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Bad games can try to run, but they can't hide.   No matter how you wordsmith your excuses, you WILL be held accountable for your product.


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  • Production Update Details Inventory Management - Chronicles of Elyria - MMORPG.com

    AnOldFart said:
    Kyleran said:
    Blog was an interesting read, they certainly have put a lot of thought into this.

    Might be a little too much realism for me, but the fans seem well pleased.
    But realism might make a refreshing change
    I totally agree.  If they start getting realistic in setting their goals we might actually see this game before 2025!

  • Let the pre-Alpha cash shop items flow...

    Linif said:
    So, wait, hold on. For my own clarity, I want to understand if the following is true or not:

    You buy a Spark of Life, that is set for 12 Elyria months or real world months?

    When that lifespan is up, you have to buy a new spark of life to continue, which means other players can effect how long I can play this game, as them killing me reduces my playtime by a certain amount?
    12 Real world months.  Reduced by a varied amount (minimum 2 days) every time you die.  The amount of life you lose depends on both your fame and the fame of any people you have killed.  

    Developer posts have said that dying on a battlefield for instance would give you a 4x death penalty.

    Developer posts have said that the more famous you are the more days you will lose.  An example given shows 7 tiers of fame running from Unknown to Legendary. The penalties range from 1x to 32x.  If you take a mid tier it indicates a 4x multiplier.

    So if you are mid-tier fame and die on the battlefield one time.. it should be 2 days X 4 X 4 or... 32 days lost.   It has also been stated that if you KILL someone that is famous you will also get a death penalty multiplier.  

    So yes... if someone griefs you.. you will lose life.  You will also lose life if you go and hunt them down for revenge.  This is why I call it a griefer's paradise. They will cause you to have a monetary impact when they kill you.  And the kicker is that your character stays in game when you log. So you can be killed while you are at work...

    Now the info on this is scattered over random forum posts and Discord statements so it could be out of date.  Anyone can correct the math if things have changed... but the bottom line is that YES.. if someone kills you... it will cause you to lose your subscription time/life.

  • 'We Heard You Loud & Clear' - Team Details Incoming Changes - Wild West Online - MMORPG.com

    They still have a refund feature or was that just the very first Alpha Test months ago?

  • Well it seems you can't have a conversation about having concerns in the coe forums

    Wonder if those folks comparing CoE to CU also know that Camelot Unchained will refund your money if you’re not happy and have done so since the beginning.   That’s a game changer for me.

  • Do Soulpacks = Lootboxes?

    Ungood said:
    Not at all.  This is the essence of lootboxes.  Even in Fortnite you could buy “Weapon Llamas”.  Sure I get a weapon every time, but it could be a sword, a handgun, a machine gun....

    You like that random chance... go for it.  As long as they admit what they are doing and give you the information to gamble on the result that’s great.   

    You are mistaking a game of chance with a 'lootbox' and gambling, and they are not remotely the same thing.

    Case in point, CCG's. MtG was a big thing, and many players bought Booster Packs. Now, every single booster pack contained 10 common, 3 uncommon and 1 Rare card.

    I not a gamble as you will always get that outcome, you will never walk away with nothing, so there is no risk involved.

    While It is a game of chance, it is not a gamble. Now you like me, do not like RNG games, but that does not make evil, or bad, it simply makes them something we don't like.

    Now, you may not like what you got, that is a risk, but it is not a fiscal risk, it is a personal preference risk. IE: You may want to build a Green deck and all the rare cards you got were black.

    It happens, but, you still walk away with your value in cards even if they are not the cards you want, or have no value to you personally, that does not change the actual value of the cards themselves, you got exactly what you paid for and under no situation did you get slighted, cheated, or shorted in any way.

    Case in point, I work in construction, so I drive a truck and use it for work, as such, I place no value on cars, and even lower value on sporty cars. Now, just because I don't value a sports car, does not mean the sports car itself is devalued or worth less in any means.

    With all that said.


    This is not some random candy in a package, you will get 3 souls every single time you Soul Pack (or that is what is the statement right now), at the very least, 3 souls is worth 10 dollars, as that is what people need to pay for them. So you always get your chocolate bar, even if you don't want it, or like it.. you still get the chocolate bar, because that is what you paid for.

    With souls, you are buying 3 souls for 10 dollars. That is their resale value, and the price the seller is asking. If that is not a price you want to pay, don't buy it.

    If you will settle for nothing less then an Old Soul or Unique Soul, and everything else is worthless to you, that does not change the market value of 3 souls is 10 dollars.

    That does not change that you are not buying an Old Soul or a Unique Soul, you are buying a Pack of 3 Souls (with the promise of nothing more then 3 generic fresh start souls). If that does not work for you, don't buy it.

    If RNG is something you don't like, then don't play into the system. That is how I roll, as I do not like RNG games like this either.

    But again, that does not change you are getting your value, that this is not a loot box, and this is no a gamble.
    Not going to argue if they are good or bad.

    Just needed to get them to admit the mechanic which we have succeeded.
    So hopefully no more PR spin posts about how they turned down publishers because they wanted them to implement evil lootboxes.