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Bad games can try to run, but they can't hide.   No matter how you wordsmith your excuses, you WILL be held accountable for your product.


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  • How Crafting will differ in CoE, compared to more traditional MMOs

    No, Mystichaze, you probably won't. People have said that CoE is pay-to-win because it has been possible to buy baronies, counties, duchies and kingdoms during Kickstarter, but I think we are going to find the responsibilities of nobility mean that we won't have time for things that common folk take for granted. I have purchased a Baron pack and am expecting that I'll be too busy running my barony to be able to master a crafting profession, or even be an adventurer.
    I totally agree. Taking on these positions means a lot of responsibility. In addition to the extra risk, they will be taking if they dare go out adventuring. I know one thing for certain I am not envious of those that took on the king/queen roles, it is far to much work for me to want to do. I think they are even starting to feel the pressure of their roles now before the game has even started. 
    Good thing we are focused on the MECHANICS OF CRAFTING as you asked.  Perhaps you could start a new thread to discuss the burdens of the perks from that cash you spent, and respond to my post on the MECHANICS?

  • How Crafting will differ in CoE, compared to more traditional MMOs

    Is there a TLDR version of the crafting system? I don't care enough about crafting in general to read an entire book on it. 
    TLDR: You will actually craft all items in real time. You move each item by hand, strike each blow with your hammer...

     As an example, a Blacksmith woul light his forge,put fuel in the forge, work the bellows, grind the rock to separate out by weight, heat the ore, beat out the impurities, use tongs to grab the ore one piece at a time and place it in the forge, find the right place in the forge based on visual and audio clues, watch the visual and listen to the audio for feedback on when it’s ready, use the tongs to pick up the ore and carry it to the anvil, use the mouse to control the hammer and anvil to strike and drive out impurities, when it cools use the tongs to go take it back to the forge and reheat as above.  When you eventually finish you have an iron nugget.  

    Of course turning that to steel has its own process and then turning any of that into a bar have more. To make say.. a sword will have far... far more steps which you can read about in the diary.

    Then every skill will be similar.  Or at least that’s the story.

  • How Crafting will differ in CoE, compared to more traditional MMOs

    Game should have been released last year.  Not even in Alpha testing... and they think this is something they are reasonably capable of creating.

    Just think how much time is needed to crest this for every skill in the game.  From Blacksmithing to Cooking to Minjng to Candlestick making...

    Such continued disconnect from reality...

    Love to “see his Gantt charts” on this one..

  • CoE under serious and extended DDOS attack...

    could even be a harbinger lol
    could even be a harbinger lol
    Or the number one Backer who already proved to be a troll and shocked Caspien during name selection...
  • CoE under serious and extended DDOS attack...

    I may not be the biggest fan of the game, but whoever is doing this is just the lowest form of scum...  Simply no excuse for crap like this.