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  • It's Spring Cleaning a Bit Early in Trion Games - PC Name Reclaim Ending January 31st - MMORPG.com

    wesjr said:

    Nebless said:

    No clue about the game, but not a bad policy especially for some of the older games. Wouldn't hurt to free up names of characters not played in years.

    I wish more companies would do the same :)
    Honestly no. Maybe for users who haven't put a dime into the game. But if you have financially put something in the game or have bought it; you should have the right to keep whatever name you chose for yourself. I argued this when Trove first did a name purge and I thought it was a scummy tactic. Imagine being someone who is actively deployed across seas for whatever profession, be it military or not and doesn't have access to the game during their deployment? They get back and their name is gone? No. 1 year inactivity does not warrant a name purge. Sure; if the user has been inactive for 5+ years; I can understand. It's clear that user isn't going to be returning. At least not anytime soon. But 1 year is absolutely too short for a name purge. Specially against people who have paid something towards the game.
  • December Mega-Patch Detailed - Brings Huge QoL Improvements - Runescape News

    rensta said:

    Always happy to see this game alive and well.

    Not when Jagex likes to shaft their players and doesn't give a crap about them. Few of my game accounts were compromised a few years ago. One of those game accounts; RuneScape. It was permanently banned. Jagex shut down their appeal program so you cannot appeal or make a case for yourself and any emails you send them regarding appeals will get ignored. They stopped caring, so I did to. (I have all the evidence that shows many of my accounts were compromised. Including my email address. This was due to database breaches from other games / sites I had accounts with.)
  • Is CIG really looking to secure $75 million to finish SC?

    This dudes video seems groundless as he doesn't provide sources. Just "Oh this guy told me this so it must be true." So I'd take this dudes video with a grain of salt. Regardless if you are a Star Citizen supporter or not. He also doesn't seem to have any knowledge on how development works and why some things are running the way they are currently or why 3.0 is delayed despite most of the information being out there so he seems to be blinded by frustration.

    As for his argument on the face tech going into Star Citizen. It's not the first time a game had this kind of system. EverQuest II had a face rig system just like what is going into Star Citizen where it utilized your webcam to track your face using a series of dots and those movements would translate into characters face. If I recall, it was called SoEmote. Star Citizen didn't develop the code for this face tracking feature and from what they said at their 3.0 presentation, it is something that is going to run in the background with the game. This was also true for EverQuest II, their face feature was a separate program running in the background while the game was going and the two communicated with each other.

    The faces in Star Citizen are already rigged for motion capture to push realism. They're already built with a skeleton and system to track rig movements so pushing this feature is obvious. All the CIG devs would have had to do was code something for the two programs to communicate with each other and bam, it's done. It wasn't like they stopped making game assets to focus solely on this feature. That being said, there are over 400+ devs for CIG now, a lot of people think CIG wastes time developing these features and aren't working on other ones which is wrong. They have multiple studios working on different aspects of the game. It's dumb to think a company is going to stop everything and assign 400+ people onto one feature. That isn't efficient.

    Either way, the dudes video is groundless and to me is just a video of some dude ranting cause he didn't get his precious 3.0 release yet. "I spent $150 on the game. Wtf is going on? Where is my 3.0?!". I spent $800 so far (Judge me if you want) and even I know the risks going into funding a game from Kickstarter and even I'm patient. I'd rather have something that is working and close to what they envisioned than to have something rushed out and broken. I don't expect the game to come out until 2020-2025 and that is fine with me. If people can't handle the wait, then don't back the game or don't pay attention to it until a more finished product is available. I backed the game because I want to see a game like this happen. Even if Star Citizen fails, I put my money towards the vision. Star Citizen gathered over $100 million from backers alone. Most game companies in the industry aren't going to ignore that kind of success. If Star Citizen fails, I almost guarantee you that another company is going to try and make something similar to Star Citizen, cause the market is there. That is why I dropped $800 into Star Citizen. It's to show the industry that I want something like this and I believe in such a vision.

    TL;DR: Dudes video has no merit. Don't back the game or pay attention to the game if delays frustrate you or if you can't be patient.
  • Over 2.5 Hours of Gamescom 2017 Gameplay & Info - Star Citizen - MMORPG.com

    Yalexy said:

    I still don't get, why they would try to develop everything at once. They should've developed the core space-sim first to a playable state and then develop the rest. This way we would actually be playing SC allready.

    I personally don't care about all this FPS-stuff and running around on planets doing quests. I want to secure a chunk of space, exploit the ressources, craft stuff, trade stuff and build an empire. Just like I did in EvE for allmost 10 years, but actually flying the ships.

    You do realize Star Citizen has been in development for less time than most triple A titles have right? There is a graph floating around out there that shows development times between Triple A titles and Star Citizen. That being said, they have been building the core experience to the game. Most of the development so far has been on core features that were needed to begin with and that are difficult to code. Example being, air pressurization. They needed to make it so if one door opens to the vacuum of space and there are other open rooms adjacent to that room, that the air in those rooms have to be slowly siphoned out. Also, ships physics grids needed to be done so people can actually walk around in their ships mid flight, as well as being able to store cargo and other vehicles on said ships without it bugging out. Also the itemization system for ships so you can have your ship auto pilot as you walk around, or tell engines to turn on and off or certain systems to be turned on and off. Being able to open doors while in the pilot seat. Etc. There are a ton of core mechanics that they are still developing before they can piece everything together into a core game.

    Not only that, you said you wanted to do quests. They had to develop an entirely new pipeline for quests that way quests can be developed faster and pushed out for players to do. Just as they did with ships. They redid and optimized most of their pipelines to make things faster and are optimized better for not only the engine, but for the client. 3.0 is going to introduce about 26 different quest templates, and the engine is going to randomly generate a mission from those templates, often combining them making thousands, if not millions or possibilities of quests to do in 3.0.

    Not only that, in this last year, development has sped up quite a bit. They went from ~200 staff members last year to ~400 this year. A lot more people to work on a lot more things.

    A lot of people tend to get inpatient with Star Citizen or throw out the "scam" word because it's apparently taking so long, but it hasn't even hit the average development time most games take. Everyone is way too use to publishers pumping out the same game every year that no one seems to understand how long and how hard development actually takes. Those 1 year releases people are use to, are often in development for 2 or 3 years, planned before even the previous title gets pushed out and the reason they take so quickly to push out is because they recycle a lot of code and assets to make the next game. Example being, Assassin's Creed. We've had the same movement, climbing, and combat animations and code for most of the games. Because it was recycled. All that really went into making the new game was new art, textures, environments, story, sounds, etc. That stuff takes significantly a lot less time to develop then having to code an entire game from ground up. Which Star Citizen is doing. So yeah, it's going to take awhile.