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  • I Am A Believer.

    rensta said:
    rensta said:
    Kyleran said:
    Did you pledge the KSer?  Just want to make sure you are all in. ;)

    It does seem to have a better shot than most, yet I'll be very surprised if it fully launches* before 2020.

    * only way I'll buy and play a game
    Nah, didn't pledge, i don't have money for such things i only put my money on released games, but i do support the game with my opinion, that's all i got, was just wondering how everyone else are feeling about it with the constant live streams, reviews ect... At first this game seemed like a total scam... Maybe it's just so good i think it's legit as well, luckily I'm a poor f*ag so i can't really get scammed. 
    On contrast you have the starcitezen videos that are mostly 30 minutes talk about a minor feature that is not even implemented yet, and then some serval minutes going over a new ship concept going on sale.... So i just find it a pleasant change. 
    Talk is cheap. 
    I'm a SENSIBLE guy, I'd rather buy a nice dinner for my girl instead of pledging for a game, even if i believe in it, in the end it's just a game. 
    i am sure your girlfriend is more than happy with your choice of 'priorities' too ;)
  • So cheap I am going to try it...

    observer said:
    You could've tried the 7-day trial.

    The style is also different than your typical asian game like BnS, Tera, or Aion.  If i had to make a comparison, i would say it's more similar to GW2, in terms of armor design.  There isn't any loli race similar to Elin or Lyn either, so you won't have to worry about that.  Some armor and outfits are scantily clad though, but it's really not that bad.  There's also the silly costumes, such as the fish one, but it's not overly annoying as in other games.
    Fish costumes, silly ?

    well yeah, i guess it is a bit :p
  • WoW for 7k Years? We Hope So to Fully Level Artifact - World of Warcraft -

    gervaise1 said:
    Surprised no one has suggested that this opens up the possibility of (cash shop) boosters in a later patch ......
    Not necessarily, i hear it gets easier after the first thousand years :p
  • Game footage from today's Q&A on livestream.

    Ponzini said:
    I don't think MLM is inherently bad. From what I understand ones like AVON are okay. 
    Yeah.  That's where some people differ the most I believe.  Some believe that the current MLM model is always bad by the very nature of what MLM is, others feel that it depends on what's being sold, level of investment, etc.

    Here's one take on the recent evolution of the traditionally sound company like Avon.

    So basically MLM, or multi level marketing is just a form of pyramid selling, what happened to Avon is bad, i think you would have to have a particularly blinkered view not to see MLM as being a hugely negative factor. If anything that particular example would reinforce most peoples decision to avoid companies that actively engage in MLM, just to be on the safe side. :/
  • Wild West Online will Bypass KickStarter & Early Access

    SEANMCAD said:
    Phry said:
    Releasing this year? game development times tend to be lengthy at best, has it been in development then for 3 or 4 years already? if not, then what type of game is it that requires so little actual development? :/
    I circle back to an Early Access observation (and I promise to do what I can to not turn this conversation too much into Early Access. Anyway, the observation is that many people think 3 years in early access is unbelievably unreasonable and far too long but they never suggest how long the developement before early access should be in their opinion.

    The reason companies like to get into early access early sure is revenue but it also has a major benifit of immediate feedback on changes. instead of literally years before hearing from your audience.

    I don't know about the early access thing, but for a game to be releasing this year i would expect them to have not just a working Alpha at this point, but to be at least the stage of having a closed Beta at the very least, where they can test the game prior to releasing it, or are they also 'bypassing' the alpha and beta stages of game development. At this rate perhaps they will also bypass the whole release stage too :p