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  • Guild Wars 2 - Bill Murphy - ArenaNet and the Wisdom of Not Doing Anything - MMORPG.com

    Scellow said:
    None of them should have been fired, they HAVE THE FUCKING RIGHT to think / and say WHATEVER they want in their FREE TIME, if they did something illegal, or disrecpectfull, you can report tweet on twitter or give your lawyer a call

    They got fired, i hope they'll sure ArenaNet, America is fucked up
    I think most of us would agree with you, unfortunately its the wacko leftists who started these witch hunts demanding people be fired for saying things they deemed "insensitive". you are late to the game and its been a one sided hackfest with all the PC lefties constantly demanding people be fired finally one of their own has been axed for it and they lost their mind.

    Its a really sick state of affairs in the west right now primarily because of these zealots on the left, luckily i think they have gone so far that people are starting to rebel. I can name you 20 people who lost their jobs who said things on twitter/facebook not even on work accounts because the left activists.

    So please aim your rhetoric at the people responsible for this atmosphere.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Bill Murphy - ArenaNet and the Wisdom of Not Doing Anything - MMORPG.com

    SBFord said:
    Aeander said:
    SBFord said:
    Xasapis said:

    You know, that is interesting that you brought up gamergate (I wasn't aware of it until years). One of the /r/guildwars2 threads I was reading there was a person questioning whether gamergate was right on its assessment regarding gaming press, considering how falsely and on a script the whole situation with guildwars2 is portrait.

    Gaming press has indeed lost considerable relevance over the years, exactly because they chose to push ideology over the facts.

    The reaction towards both your editorial pieces should be an indication on how people that are not necessarily invested in Anet feel. The same contrast is there between the reaction of Guildwars2 players and the gaming press.

    The bottom line was that the CEO of Anet had to choose between appeasing the players or the press. I think he made the right choice, but time will tell.
    I didn't write that. I simply posted quotes from the link provided in the response I made. It's an interesting side light to the overall discussion. The people who wrote that article are not games press. 

    I don't have an opinion so let's not sling shade please. It's been a very reasonable discussion and I hope it stays that way. 

    @mmrv Again - I did NOT write that, simply provided a link and two quotes from the larger piece. Keep it civil, please.
    The problem is that the article that you provided was yet another biased and poorly researched outside perspective of the situation which pushes the same incorrect narrative that these threads have attempted to push in their OP's. 

    If you had wanted an actual neutral, comprehensive, level-headed analysis of the situation, you would have linked Woodenpotatoes' 57 minute video on the topic.
    I wasn't LOOKING for a neutral, unbiased article. I posted the link to yet another piece of the puzzle that has interesting discussion opportunities within its words. I like to read all sides of any argument. That makes me informed.

    Just stop.
    You didn't provide a piece of the puzzle you provided a deceptive pile of misinformation that was written in her defense yet oddly enough it actually condemned the exact behavior she displayed. Its mind boggling how they managed to twist the issue in the article to try to portray her as the victim when she actually was the toxic online personality they condemn.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Bill Murphy - ArenaNet and the Wisdom of Not Doing Anything - MMORPG.com

    SBFord said:
    Not offering a single opinion about this, but it's interesting and should offer some more fodder for the discussion:


    Regardless of how one feels about Price's actions and regardless of where one draws the line between rudeness and exasperation in Price's tweets, the fact of the matter is that there is an entire spectrum of responses ArenaNet could have taken, but chose not to. The company could have done anything from pulling their employee aside and discussing their behavior, to giving them an internal reprimand and offered them additional training. Instead, ArenaNet, under the clearly inadequate leadership of Mike O'Brien, made the knee-jerk reaction to fire a member of their team. No dialogue, no nuance, no empathy.

    The unethical firings of Price and Fries, together with the reactions of toxic individuals inside and outside of the Guild Wars player community, have had a chilling effect across the industry. Countless workers have been harassed over social media and many are concerned about the implications of this event, some going so far as to delete their personal social media accounts in fear of similar retaliation from hostile players and bosses. ArenaNet has signaled to the entire industry that our job security can be, and almost certainly will be, imperiled by the most vitriolic and volatile players. This event carries echoes of Gamergate, and will only embolden harassers further.
    LOL WUT?? Nothing but hypocritical word smithing to fabricate victimhood and you should be ashamed to be pushing it as something as value to think about.

    a) it clearly wasn't unethical
    b) she wasnt in anyway harassed by the person she verbally assaulted with her own bigotry.
    c) It was far beyond "rude" even after the person died from cancer she has to press the attack one final time  informing the world of her glee that some innocent person was finally dead.
    d) it was not the first time she treated others like this.

    Yet maybe the worst part of the sewage you tossed into the fray is the fact they try to speak out against social media bully DEFENDING THE PERSON WHO WAS THE PERPETRATOR OF THE BULLYING. Price is the DEFINITION OF TOXIC.

    It was interesting....interesting how someone could be so delusional as to defend her actions and have the gall to pretend she was a victim somehow. The only chilling effect is that somehow these insidious individuals have managed to integrate themselves into the power structure of our world and even have tangible influence...truly frightening.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Bill Murphy - ArenaNet and the Wisdom of Not Doing Anything - MMORPG.com

    SBFord said:

    thunderC said:

    Another article on this crazy woman who got fired from A-Net, Wasn't the last thread of 12 pages of circle jerking enough? She got what she deserved . Gaming Journalist need to stick to GAMING , If you want to talk politics get a job at one of the major news stations or apply to the Washington Post.

    This IS about gaming. ArenaNet? Guild Wars 2? Game Developer? Not tooooooo hard to connect the dots. Gaming is more than just the actual games themselves.

    That said, I'm quite sure we don't know the entire story and, so far anyway, have only heard Price's retelling. Nobody wins here, especially Fries who was sticking up for someone who's probably his friend, even if somewhat lacking in diplomacy, and got the ax for it which was way over the top.

    I personally can't wait for the next news cycle to bury it.

    Disagree the fans win, good people win, and A-net wins for standing up to a sexist evil minded bigoted bully.. there are plenty of capable developers to take her place the game will be just fine without the two of them and possibly even better without the constant virtue signaling being inserted to push a personal agenda.
  • Community Frustration Growing Over Hacks / Cheats Without Repercussion - Black Desert Online - MMORP

    Its a drop in the bucket compared to most every other MMORPG out. Just that bdo has some zealots vocal minority types that spam the forums. Hope they ban the cheaters but due to the games tight restrictions on player trading the dmg is minimal and has little effect on most players (besides the self entittled whiners that think the marketplace was design to only serve them and cry if they don't win every bid they attempt lol).

    Playing off and on for 2 years solid for the last 6 months never seen a cheater, have no problems winning my share of marketplace bids. Scour youtube literally 3 extremely short videos that all seem to be of the same berserker if "everyone" was hacking would see plenty of videos of places filled with hackers yet there isnt. Your first video is just a entitled kid who thinks the game revolves around himself demanding kakao reach out and talk to him (really just trying to impose himself as the "community content guy" for bdo to make himself money lol) he doesn't even put in effort to even capture a single clip of all the "hackers in the game" yet if they are everywhere it should been simple ? Your second video is the same old only berserker that i beleive was a short duration bug that was fixed and not even the clip of the actual speed hack that everyone is crying about (again its like 3 clips of the same berserker that everyone is knee jerking over lol but that wasnt your clip).