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  • It's got a long way to go.

    After sleeping on it, here's my overall conclusion, 

    Pantheon is not near as far along as we believe.  

    Without being a video game developer, it seems ALL videos so far are about select parts of the world where the group is demonstrating group play.  Infact the latest stream was set in the same dungeon as last.  Not much about cities, towns npc's or venders.  NOTHING YET ABOUT ACTIVITIES.  Not too long ago they were showing a video on beginning to build a capitol city.  Not too long ago they showed the group starting their journey at a hub, however this hub only showed two buildings and maybe one or two npcs without interaction.

    Many seem let down by the latest stream saying combat was lengthy causing it to be boring.  Hallways and rooms too generic but high end.  However playing this type of combat is much much better being played instead of watching, this is true, yet lengthy none the less.  In all videos, this has two problems: 

    1) Keeping a group of 6 interested without leaving (even for the most hard core). 
    2) Groups don't move very far across the land or dungeons (not getting anything accomplished). 

    Disappointing ?............. Not really, it's just not that far along....... It's like they're are experimenting to find balance.  

    Unique High end graphics are keeping development time slow.  Lets hope coding is good and can be played on many computers.  Let's hope they don't run out of money.  This is my concern.  

    I don't go by what I read, I go by what I see, and it's only my opinion.
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance, too good to be true ?

    Sometimes you just need to watch a long no-commentary play session on YouTube, then ask yourself can you do this ? 

    I watched this guy go from camp to camp to camp looking for this boy searching for clues before bandit's got him.  He was calling his horse that never came so he walked, the entire time he was getting hungry and exhausted.  Only at one point did he come across two bandit's he had to kill. Never did see the outcome. 

    Realistic ?....Yes !  
    Fun ?... Didn't look like it !
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance, too good to be true ?

    Just released yesterday....... Overall not too good !

    This according to YouTube reviewers that have been playing 10 to 30 hours in.  Steam message boards are full of questions because things don't make sense. 

    Overall from research findings, I would say wait for a sale !  

    Many bugs- Horses get stuck everyplace in the game.  Fighting two NPC's at once you auto lock on to one, when you release, you find you re-autolock.  Controller is hard to use archery, yet M/KB hard to lockpic and hand to hand combat is not near as good.

    Annoying- The realistic situations don't always make sense of how the player would perceive them.  Realistic Jail time is too long.  Not good to be stealthy and sneaky, Often NPC's hate you even when seemingly getting away with the crime.  Aggravating and repetitive announcement's when your hungry.  Timed quest have to be done instantly or they auto complete without you, the consequence's may or my not be favorable.  Tutorial is 5 hours long before your let into the open world (some say good, others bad). 

    Good news-Game seems to be longer than I expected.  World is smaller than Skyrim, but more content jammed into a smaller space. However the open world could be lacking wildlife and situations (most content happens in towns).  Some are loving it because of deep micro managing.  

    Overall- I stopped watching and reading..... It's a wait-and-see, if at all !!!
  • Do we really need something new ?

    People often say we need something new and innovative.

    First thing I say is " like what ? ". 
    The next thing I would say is " if so, how long would it last ? "  

    The way I see it, were done with gimmicks and fireworks, they don't hold peoples attention.  

    Infact think about a fireworks display, they usually last about a half hour.  After that the people would leave, even if you save the spectacular thing's for later...... Jason Bourne Movies, they're great, constant non stop action, an hour longer you would likely turn it off. 

    Try going to a Night Club with hart pounding music for forty hours straight with out drinking.  You would probably punch the DJ. 

    My answer: 

    Flowing and natural 
    More intelligent AI  
    Foliage you can hide behind 
    Crafting where items break 
    NPC's that get mad at you 
    Innovative abilities 

    Creative writing and I'm not talking about dialog but more about flow of how the game progresses.

    Take "Vanilla World of Warcraft" from 2004 for instance.  You create a Night Elf on the island of Teldrassil, not much going on with your level one as you're holding on to you broken dagger.  But the mood is peaceful along with the music.  Nothing telling you what  to do as you naturally move forward....... Now this is 2004, you have that ugly yellow quest marker above everyone's head that many hate.  How about simply expanding on issues like that ?....... use your imagination...... subtle, indirect methods to achieve something. 

    Now take "Rift" from 2011.  You started this game with all hell breaking loose, you hit the ground running and everything is going Ka-boom, your screen was shaking like you had palsy !....... Was this memorable or irritating ?..... Imagine playing the entire game like that. 

    I may be old, and yes, I like flavors other than vanilla and chocolate..... But one thing for sure, no one likes obnoxious gimmicks for long.  Gimmicks are short lived.  

    And last, your looking at a flat screen, how much more could you expect ?
  • Equipment damage and repair

    Mendel said:
    svann said:
    Mendel said:
    DMKano said:
    its just a money sink. i am not a fan of constant wear and repair tedium that some games have
    That's certainly the way wear and repair has been implemented in the past, tedious and costly.

    That history hasn't deterred me from the idea of wear and repair, though.  It could be an important variable of the MMORPG experience if injected with new ideas and mechanics.  Armor and especially weapons need a reason to be replaced other than 'this one has better stats'.

    Ok, define what need you are talking about.  Why do you think armor and weapons NEED to have a reason to be replaced besides upgrades?
    Weapons break.  A significant number of ancient battlefields are only know by the presence of broken, bent and discarded weapons.  People have always tended to preserve fallen human bodies, but objects are simply left behind.  Swords.  Shields.  Bows.  Straps for armor.  Bowstrings.  Even rifle stocks, scopes and entire weapons in modern days.  Archaeologists have known this for quite some time.

    If a game is going to simulate combat, I think it needs to somehow represent that.  Weapons and gear were always an expensive personal cost to war.  Simply eliminating that risk fails the 'simulation' of the conflict, and reducing wear and tear to a totally abstracted system doesn't satisfy.  Granted, you and I may be on completely different ends of the 'simulation-vs-game' continuum, but there's got to be something more advanced than an 'your armor needs repair' indicator to satisfy.

    As for a different idea, how about a melee feedback cue to alert the player that their gear had taken an unusual hit?  Something along the lines of the audio combat cues that DAoC used.  A melee character would know when there was an opening for a parry or counterattack or shield bash.  Extend that to a 'bad' sound of metal breaking, signaling that some piece of gear wasn't working as expected and needed replacement.  It doesn't need to be a constant thing, just a reason to look after your gear.  Enough 'bad' feedback, and the item may experience a catastrophic failure.