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currently playing. Eve Online Final Fantasy XIV;ARR SW:TOR Dragon Age:Inquisition No longer playing; WOW.


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Way too much Black Desert Online. Still playing Eve Online and FFXIV:ARR. Sleeping and eating when possible.
  • ArcheAge Begins Launches Worldwide -

    Well, its not like Archeage doesn't belong on mobiles, along with games such as FireAge, Mobile Strike etc. all money hungry cash grabs.
  • Dynamic Pricing - yay or nay?

    Dynamic pricing? if i discovered a game i played was engaging in such shady practices, then chargebacks would be initiated for any and all purchases i had made for that game. >:)
  • Find Out How to Play Two SWTOR Expacks for Free & Score a Swoop Speeder Too - Star Wars: The Old Re

    The F2P game is unplayable no thx
    It would be something of a stretch to say it was even 'difficult' to play, there have been numerous complaints if anything about it being 'too easy' so for it to be 'unplayable' all i can suggest is that maybe MOBA's are more you style maybe? :p
  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    Pigozz said:
    SEANMCAD said:
    Zandog said:
    SEANMCAD said:
    Pigozz said:
    Erillion said:
    I find it funny that the people backing the game are also going to allow CR to nickle and dime their play experience.
    If you take into account that a majority of backers only paid for a starter package (which you could get for as low as 20 bucks), having a monetization model based on voluntary payments does not sound like "nickle and dime"-ing to me.

    Such monetization models work for other games and bring in up to 1.6 billion bucks

    "....League makes all its money in-game, with champions, skins, and portraits available to purchase in the store with either Influence Points earned from playing games, or Riot Points purchased with real money. ...."


    Have fun

    Lol, comparing a capital ship which cost nearly 1000$, has huge gameplay impact and will probably take months to assemble/buy without the money to a balanced champion like 100s others, where even the newest one takes cca 2-3 gamedays to farm, is available for free the next week and costs cca 10 dollars with free skin...

    You're hitting an all-time low with fanboy excuses erillion

    have fun...for 850$
    Here are the facts:

    1. The company has stated multiple times that there will not be advantages from buying these ships
    2. We do not have any information on how they will make that possible.
    3. we do not have any information that what they are saying is untrue.

    so instead of theorcrafting as if its fact that there will be advantages, just wait and find out. but as it stands now, they are saying no advantage so unless you already know the game mechanics personally and havent told any reporters then you also have no idea.

    make sense?

    You have an ignore list posted in your signature? o.0

    To add to what you were saying, an example Ben Lesnick gave long ago. You may own a Starfarer but you won't be flying it day, week or possibly even month one. You will be to earn money to buy component systems, fuel, power cells and possibly AI or player crew contracts to be anywhere near in effective operating condition. You will need to complete certain missions to earn money and trust of some sellers to gain access to some of those components. You may need certain certificates to be able to be allowed to pilot or even command your own large ship. Subsumption and your actions will dictate how quickly you move forward in your career progress. 

    I fully expect to be stuck in my Freelancer a full month before I can even think about taking my next multi-crew ship out for a spin.
    but we have no idea of anything. what fuel, price, 'power cells?' maybe fuel is free? maybe its not? maybe 'effective operating condition' is hitting one button for everyone. That is the point, you are applying a lot of unknowns and seem to suggest they are factual.

    I suggest you guys not speculate on what you do not know and maybe instead say 'they claim its going to be fair but I dont see how that is possible'
    that statement sounds  a lot more reasonable
    Suddenly every statement is a speculation...funny how the tides have turned..
    Well the first thing you have to bear in mind, is that there are two kinds of speculation, the right kind, and the wrong kind :p
  • 'AAA Games at EA Are Dead for the Time-Being' & Microtransactions Are Why

    Derros said:
    SEANMCAD said:
     The Witcher 3 is a prime example. It sold EXTREMELY well, 
    As a side note did you know that sales of Ark + Rust + Space Engineers is more than Witcher 3 on all platforms
    Yea, but those arent linear single player games
    Kind of amusing to suggest that those games are even remotely as good as Witcher 3 too, there is a very clear difference between them, and not just the price, didn't Witcher 3 cost considerably more than those games did? Ark sold most copies of the game before it was 'released' where it suddenly doubled in price, wouldn't surprise me if the other 2 games were not the same. Somehow i think the revenue generated by Witcher 3 was likely significantly more than it was for those games combined, i have no idea without googling it who developed those other games, but i think everyone has heard of CD Project Red, even if i probably spelled that incorrectly :p