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currently playing. Eve Online Final Fantasy XIV;ARR SW:TOR Dragon Age:Inquisition No longer playing; WOW.


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Way too much Black Desert Online. Still playing Eve Online and FFXIV:ARR. Sleeping and eating when possible.
  • What MMO Do you think has the best Grind/Most rewarding Grind

    Best, most rewarding Grind, i would have to say Black Desert Online,  i started fairly early on as a trader, and i found driving the wagons around trading in the cities/villages a fairly relaxing and enjoyable activity, it also gained me a fair amount of silver, now i've progressed to using an Epheria Sailboat and my trading activities have increased dramatically, the Port Ratt to Velia run easily nets me over 18 million silver per trip, and if i make a run to Ratt with calpheon timber crates it is often over 24 million silver, well the best part of it really is the Sea voyages, the sound of the waves, and the occasional nine shark having a go as i go past is kind of fun, as is dealing with phantom ships, almost level 58 now too, not that i engage in combat at all, tbh sometimes its easy to forget that there is any fighting in the game at all ;)
  • What does PUBG's popularity say about the foreseeable future of games?

    PUBG? is a bit too much yesterdays news, everyone is playing Fortnite now instead ;)
  • SWTOR has no future anymore

    Horusra said:
    Sovrath said:
    Horusra said:

    Luke in the new movie tried to kill his nephew?  The same Luke that was willing to risk everything for a spark of goodness in Vader.  But now he is willing to kill leia's son in his sleep?  Then he is a comedy relief for Rey and dies from exhaustion.  What is to make my nephew want to be Luke?

    Why would the audience look to any of those male leds with affections.  They were all failures when compared to the female leds.  
    That's not what happened at all.

    Luke, seeing this horrid evil, knowing what happened to Vader sort of loses it. He has doubt. But then, in the last minute, he realized his mistake, that he shouldn't have had doubt. However, it was too late.

    He doesn't die of exhaustion. Really? Come on man, you're smarter than that.

    even my friend, who is not a "star wars fan" picked up that he "doesn't die" and she knew the reason why.

    Even the fact he tried is wrong for Luke.  Luke was willing to die and let Vader win rather than kill Vader.  The very reason Mark Hamill hates Luke in the movie.  Jedi do not give up.  

    A Force ghost still means a dead Force user.  He died from a Force Skype call...as stupid as that is....a power never before used by the Jedi that relied on the holonet to communicate over vast distances.

    The film was badly written from start to finish, this would not have happened if they had just got a decent writer in for the storyline and the characters scripts, there were too many dumb mistakes, too little understanding of the concepts involved by the writer and by the films director that it ended up being little more than a comedy of errors was perhaps only to be expected. Hopefully neither writer nor director will be entrusted with this IP ever again. :/
  • Games dead. Final score 1/10

    Scorchien said:
    Phry said:
    Phry said:
    Have been playing BDO for quite a while now, i haven't really done any PVP in the game although my highest level character is almost level 58, i am in a 'life skilling' guild, we do a lot of guild activities, zero toxicity involved, although, i have noticed several times in the RP chat that people are still undecided there whether traps are gay, that is about as 'toxic' as it gets on the chat channels and even then its just a joke.
    I suspect the OP's problem is that in seeking to find a toxic environment, they no doubt either went to significant lengths to find it or manufactured it through provocation, the game does have PVP after all, this is a result that can just as easily be duplicated in any online game.
    BDO is a hugely popular game so rumours or suggestions of its 'demise' are without any kind of merit, though i suspect that the attitude to other players that the OP demonstrates might be a significant hurdle for them when interacting with players, to make a 'famous' starwars quote, when Luke asks what is in there, Yoda replies, only that which you take with you. :p
    Traps are gay is fine, but when they get into the talking about x rated material, like raping the President of the United states Wife, or asking girl who stated she is underage, and asking for nudes. That is not only toxic, it is a prison sentence.

    THe game is Dead to me, never made it anything other then that Senator Durbin.
    While i don't think an under age girl breaking the EULA by playing a game with an age rating is a good thing, i don't think she really deserves to be sent to prison for it :p
    I think.............. hes implying the people asking the girl for nudes .......not the girl
    Well, thats probably better than an underage girl asking for nudes, though it wouldn't be the first time, surprising how many under age girls in games turn out to be over 50 and male though :p
  • Alleged Perpetrator of Call of Duty WWII 'Swatting' Death Indicted for Involuntary Manslaughter - M

    It'a amazing on how americans find new ways of killing each other...
    If you think thats the case then i really recommend you don't visit the middle east.