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  • Do we really need something new ?

    In the first paragraph, you talk about this is the communication age and in a way people don't need mmorpgs anymore...... I say its better in the communication age.  People want a reason to be sociable.  More so than ever !

    They don't need mmorpgs as a reason to be sociable. Don't tell me you don't know about facebook and twitter.

    Face what ?
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance, too good to be true ?

    Kingdom Come Deliverance, 

    Do you think it will be everything it clams.  Do you think it will be filled with bugs ? 

    Here's the latest video from yesterday: 

  • Do we really need something new ?

    People often say we need something new and innovative.

    First thing I say is " like what ? ". 
    The next thing I would say is " if so, how long would it last ? "  

    The way I see it, were done with gimmicks and fireworks, they don't hold peoples attention.  

    Infact think about a fireworks display, they usually last about a half hour.  After that the people would leave, even if you save the spectacular thing's for later...... Jason Bourne Movies, they're great, constant non stop action, an hour longer you would likely turn it off. 

    Try going to a Night Club with hart pounding music for forty hours straight with out drinking.  You would probably punch the DJ. 

    My answer: 

    Flowing and natural 
    More intelligent AI  
    Foliage you can hide behind 
    Crafting where items break 
    NPC's that get mad at you 
    Innovative abilities 

    Creative writing and I'm not talking about dialog but more about flow of how the game progresses.

    Take "Vanilla World of Warcraft" from 2004 for instance.  You create a Night Elf on the island of Teldrassil, not much going on with your level one as you're holding on to you broken dagger.  But the mood is peaceful along with the music.  Nothing telling you what  to do as you naturally move forward....... Now this is 2004, you have that ugly yellow quest marker above everyone's head that many hate.  How about simply expanding on issues like that ?....... use your imagination...... subtle, indirect methods to achieve something. 

    Now take "Rift" from 2011.  You started this game with all hell breaking loose, you hit the ground running and everything is going Ka-boom, your screen was shaking like you had palsy !....... Was this memorable or irritating ?..... Imagine playing the entire game like that. 

    I may be old, and yes, I like flavors other than vanilla and chocolate..... But one thing for sure, no one likes obnoxious gimmicks for long.  Gimmicks are short lived.  

    And last, your looking at a flat screen, how much more could you expect ?
  • What happens if you pick the wrong side ?

    Say you pick the loosing side, will the game suck for you ?  

    Difference between Guild Wars2 and Ashes of Creation is GW2 was instanced PvP and the world activities for PvE didn't change for better/worst !  

    This may effect how much fun PvE is for the loosing side. 
  • delete

    Scott23 said:
    And here I thought this was going to be a thread aimed at Delete5230

    Me too :)  

    I'm backing off on posting.... You could only talk about the obvious for so long. 

    Pantheon and two others are the last hope.