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  • Who is hiring Professional/Veteran Gamers?

    I should get paid for my knowledge here. 
    Bad spelling and all :)
  • Gothic 3 better than Skyrim

    klash2def said:
    Considering Skyrim is still one of the most played games on all platforms, I'm going to say most people prefer Skyrim to Gothic. 

    I still play Skyrim myself, just got it on the switch too, Gothic also has aged badly. Every time I tried to play it I was reminded of the game "Two Worlds" which I hate.

    I'll agree Skyrim is most played. 

    Gothic 3 is from 2005, what would anyone expect.  It's also a game that was severally broken at launch and stayed that way for years, we all know how that goes (would never recover popularity no matter what they do)..... It's extremely fixed now.  

    I have to add, not sure of the balancing of builds, have not gotten that far yet.  However other than the original YouTube I posted that is saying it's not balanced, I don't know any other complaints. 

    Aged badly ?  
    Well, I was expecting this too, but surprisingly no ! 

    Most all YouTube's are from 2005.  YouTube quality was bad back then, nothing looked good. 

    I turned resolution to max and it's beautiful.  Floral, draw distance, caves and beaches all look great.  Moving across the land and inside buildings is not annoying.  Menus are easy, harvesting is easy pick up, crafting is very simple, if you have the mats you can make it.... Best thing is unlimited bag space.... Wow that's nice ! 

    Best way to describe it is like "Dragons Dogma".... A two year old game with average graphics.   
  • Gothic 3 better than Skyrim

    Do I have big boots to fill trying to prove this :) 

    Before I start on Gothic 3 I would like to point out another game that brought me to Gothic 3 

    In my quest to study Elex a new game from an old developer called Piranha Bytes,  I found Elex total overall style completely "innovative in every detail", yet so many bad reviews, however this is arguable.  This game has a huge swing between good and bad. Being $50 at release I decided to not take a chance.

    So I decided to investigate other games by Piranha Bytes and found Gothic 3.  

    Surprisingly back in 2005 Gothic 3 had the same mixed reviews for the same exact reasons.  Being "innovative in every detail" the public had mixed reactions because of this.  

    During the Steam Winter sale, I picked it up for $2.95(now I think its $10).  Finally I had some free time I loaded it yesterday morning and can't stop playing. 

    About Gothic 3: 
    Huge seamless open world, no quest markers instead you talk to npc's and they give you hints as quest.  As you play you naturally complete them as you explore.  The story is amazing and I totally hate story driven games.  Everything is voice acting and best of all, decisions extremely count in everything you do, 10x more than any EA games EVER !! 

    As the story progresses you score points with all three factions Rebels, Orc's and later Hashishin.  You talk to everyone and eventually you need to make an over all decision and pick a side ( not that far yet, but I see my faction points building to the Rebels as planed).

    Here's the best part.... Abilities !!!!!..... As you level you gain ability points.  This along with level and money you can mold your character in to anything you like.  Two swords, sword and shield, one hander, bow, cross bow, magic, and many more, it's endless on combinations.  All this but you have to find the trainers.  If you talk to everyone this doesn't seem to be a problem. 

    Graphics..... Surprisingly better than old Youtube's make them out to be.  Comparable to Dragons Dogma.  

    Combat...... Here's where the controversy comes into play.  Three difficulty levels low normal and high.  The game is hard on normal I lowered it to low, and it's still hard and just about right.  Piranha Bytes are the masters of mixing hot bar and real time combat.  It's so much fun switching between bow and hand weapons, yet you have to put it away to loot and enter towns.  It's extremely easy to get an entire town upset with you, then not much more to have to fight them all.  Simply pulling your sward starts a possible mess.  Save often !

    Never was a game with better AI !!!!!!!  

    Gothic 3 was an original mess for years until they came out with a patch that truly fixed everything.  Here's a video of a guy explaining how it's both a mess and a great game.  I DON'T SEE THE MESS !!  


    I'm extremely late, I have to go !!  

    Have to add this: 
    I was just in a deep cave, and it was so scary I almost shit my pants.... Way better than anything Skyrim !
  • Suprised about American Truck Simulator MP

    I had an vehicle accident two and a half years ago, my fault unfortunately first time too.  My insurance lady told me I have to go three years without any accident's or points.  

    I can't risk a game like this :(
  • most-of-the-real-mmo-players-are-gone-from-this-site

    I just realized...

    I guess I'm not playing real MMOs. In fact, they are an illusion. This got me thinking...is this the matrix? is anything real? When I play my chosen MMOs, I think I am playing an MMO...but is it actually REAL? Does it really exist? Or is it all in my mind and part of the machine?

    Hmmm...maybe this thread is onto something....

    You fool!  Don't you get it?  Re-read the title of this discussion.  The real players are gone.  Don't you understand what that means? 

    The games are real but YOU are an illusion.  You, I and everyone playing MMOs are just a figment in the imagination of some highly advanced being.  The moment any one of us realizes this he/she dissipates in a swirling vortex of arrarraaaaarghghghgh help me fading help arrrarahgh

    No, the real mmo players are out roaming the streets looking for food and a real mmorpg to play.