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  • Whatever happened to challenge?

    I always thought WoW was too easy from the get go....Especially compared to the MMOs that came before it.....It was the start of the "I want to be entertained and not challenged" player.
    Gee, I wonder why it was so popular then??   Makes no sense that people would want to be entertained by their games! 
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Horusra said:
    For me has less to to with political bias and more to do with economic belief.  I believe free market capitalism is the driver of innovation.  When someone can make some cash people will compete for it.  Net Neutrality removes that drive.  While without there is, I hope, a desire for companies to provide new and better service than someone else to get your money.
    See your issue is you think in an "odd" fashion. Unbridled free market capitalism can't actually "exist" without regulatory bodies. With net neutrality it doesn't remove any drive. It doesn't remove innovation or anything (unless you are going to talk about figuring out new ways to drain people's money to offer the same service you are now) The ISPs have stated that net neutrality has not affected their investments or anything at all and they said this to shareholders ie people they are legally obligated to tell the truth to. 

    The drive is gone largely because ISPs in most of the US have no actual competition with one another and largely that is because they opt to not try and compete with one another short of some areas that are just to population dense for multiple companies to ignore and that is where they compete.

    There isn't an "offering better service than someone else to get your money" when that " someone else" doesn't exist. We'd basically need to actually force a situation that created proper market competition for what you are saying to actually even exist in any way. All net  neutrality does is make sure that verzion or comcast can't say slow down a website because that website isn't paying them even though verizon or comcast or any isp already has peering agreements with the ISP carrying that website, that video service, that service in general. 

    What the isps were doing was throttling services (particularly video) to try and get companies to pay for upgrades to their infrastructure hardware wise and to get direct peering agreements with companies like netflix etc and predatory practices must not be allowed in near monopolistic practices.

    For you the type that espouse "free market capitalism" as an answer I say look at  real world practices and realize what I said that it can't exist without regulation to be the truth. Unchecked/de-regulated/unbridled free market capitalism would simply lead to a singular entity buying up the smaller entities in any space and us having singular companies for any  service (or multiple services in some cases). There is a reason regulations exist and it is because free market capitalism proved that it can't work without it already. 
    Bingo!  This guy gets it.

    And very well stated I must add.   

    Along with the Free Market Capitalism is good mantra, comes the All Government is Bad misconception.   By blindly believing in these two principles, and listening to lies being spewed by the FFC itself its no wonder people are divided.

    The government isn't regulating the internet.  It is making sure that the companies that provide the service to you, don't have the opportunity to regulate it for their own benefit and to the detriment of yours.

    Anyway it seems a given that net neutrality is about to be quashed.  How long before you begin to see the effects and what will they be, is now the question.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Gorwe said:
    Not enough unbiased data to really make up my mind.
    Maybe you could explain to us how the practice of net "NEUTRALITY" is biased?

  • stay away from this game

    Originally posted by DarLorkar
    Originally posted by ChairmanAD2460
    Originally posted by DarLorkar
    I dont care. It is unprofessional to come argue with a customer ( past or present) in an open forum. A simple go here and we will discuss any game issues in private is all you need to do.   Anything further just shows me to stay away from an unprofessional game company. Right or wrong in any particular case does not matter. Just be professional.   Enough said.

    If you see that as unproffesional conduct that is your opinion. The customer came here after being in our support system where we handled the case professionally and according to our business standards. And we felt we had to answer in his thread after his comments and allegations of theft towards our game and business. 

    Our policy is that we as the management and the developers should be available for our community. That be in support, our own chat or forum or here in MMORPG if that is where they want to meet us. (That is also posted in the other AD2460 thread here on MMORPG)

    Yes it is my opinion, and you pretty much prove my point. Thanks, i will stay far away from this game and advise others to do the same.

    So how is this helping your company and game out so far?

    A lot more than you think it is!

    Go ahead and advise if you wish.   Those that read this thread will come to their own conclusions just as you have.

    I doubt the "others" you speak of, will actually give a shit about anything you say.