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  • Ship of Heroes Shows Off Upgraded Male Models - News

    Reminds me of the base models City of Titans put out late last year.  Progress is progress though.
  • Microsoft is developing a "Mixed Reality" mmo.

    SEANMCAD said:
    I am betting the term being used by Microsoft on this specific subject means it will be VR, AR, mobile, console and PC. I also predict it will be very similar in technical as Pokemon Go is more or less

    now lets just wait and see if I turn out to be right. I have a very good record on predictions....if its about Trump...but technology is a hit and a miss

    It makes sense to educate yourself:

    Mixed Reality is synonymous with augmented reality, but not necessarily vice versa.


    I stopped reading as soon as I saw the phrase "a Microsoft PR rep"

    So you're using the words of a Microsoft PR Rep as proof that Microsoft isn't playing marketing games with the terms 'augmented' and 'mixed'.

    Holy shit.

    Continue reading.  It mentions other companies.  SO tired of the trolling..

    Term was coined back in the 90s...  
    Reading what? An opinion piece by a self-appointed podcast producer regurgitating marketing hype from a Microsoft rep trying to set up a sales channel for future revenue?

    So tired of armchair "experts" who read one article and claim to know everything about a subject.

    This is Microsoft. They offer marketing hype to obfuscate the fact that they arrived late to the party, like they always do. That company hasn't had an original thought in fifteen years.

    You're just the latest victim of their marketing strategy and believe me it takes a lot NOT to see though their BS. Whatever that says about you you'll have to decide for yourself.

    LOL I'm a content creator.  It has nothing to do with microsoft..    I literally linked an article from 1994 when the term was coined that had nothing to do with microsoft and you come up with nonsense just to try and talk down to people.  Nothing but negativity and inaccurate information from you.  Where's your evidence to backup your claim as I've shown very accurately mine.
  • So Farpoint VR

    SEANMCAD said:
    This happens and in no way is fake by any means.  In fact this is exactly what happened to the Guinness World Record holder for most time in VR.  Look it up.  Immediately after taking it off he was throwing up for a while.

    I've never gotten sick to that degree after VR, but I've often gotten headaches that made me want to take it off.  That, and because its too cumbersome to setup again are the reasons I don't bother with it for home use and only put it together when I show off our 360 content. 

    why would someone who has posted in the past that they have gotten sick with VR multiple times for multiple games continue to buy VR games when they know they are hyper sensitive?

    That isn't the point.  

    But lets pretend for a second that you spent 400+ dollars on a VR system, but every so often it makes you sick.  Are you going to toss that 400+ out the window or are you going to keep trying so you don't waste your investment?  

    Maybe this game was the tipping point and he won't want to play anymore after a bad trip like that,  but even after getting the worst headache of my life after a gaming sessions in VR I still tried it again.