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  • Are in-game communities today weaker or stronger?

    It depends on what you are looking at I guess.

    If you talk about toxicity, jack a$$ etc, I would think the ratio is probably the same as it used to be, just that with more players, there are obviously more of those too...

    If you talk about "interactions" between players, I think it has degraded quite a lot, but I would tend to blame the games more than the gamers for that.

    Nowadays, it feels like you are constantly into the action. Everything seems faster. Combat is fast pace action that keeps you occupied every seconds, and after any fight you are still all jacked up and ready to go (no more down time).  Add to this buffs that have very limited duration (and that's when they are not "group only") so helping others for <1min is'nt really worth the detour. Also, once you are done with something, you can travel almost instantly anywhere to start back on something else.

    This means that we don't have as much time as before to smell the roses (or bears sh*t , I won't judge.. ;) ) as we used to have, which was the perfect time for interacting with others. I guess that is fine for most player, since, when you have limited time to game, you want to actually "play" it, but I think that's the main thing that made interactions more "optional" than they used to be.

  • "The Pantheon Difference" (from the official Pantheon website)

    ste2000 said:
    Dullahan said:
    People in this thread are reading some very bizarre things into "alt friendly". The brevity of a game is not what makes it alt-friendly. If anything, it's the abundance of content and sense of accomplishment the game provides that makes it worth replaying.
    And why would you need to replay the game if there is so much content?

    If you are busy playing with your Main, you don't need an Alt, unless you are unhappy with your chosen Class
    If you are not playing with your Main, it means that this "abundance" of content you are talking about, is not there.

    I think he means abundance of content at ALL level range.

    This mean you would'nt be able to see it all with a single character (unless going through low level stuff with your main is something you enjoy), so you would need to run a few alts to experience it all, and it would make the whole process "new" and fun since you would'nt have to go through all the same starting zones/quests, etc. every time.

    At least, that's how I took it.. and that's what I get by "making the game "alt-friendly".  What I hope is for the abundance of content to exists throughout the whole game, not just the starting levels like it usually is the case (once you set out of the few starting zones, you usually end up on the same trail as you previous character).