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  • UPDATE: Belgian Minister Wants EU Ban on Loot Boxes, Speaks Before Committee Ruling

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    What you guys need to do, is figure out why you all want to kill each other and then make the change.
    What people need to do is accept that gun controls don't work, in so called 'gun free zones' you are more likely to be killed by someone using a gun than in those places where there aren't restrictions, this is a fact, gun controls don't affect criminals it only affects those who abide by the law and it takes away peoples ability to defend themselves. And as for the comment about figuring out why people want to kill each other and making a change based on that, well, since most people of colour are shot dead by other people of colour, are you suggesting that people of colour should not be allowed to own guns? but of course, ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.
    What I meant, is that there are reasons for the high rate of violence. Try to figure out what the causes are and make the changes to help improve the situation.

    In Canada we like our guns too.

    Guns don't kill, people do.


    I'll pile onto you post here and say that there are differences between Canada and the US. One of these differences is guns like assault rifles. I still haven't heard a great explanation from people in favor of these things. Generally speaking people are correct, people do kill people, but with certain types of weapons, the government helps people be waaaaaay too efficient at doing that. Please! Tell me how you need an assault rifle to defend yourself. I didn't know that the US was in civil war... yet. 
    Did I say that you needed an assault rifle to defend yourself?

    No, so why are they needed? So let's get rid of those. Anything semi-automatic or full-auto should be outlawed and the price for violation is death. So the cost is severe enough to outweigh the benefit of even criminals possessing it. I mean we need to think about the children, right? 
    Your goddamn right we need to think about the children.

    So the sentence for an assault rifle = death

    And the sentence for pedophilia = ?

    I had a conversation with my 19 year old son this morning about loot boxes and Battlefront 2. The first thing that came out of his mouth was the gambling and all the kids that play these games.

    When they make laws where the death penalty is enforced for both assault rifle possession and also pedophilia, then I'll support regulating loot boxes. Right now, though, it's a waste of resources. I know zero children with credit cards, so the problem is limited based on their access to funds to actually have that problem manifest itself. 
    Fact is millions of children play these games. Fact is the business models for many of these games are predatory.

    Can the industry reliably restrict minors from these predatory business practices?

    If the answer is no, say hello to government regulation.

    Fact is I don't think you know what fact means. Unless fact means subjective, which I don't think it does. I do have a problem with BF2, but it's with the progression. This game is viewed as predatory because of ridiculous times for completionists, leaving them with an option to buy their way to complete instead of spending 4000 hours on a game. It's possible that this might be the first time I've heard someone complain about a game taking too long. maybe you aren't meant to own everything. Maybe this will be therapeutic for those who feel they need to collect everything in a game. 

    So are you saying that millions of kids don't play video games? Are you saying that the loot box monitization model isn't predatory?

    64 million children play video games in the U.S. alone


    Maybe it's you that doesn't know what a fact is.


    Are millions of kids playing games that are rated Mature?  Just calling something "predatory" does not cut it.   Government regulation is not what is needed.  Information about products, parents that give a crap, and safe guards in games that keep kids from spending mommy and daddy's cash with out permission are needed.
    Sadly, there are. While games might have age ratings on them, parents seem to 'ignore' them for the most part or treat them as being 'rough guidelines' that only really apply to 'other people' anyone who thinks children don't play these games should just listen to the multiplayer chat of BF or COD etc. Even CS:GO casual games are full of children and by children i mean under 15's.
    It would be great if government regulation wasn't needed, but as recent events have clearly demonstrated, the industry iteslf is not willing to, it may well be that EA/Dice have spoiled it for everyone, but they are not by any means the only offenders in that regard though they do seem to exemplify immoral and predatory practices that at the very least could be viewed as an attempt to normalise gambling, where money is spent gambling on acquiring beneficial items for use in the game.
  • UPDATE: Belgian Minister Wants EU Ban on Loot Boxes, Speaks Before Committee Ruling

    That loot boxes with rng items are now classed as gambling is a good move, if it means that in the future that cash shops have to sell the items these loot boxes contained directly, for a set price, then everybody wins, although apparently wall street is not happy because profit margins won't be quite so 'extravagant' in the future, but they aren't us and i don't think we should really give a damn what they think either :p
    It is however going to be very hard for EA to reintroduce mictrotransactions into SW:BF2 and further modification of the games progression system is likely to be a legal requirement, and with Disney now looking very hard at EA, mostly because they are likely worried about their upcoming StarWars Film being affected, particularly in regard to EA now likely to be hit with Charges for unlicenced gambling and the very real risk of SW:BF2 being removed from stores in the EU, and after the recent Hawaii thing, possibly spreading to NA also then this could have a negative impact on the whole StarWars IP particularly in light of the IP being in the public eye in such a negative fashion, which is likely the only thing that Disney is particularly worried about as damage to the IP would hurt them financially.
    EA is very much on the back foot, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. ;)
  • EA should lose the Star Wars license

    Overall, the success or failure of SW:BF2 won't affect EA's long term finances, what it will do however, at least i am hoping it will, is affect how developers/publishers implement loot box mechanics into games, i can only hope that this whole EA fiasco will begin the move away from Loot Boxes, even if it means having cash shops selling even more cosmetic items, or whatever. If EA is going to have P2W mechanics in their games, which for SW:BF2 it most certainly did, then at least don't try and hide it behind gamble boxes that exploits those players who literally can't help themselves because they have addictive personalities, that these tend to be children rather than adults is especially egregious.
    Modern gaming is becoming something of a morass of immoral practices, its why i have ultimately decided to dodge the bullet for Destiny 2, SW:BF2 and ME:Andromeda to name just a few, is it really so hard for developers to bring out a game that isn't mired in controversial practices? why are so many games these days either cash grabs or thinly veiled political statements. If developers/publishers want my money then they are going to have to work a hell of a lot harder than they are now, but on the bonus side, 'ding' Hype Resistance (78).
    Everquest, still a source of meme's decades later :p
  • Any Good sandbox mmo?

    cheyane said:
    Putin and popcorn is priceless cos that was how he was last year up to November.
    With all the things going on lately, he's probably had to send out for an 'industrial' sized container of popcorn :p
  • Embattled Star Wars: Battlefront II Microtransaction System Taken Offline - MMORPG.com News

    Belguim? i think it is that is currently looking into this game as gambling, if they determine it is, and with the terminology they were using it seems possible that it will be, then EA faces huge fines. It may be that they don't intend to reintroduce microtransactions until after the case is resolved, one way or the other.