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  • After 18-Months, Industry Games Announces That Kings & Heroes Has Exited Early Access - Kings and He

    Alright, reinstalling. Gonna give it another go sometime this weekend. If I want the community to come back and grow I guess I might as well show back up as well.
  • Official Classic Server Forums Aflame in Class Balance Debate - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    murph0613 said:
    There are a couple groups of people who will be interested in WoW: Classic.

    1. People who didn't play and want to see the "world" pre-Cataclysm.

    I am in this group. I will be interested in seeing all of the changes, both in landscape and questlines, that were either changed or retired. Most of us are current players that didn't get to play Vanilla when it was current content. I believe this group of people will have only a temporary interest. Once we've seen all there is to see, we are done with Classic. Our main game will still be current expansion WoW.

    2. People who played Vanilla and are disappointed with the changes in WoW since "X" expansion.

    These are your hardcore folks who liked farming for arrows as hunters. The complexity and pace of Vanilla was where they liked it, and they immediately got butthurt when Blizz created expansions and "dumbed down" the content so more people could access the game. They are still secretly fuming that they had to jump through endless hoops to get gear or titles that are now practically given to new players. They want the world the way it was. Some of them may be satisfied with WoW: Classic. My guess is, their interest in it will also be short-lived. There just won't be as many people to dominate as they were used to. Many of these in this group are elitists.

    3. People who were good at taking advantage of other players.

    This group will be sadly disappointed. Any changes forthcoming will certainly close all known exploits and vulnerabilities. That group will likely not be happy with Classic, especially when they find out that they will have to pay for it. Blizzard will never allow their IP or servers to be compromised in the ways it was in the past. It would be foolish for them to accept that, and foolish for people to think that would be OK. This group of people will be short-lived as well, and this effort may result in many banned accounts. Blizz is pretty serious about their TOS.
    So, basically, there's no one that has more than a fleeting interest in this and the whole thing is completely pointless? I guess we all really do think we do, but we don't.

    It amazes how many people ignore the thousands of us who've been playing Vanilla WoW across different private servers for years. I know we're all sub-human pirate scum and all, but we are the entire reason Blizzard is finally doing this and I can promise that a good chunk of us are excited to finally have an official place to play.
  • Limited Online Co-Op Added in Atlas Rises Update - No Man's Sky - MMORPG.com

    klash2def said:
    Sean Murray and Peter Molyneux from the Fable/Black and White series have a lot in common.. i remember reading somewhere they are actually neighbors and good friends. I gotta find the article but this would explain a lot if Sean is getting advice from Peter.

    I am not one of those people who wishes a company shuts down because they messed up.. that creates tons of hardships for people. I do hope they are able to deliver ALL the things they promised to people, there is no way to cut it, Hello Games/Sean lied to us and deserved all the hate they got. They have to take big steps if they want to win that consumer trust back.. This is a step in the right direction yes but not enough for me to return personally. I applaud them for continuing/trying to fix their wrongs though.

    Let me also say NMS isnt a BAD game, its just not the game they promised. I feel like this would have turned out really differently if they said "HEY this game is in Alpha and we hope to add ABC to it but you can play now as we continue to develop it." and make it a 30$ price tag not 60$.

    For myself and my friends to return they need to add the things they promised.. IE: Different Ships, Crafting (fix it), Day/Night Cycles (true it), Multiplayer (add it wtf are the orbs).. to name a few
    The team and their families got literal death threats over this, Sean go the worst of it. That was not deserved in any way.

    Same for the game, it's review scores are total bullshit. People negatively reviewed the game based not on what is in it but on what wasn't in it. The game should have been reviewed on it's own merits, again all of the hate was not deserved.

    Criticism is fine and they certainly got a lot of that and deserved it. But, the amount of hate a bile that the gaming community threw at this game and the developers was completely unwarranted. People acted as if this was the first time features were ever promised or talked about at length before release that weren't in the final game.

    I think Hello Games has done plenty to make up for it already. They've proven that they're committed to releasing everything that was most likely cut because it wasn't going to be ready for release, and they're doing it for free just as they should. It's about time the gaming community give these guys a fucking break if you ask me.

    As for your last paragraph on what would bring you back. You should look into what's been released in the three big updates. They've reworked the ships, and added a new type to go along with the new race, crafting is much better with nanites and base building, and I'm pretty sure they aren't going to stop at orbs with multiplayer. There's a story reason of why we can now see these glitches (other players) and I'm sure that in future updates the glitches will get worse (more interaction, actual avatars, etc.). That's just my prediction though.

    If none of that is good enough to bring you back then it's likely that the game just isn't for you. 
  • Epic Social Gaming Experience

    I just don't like other people much, and I definitely don't care about them. I hate social gatherings of any kind. In general I don't want to see people I work with outside of work. People outside of my immediate family, old friends or classmates, I don't feel any need to ever see them again. 

    I don't want to know how their work is going, I don't care how their kids are doing in school and I don't want to hear about anything else in their lives anymore than I think they truly want to hear about mine. 

    Most people think I'm an asshole. I'm sorry, but I can't help not caring about your life, especially if your someone that has little or no impact on my life currently.

    That said, I do enjoy socializing with people that share my own interests. But, I do prefer to keep the interaction about our interest and not each other's lives, unless something really tragic is happening with them, then I'll try to empathize.
  • game your excited about that few know about