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  • Log In During Free 50 Frenzy & Get a Free Character Boost - WildStar -

    Albatroes said:

    Well I guess people dont have a real excuse to log in and give the end game a crack. I did want a mesmer up, only probably I guess with an unstable population like this is which side is more populated for pve unless they have it set up like rift where queues combine both factions.

    I have to agree. I hate pve carebears with every ounce of my being and because they barked so heavily on the forums Wildstar PVP took a major hit in any form of changes. They said from the beginning that PVP was going to be a big focus and then you got the nasty people that are on the bottom of society (pve carebears) barking so very loud that Carbine pretty much stopped PVP development early on.

    Wildstar at launch and first major patches had a big thriving PVP community early on. Then the slow "pve carebear" type gamers came about crashing and thrashing the Carbine forums saying "stop trying to shoe-horn PVP into a PVE game." Like wtf guys. Some of Carbines intro videos before the game even released was about their focus on PVP.

    In my honest opinion...hate is too kind of a word for pve carebears who dare comment on pvp.
    And Denial has a sister called Patsy, she takes the fall for everything :p
  • All you MMO newbs were warned about F2P. Yet you supported it.

    Scot said:
    Once we differed on what cash shop items we thought was game breaking, now we differ on what we regard as casino gameplay. I don't know what we will have issue with in five years time but one thing you can be sure of, is that gaming companies will introduce yet another highly questionable, gameplay altering form of revenue.
    Hopefully by then publishers will have given up on putting loot box gambling mechanics into games, not just multiplayer ones, but single player ones too, the recent spate of games that have gambling mechanics in is disquieting. :/
  • this or XIV for a duo

    FFXIV:ARR, my main character there is a Black mage for dps, scholar for healing, and paladin for tanking, its a great game for content, far better than ESO imo, though if you prefer PVP over PVE then ESO as FFXIV:ARR doesn't really do PVP all that well.
  • ArcheAge Begins Launches Worldwide -

    Well, its not like Archeage doesn't belong on mobiles, along with games such as FireAge, Mobile Strike etc. all money hungry cash grabs.
  • Dynamic Pricing - yay or nay?

    Dynamic pricing? if i discovered a game i played was engaging in such shady practices, then chargebacks would be initiated for any and all purchases i had made for that game. >:)