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currently playing. Eve Online Final Fantasy XIV;ARR SW:TOR Dragon Age:Inquisition No longer playing; WOW.


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Way too much Black Desert Online. Still playing Eve Online and FFXIV:ARR. Sleeping and eating when possible.
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    Iselin said:
    Rhoklaw said:
    I'm just going to keep saying all apples are oranges now, because apparently it's the same argument. There is no logic behind games that are played online should all be considered MMOs. If Meridian 59, UO and EQ only had 32 people per server when the term MMO was first introduced, you'd all have a leg to stand on, but I'm afraid that isn't the case. I remember when CoD and BF4 were called FPS games, but now they are considered MMOFPS? Oh wait, no one ever called them that. Only Planetside 2 acquired that title so far. I wonder why that is?
    Does anyone besides me remember "portal storms" in AC? When there were more players in an area than the game could handle comfortably, the area got culled and you got teleported somewhere nearby.

    There have been technological advances since those early days and servers and clients can handle many more players in an area than what AC could handle in 1999 and the numbers would be even bigger if we had 1999 graphics.

    The thing is that we want both: cutting edge graphics and a large population all in the same spot. Problem is that we can't have both. So MMO developers started coming up with instancing and phasing tricks to give us the illusion that we can.

    It's all that instancing and especially LFG queues for PVE and PVP content that confuses the issue for those who have no clue why modern MMOs do things the way they do or are just easily confused. So they start lumping games that ONLY do the lobby + queue + instance together with the ones that do other things that support much, much larger numbers of players playing togethr, not just standing waiting for their queue to pop, on screen simultaneously and ADDITIONALLY have instances and queues for some of their content.

    There are also some MMO players who don't really care for the world, the leveling, the stories, etc. They're the ones who park themselves near vendors and AH's and just queue for instanced content non-stop. I can see how to them, Destiny feels no different than WOW.

    If you are going by the criteria based on 'feels' rather than 'fact' then games such as Dragon Age:Inquisition also 'feels' like your playing an MMO because of things like grind, quests etc.
    Massively Multiplayer has only one meaning, as does Online, its when people deliberately try to change that meaning or obfuscate it with straw man arguments or more often than not factually incorrect arguments, that 'people' become confused as to what the actual meaning is.
    DA:I is not an MMO, despite having more than a few features that are drawn from certain MMO's, likewise Destiny 1 and 2 are not MMO's though at least they are Online Games, but the multiplayer aspect is by no means able to be classed as being 'massively multiplayer' there aren't thousands of players, there are not even hundreds of players, there is just a maximum of 16, and there are caveats even with that figure, honestly, there are more players in a single match of CS:GO than there are simultaneous players in Destiny 1 or 2.
    Feelings are not based on facts or logic, it is an ephemeral sensation that is subject to change and are largely irrelevant. :/
  • Does Star Citizen deserve its hate?

    As soon as people start blaming individuals or certain 'groups' of people for things, i usually wait for the other shoe drop, it always does. :/
  • Eurogamer - Big Interview With Chris Roberts

    Early Access would imply the game had at least progressed to beta, when it does not yet have a working alpha version, if anything its a Pre-Alpha, some bits are working, but its not complete. :/
  • Characters will need to poop in Star Citizen....

    There is one other game this reminds me of particularly with all the toilet use and that is will Star Citizen be: The Sims, but in space! :p

    Also, can you hire a maid to come round and clean your ship/t for you :p
  • Why is Elf-Fantasy the most popular?

    jimmywolf said:
    well if you really need to break it down to simplicity it sex sells

    A ) 99% of all elf are beautiful long living

    B ) it easy to design for them just humans with small changes

    C ) require no knowledge of lore or desire for fantasy as it easy to grasp an enjoy for anyone

    And yet Dwarves are significantly less 'sexy' unless you have a thing for beards, i wont judge :p and they are just as popular as Elves :)