make success about as meaningful as a participation trophy.

    Yeah .. and participation trophies are great for gaming. It creates the entertaining illusion of achievement. It is not like games are real anyway. Just take the illusion one step further. Easy win for everyone. Better yet, charge the whales money for the win!
  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    Robokapp said:
    I think it's about over for MMOs. We got WoW and there's not much else.

    Are you kidding? Destiny 2 sold a bunch even with little end-game. Warframe is an indie success. World of Tanks has been popular for a while. Overwatch is killing it.

    It is not over .. it is just starting. 
  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    laxie said:
    I miss the social aspect and the longevity of the communities. Gone are the days where you could play one MMO with the same people for 5+ years.

    Good. I don't play games for community and people. I treat most other players as NPCs anyway. If i want to make friends, i have plenty in real life. 
  • Any active MUDs?

    There are still beyond a small niche of players playing TEXT games?
    Some companies are still making some money off of them.

    Books are still being sold as well, for the small niche of people that read.
    Actually reading book is not a small niche. Look at JK Rowling or John Grisham. I read novels all the time.

    But games is about gameplay and NOT good writing/stories. How can one get good gameplay from text? Is it exciting to read "fireball hits you for 6 points" 20 times? 

    In fact, i don't play games to get good story and i don't read novels to get gameplay. 
  • Using paywalls to enact lore in an MMORPG

    Flyte27 said:

    The problem is wanting rare races and finding a solution that works to achieve that. 

    That is a stupid problem for a video game. Why make it a problem when there is no need to?
    Perhaps because there are some people who want to play a game with certain races being rarer than others? 
    Obviously they are in such minority that they don't really matter much. Otherwise, games would already solve the problem.

    In fact, when is the last time you hear your gaming friends complaining races are not rare enough? Personally, never for me.

    This is no different than some people who want extreme realism like toilets in a game. Sure, they can want it .. just don't expect anyone gullible enough to provide.