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  • Russian IP Blocks Keeping Players from the Games They Love - MMORPG.com

    Russia don't have a chance, but can you tell me how did US manage to elect Trump? I mean he obviously have IQ that's lower than 90, which makes him unfit to be the cleaning lady in the White House let alone the Head of your country.

    He won the usual way, getting more Electoral College votes than his opponent. That, and being born in the U.S., are all that is required.

    As such, at the time, the election results shows the majority of voters disagreed with your assessment of Trump, or preferred him over Clinton regardless.

    Modern politics is often more about perception than truth, form than substance, charisma than platform. Many of the electorate simply lack the knowledge to make an informed and considered vote, whether by choice or circumstance. Also, many vote based on emotion rather than reason.

    The genuine merit of an individual (which is itself often a matter of opinion) can easily get lost in the shuffle such that the impact it has on the election result can be minimal.

    Literally my point. Trump got elected on charisma and ignorance on voters side.. That's worse in my eyes and what's more surprising is that he still hasn't been impeached after all the crap around him, yet an outstanding president like Clinton who arguably is among the best presidents got impeached over what every second man in power do when no one is watching ;)

    My point is not to judge other people let alone whole countries when people are so misinformed.

    Nothing wrong with opinions, but judgement's are a bit...

    Btw this is coming from someone who isn't a particular fan to Russia... I don't really like the country for some of the crap it does, but I don't hate the people for the crap those in power do. That's what I'm trying to say.

    lol wut? Hillary was an awful candidate, Bill clinton was a sexual predator (100% documented and verfied), while some metrics of his presidency were favorable in a very short term outlook its clear most of them were VERY detrimental long term, he actually was not a very good president. The reason all of america's jobs were moved overseas was because of bill clinton, the reason almost all news media outlets are controlled by 5-6 mega corps now who use their platforms as propaganda machines was because of new law change introduced by bill clinton.

    You are entittled to your opinion but to suggest Trump beat Hillary due to ignorance of voters is simply wrong, in fact you could make a far stronger argument the fact he didnt win by an utter epic landslide shows the ignorance if anything. We have immense information now which is verified showing how utterly corrupt hillary and the democratic party have been conducting themselves for the last few years. You can blame the mega media complex that came to exist because of bill clinton for the perception of how trump is some awful person as they spew endless unbased lies to slander him just for example "he hates jews" because of the Clash in SC because he equally condemns both parties for all of their poor behavior "anti semite" yet Trump has unilaterally provided Israel ten times more support than Obama ever did yet not once did the media suggest Obama was an anti semite while he is buddies with louis farakhan (they even suppressed a photo of Obama and Farakhan arm in arm to ensure Obama was elected). Wanna talk about voter ignorance ?? lol.
  • Russian IP Blocks Keeping Players from the Games They Love - MMORPG.com

    SBFord said:

    mmrv said:

    The irony of your words on a site 100% dedicated to gaming is not lost on me and, honestly, if you think this is ONLY about gaming, you're wrong. That said, however, we try to keep focus on the generic topic of gaming on MMORPG.com because, guess what? It's a site about gaming.

    This is a much, much larger issue than one about gaming, but one we've chosen to angle to our readers without tackling the much bigger elephant in the room that it represents. My personal empathy for the people affected by this goes far, far beyond gaming but I am keeping the spotlight where it correctly belongs given the mission of this site.

    I think my post was clear I 100% agree with you if you wish to discuss this issue it is a far large issue than gaming. Like I said right now we have social media megacorps like facebook and twitter controlling the flow of information of hundreds of millions of people censoring those who present information contrary to those companies political agendas. You remain dead silent on that even larger issue while trying to demonize another country and culture you know little about who by trying to control an app that is abused by terror organizations incidentally limited access to gaming for some people.

