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  • Chinese 'Online Ethics Review Committee' Bans PUBG, Fortnite, Paladins & Ring of Elysium - MMORPG.c

    k61977 said:

    I hate to bring politics into gaming, but this is what happens when the government gets the last word on what is good for you and what is not. Pray to god I never see this type of government in my own country, even though it is trying it's hardest to come.

    LOL, I don't know where you live but this has been going on in western countries for a while now. We have definitive data on issues like say immigration and our governments simply ignore the will of the people and keep flooding our countries with illegal immigrants who are a net drain but are cheap labor for the elites who control everything. You have the illusion of "electing" representatives of the people. In canada if you don't use a persons proper pronoun you are breaking the law....We have conservative speakers being banned and shut down from government funded platforms by non government entities let alone government ones, while our government does nothing but stand idly by while people riot.

    I will end it there as I can go on forever about the censorship and government going against the will of the people in "democratic" countries in the world. Atleast in china they are trying to preserve the chinese culture in the west? they are selling out our homelands and giving the middle finger to the majority and doing w/e they (the government and vocal minority and big tech companies who exploit cheap labor from immigrants) want.

    Let's leave it at this Kevin hart was basically run off from being hosting the oscars (he is a comedian)because he made jokes about gays luckily because he is black he wasnt totally crucified by the twitter mob, cant even imagine a straight white guy the list of things I cant say without fear of a public flogging is soo long it might break the internet. Oh and dont you dare flirt with a women until you are certain and have a written consent form because #sexual harassment (one of boll oreily's crimes was referring to a black lady as "hot chocolate" and she stated but he had this look in his eye she interpreted such that ITS REAL BAD.

    Yikes for the majority in america and the west we have been shut down so hard its not even acceptable to say "merry Christmas"any more and you are worried about china?
  • Due to Heavy Demand, a Second Lord of the Rings Online Legendary Server Opens - MMORPG.com News

    LOL, its funny ITS THE EXACT SAME GAME just essentially a new server there is nothing really lgendary about it beyond its legendary how people will pay for something that is free and prove the placebo effect is real....

    YOU CAN START ON ANY OLD SERVER AND GET THE EXACT SAME PLAY EXPERIENCE lol. Man the gaming community gets worse and worse. at this rate we may never get another new game ever they will just keep re releasing the same game and have all the sheep pour in saying how awesome it is the second time hahahah.

    Don't get me wrong the new server rush is fun but that is literally all it is just a fresh server you are forced to pay to play on so if you want to save money and dont care if the server is a fresh start just play the normal servers lol. Less placebo please. :)
  • Lord of the Rings Online Legendary Server Named, Start Time Announced - MMORPG.com

    Err I dont get it lol. So somehow people get excited to play a ten year old game..... If you want to argue the expansions "ruined" the game well hold onto your hats because they will eventually be introducing all of those expansions to the classic. boggles the mind how gullible people are really. Everything you can do on classic you can do on the current live and the current live has much more to offer. Its not like this is some open world pvp game where you fell behind and need a reset. LOTRO is one giant single player MMO, no one groups, next to no one does the group content. A "classic" reset offers really nothing beyond a reset which a current live version new server would accomplish but again why you want that makes no sense anyways (make a new character on live and you have a fresh start).
  • Razer Ifrit Review – The Streamer’s Headset? - MMORPG.com

    Psym0n said:

    SBFord said:

    * pats @Wizardry 's hand * We added it but I'll put it here too just so you don't miss it. Better now? ;)

    The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer.

    Can't you just remove @Wizardry from these forums. HIS CAPS ENTITLED BULLSHIT is pissing everyone off I reckon..

    Disagree, his post was spot on, and it is a real deceptive practice in this industry. I mean the entire industry as a whole has become borderline corrupt. Its no longer a secret that to get access to "news" they need to maintain good relationships, however that requires being dishonest in your criticism and reviews.

    Odd isnt it i have never seen a game review like under 3/10, must be a fantasy world to believe all games are between 7 and 10 out of ten eh?>
  • Destiny 2 – Proving Comebacks are Possible - MMORPG.com

    Phry said:

    Pretty sure this game is still in decline, rehashing old content from Destiny 1 wasn't really that interesting, besides, now that RDR2 is out, is anyone even playing Destiny 2? ;)

    Not sure how being the top selling video game on consoles a month ago equals decline.  I no longer play it but to say its on a decline is inaccurate.   


    Heh, you really cant envision a scenario where lets say ONLY 1 tripple a title is sold for the month making it number 1 by default? Not sure if that was the case or not just pointing out how poor the correlation between top seller for 1 month and OMG COMEBACK EVERYONE IS PLAYING DESTINY2! can be.

    As someone who is currently playing D2 I can only say the game feels like a total ghost town, with most every zone i am in having at best 3-4 other people in it and what I would call long que times for pvp matches that seems to consistently pit the same group of players against each other over and over meaning they are the only ones queing for a match....