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  • Well I tried ....

    Well a decent MMO that I can enjoy is missing at the moment.   I don't really need the attention, I don't post here much anymore.

    I am not saying this is a bad game.  It is a game I want to like.   I guess I will just have to keep struggling as you say.  

    Perhaps there is a time when old gamers just need to fade away.   MMO's just seem to be becoming more complex and less accessible to to the scummy casuals like myself.   

    Thanks for your input anyway.
  • Well I tried ....

    But it is just not doing it for me.  

    Fishing, usually one of my favs,  sucked.
    Crafting,  still haven't figured it out, nor do I feel like trying.
    Quests: ok but obviously not the point of this game as it is ridiculously easy to level just doing mindless grinding of mobs.
    Guild: well I tried pretty hard to join one, had a couple of offers but no one explained the procedure and after a couple hours of switching servers and trying to find who I was talking to, I just gave up.

    Love the world and the graphics.  UI is pretty cluttered though and I find it difficult to clean up.   I have to say I had much more fun with LoTRo, and with much less clutter.   I wish I still had the patience for these type of games but I guess it is time to hand over the reigns to the younger crowd.  

    All I wanted was to explore a nice detailed world but this game is just too cluttered and obviously catering to the twitch crowd, that I can't even find a comfortable role where I fit in.   Never tried the trading, but that's the point.  It is one of those game where people will say, " well you didn't put in the work"  or " spend some time learning the game".  

    Valid points, but like many here say, if a game doesn't grab you quickly, hanging around won't change much.  I played enough to level to 23 but really the desire to move forward is gone.  

    Still looking for a Fallen Earth replacement and this wasn't it.
  • stay away from this game

    Originally posted by DarLorkar
    Originally posted by ChairmanAD2460
    Originally posted by DarLorkar
    I dont care. It is unprofessional to come argue with a customer ( past or present) in an open forum. A simple go here and we will discuss any game issues in private is all you need to do.   Anything further just shows me to stay away from an unprofessional game company. Right or wrong in any particular case does not matter. Just be professional.   Enough said.

    If you see that as unproffesional conduct that is your opinion. The customer came here after being in our support system where we handled the case professionally and according to our business standards. And we felt we had to answer in his thread after his comments and allegations of theft towards our game and business. 

    Our policy is that we as the management and the developers should be available for our community. That be in support, our own chat or forum or here in MMORPG if that is where they want to meet us. (That is also posted in the other AD2460 thread here on MMORPG)

    Yes it is my opinion, and you pretty much prove my point. Thanks, i will stay far away from this game and advise others to do the same.

    So how is this helping your company and game out so far?

    A lot more than you think it is!

    Go ahead and advise if you wish.   Those that read this thread will come to their own conclusions just as you have.

    I doubt the "others" you speak of, will actually give a shit about anything you say.