    You have deep sorrow for those losing out on a few weeks of gaming but again I ask what about the people who are victimized by the evil doers using that app? It was clear the government was not trying to implement mass controls over people to prevent tham from gaming it was a unexpected side effect of trying to prevent terrorist activities and this is bad how?
  • Russian IP Blocks Keeping Players from the Games They Love - MMORPG.com

    3dom said:

    cheyane said:

    I feel sorry for Russian gamers.

    cheyane said:

    I feel sorry for Russian gamers.

    You shouldn't, 76% of them (or their parents) have voted for this president and his government just few weeks ago, they get exactly what they wanted and deserve.

    LOL? Say what? Here we go you some rando across the world "know whats best for russians" and well 76% deserve the horror show that is not being able to access a video game for a few weeks? you know nothing of the russian people (i dont either btw) and clearly 76% used their free will to make a choice they wanted. I mean they could easily make the same claim for any american president that was elected and your response would be?

    Novel idea mind your own business when it comes to other countries and their cultures you know not what the people there want/need/desire The vocal minority with their agenda do not speak for the majority. Let's be truly honest adults for a moment...and I say this as an avid video gamer, Video games are a unproductive and even destructive force that serves no purpose in society other than wasting what is actually valuable time that could be spent doing useful things. It makes people lazy, its consumes time that otherwise could be spent accruing valuable knowledge/work to make lives better.

    TLDR beyond satisfying our own personal addictions to waste away having fun as a matter of fact the world would be a better place without video games. If we took all the hours wasted making and playing video games and put them towards building homeless shelters working to create food, volunteering to help needy people in a zillion different ways the world is factually better off. Just some perspective.
  • Russian IP Blocks Keeping Players from the Games They Love - MMORPG.com

    SBFord said:

    It'd be nice to be able to discuss things without having it turn into the normal bull we face every day just by turning on the TV.

    What I learned from the article are the facts of the situation and after reading Ed's work, I feel pretty damned sorry for the people being affected by government intrusion into their gaming and social lives. It's always the innocent bystanders who get shit on by the pissing matches between international politicos.

    How about a bit of empathy for fellow travelers in the game worlds you inhabit since this is, you know, a goddamned gaming site? FFS.

    Kind of a myopic view point dont you think? I mean we are talking about a rather minor interruption of playing a video game? Sounds like a good time to go outside or take care of some other aspects of your life. you also seemed to forget that this was done in hopes of addressing whatever issues this telegram app was causing what about those poor souls that the telegram app was causing problems for do they not deserve reprieve?

    Unfortunately this is a large problem with the progressive liberals of western culture and their entitlement attitude. wut I cant play my video game for 2 weeks? THE HORROR WHAT BARBARISM IS THIS!

    So what I got from reading the article i that the problem is acknowledged and is being addressed to hopefully resolve the issue and allow people to resume their fantasy escape 100% unproductive time spent gaming. Aka there is no real issue beyond some minor inconveniences.

    I'll be honest you should do a little reflection if your state of mind has you feeling deeply sorry for some people who are unable to access a video game for a few weeks because of "government intrusion". I'll be honest I have yet to see you use your platform to defend and feel sorry for people right here in america who are being denied access to platforms such as twitter and facebook because they have "right leaning"political views and these people are actually being damaged far more by losing sources of income they might rely on for raising their family. Hell here was some dude in Scotland who was arrested and put in jail for goofing around teaching his pug (dog) how to do the nazi salute...now that is truly disgusting and a scary reminder of the dangerous time we are in regarding personal freedom and safety.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - The Case for Horizontal Progression - MMORPG.com

    Tiller said:

    Like I said, this game should just go buy to play already. It's an old game and won't bring very many new players in willing to pay monthly for this. Eventually once the older subs begin to drop off, the game will start to die. Unlike WoW, it mostly only appeals to Final Fantasy fans.

    Sure man just say whatever you feel like making up and will it to be true? Its like the second-third most popular mmo and has been for a few years. So no it shouldnt go buy to play the current model is fantastic and the proof is in its success. Just another freeloaders "i dont want to pay for anything everyone should work for free to make me games i can play for free.