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I am a Swedish RPG fan who sometime make pen and paper stuff for roleplaying conventions. I love RPGs, MMOs and turned based strategy games, listens to metal and work as a CNC coder/industrial worker.  I currently live in Malmö (next to Coopenhagen) but will be moving to Öland soon. And for the moment I work weekends so I have plenty of spare time on weekdays but will be unavaliable saturdays and sundays. And I know stuff about history that makes people stare very strangely at me, just love to read about the past without any specific favorite period. I can use a sword, have a good one as well (hand made copy with the original from about year 1000) as a chainmail and helmet but I wouldn't call myself good with it. My favorite beverage is Guiness.


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  • Good Rhetoric About Why We Need A Better MMO?

    Well, there is a bunch of 5+ old western MMOs that are very similar to eachother, do you really think it is so strange that they are losing players? 

    If you played one what you done there is usually very similar if not identical to what you would do in most others. Killing 10 rats/orcs/whatever gets tiring after some years after all.

    The Asian market is going far better though, they are a bit more new thinking in their design but not much enough to explain why it is doing so much better. But Japan and south Korea have far more exposure of MMOs, there are mangas/manwhas, anime, books and comics about MMOs over there and that certainly helps a lot. Maybe it is something cultural as well.

    If you want to reboot the genre you need gameplay that doesn't feel like something people already played for years. You also need exposurein other medias.

    So far have the publishers added some MMO element to other genres with rather good success, maybe doing the opposite and add ideas from other genres into MMOs would help. Also, almost all MMOs ever made have had D&D in the ground, creating a MMO based on another pen and paper RPGs mechanics might also help, Shadowrun for instance would add a new breath to the genre.

    Another possibility would be to bring new technology to make the gameplay feel different. Old platform games done that when Super Mario 3D came out, adding a new dimension to a tired old genre. Something like VR or AR might work there, or something else.
  • Dude plays a game for >14,000 hours and doesn't recommend it. What game have you played the most?

    Quizzical said:
    14530 hours played in a game that launched in 2013 is an average of over 8 hours per day over that time.  That's more than a full-time job--and a real job would likely give you weekends off, too.  That would be understandable for a game that encourages you to leave the game open while you're not playing, but Neverwinter doesn't do that.  That's enough to make one question what he's doing with his life and whether I even want his opinion of a game.
    Lol, yeah a third of his life playing Cryptic games seems a tad much the last 5 years. Heck, even many old EQ players al'a 1999 would have told him to get a life. 8/7 was a lot even then (not that some people weren't worse then and are worse now).

    Then again, maybe he is in a wheelchair living on disability or something. I have a friend like that and since he don't get out that much he games a lot.

    In either case, I won't make him my lifecoach. ;)
  • MMO where you could play a dragon

    Scot said:

    Now you are taking me seriously, but if you want to play a dragon I doubt you are actually going to want to run around as a human, rather defeats the point.

    How about dragon sized cities, with dragon sized inns? The puny humans could have an adventure trying to get from the door to the bar while avoiding getting stepped on by over indulgent dragon clientele. :)
    Well, you could transform yourself for certain quests.

    I am not sure dragons really would be much for pub crawling even if there are a lot of them around but it would be rather refreshing compared to the standard MMO.
  • Need Feedback: Crafting System

    iixviiiix said:
    One problem about crafting is the developer try to use leveling progress to unlock recipes . That's forced craftsman to grind more trash , i rather prefer to collect recipes by gamble .

    For example 100 iron 100 copper 100 wood to create a loot box type item that drop recipes . Player use the recipes to learn how to craft items . To level up recipes , you will need multiple same recipes .
    The higher level of recipes , the stronger grade of same item will be create .
    You could also add a bit of random element so you sometimes (but not often) get an upgrade when you craft the item in question, that would make sense since it is training after all and it encourage people to craft even if they havn't maxed something out yet.

    I don't like your wording though, "loot box" is something that makes most of us a bit nervous today. ;)
  • Star Citizen Wins Prestigious "Worst MMO Business Model Of 2017" Award

    Talonsin said:
    So by your logic is is also not a space sim or a FPS?  I guess all those who felt they were getting a space sim should ask for a refund?

    I do enjoy your wordplay though.  I guess the Audi 8 is not a car by your logic

    I guess being a nurse is not a job - https://www.theodysseyonline.com/nursing-more-than-job?utm_expid=.oW2L-b3SQF-m5a-dPEU77g.0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

    Many marketing companies say their product is more than a XXX as a way of saying it is in the top tier of being an XXX.  The official website saying it is more than an MMO is:
    1. The official word that it is indeed an MMO
    2. Marketing speak for it being a great MMO

    No amount of word play and funny logic is going to change that mate
    Is GTA a car sim? The answer is: kinda, and the same thing can be said about SC.