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Bad games can try to run, but they can't hide.   No matter how you wordsmith your excuses, you WILL be held accountable for your product.


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  • Chronicles of Elyria: Wherefore Art Thou? - MMORPG.com

    mercster said:
    To sum up:

    Idea came up 2-3 years ago, dev dude thinks he has the system for the PERFECT MMORPG! Includes a lot of whales buying kingdoms, and they all say "But it's cool 'cuz some people will want to be peasants, they'll be doing fun stuff while us poor schlubs are running a kingdom!" I've never heard quite so much delusion, so early on in a project.

    Year(s) go buy of book-length theory-crafting posts from dev.

    Were gonna use SpatialOS, it was the backbone of everything; now not. Can only imagine the amount of thought and experience is going into these decisions.

    First version of game: web-based tactical kingdom simulator! Oh, and a text based MUD on the side to "test stuff."

    Months go by, more tl;dr masturbatory theory-crafting from game development savant.

    New idea: first version will be voxel-based! Minecraft with our huge complex pay-to-dominate backend!

    Mostly silence for half a year with occasional outbursts of "things are complicated..."

    I never bought in, not for a dime. I was part of another sinking ship (SotA, I'm not immune) but heard about some people telling me this was going to be the best thing since sliced bread. I read the concept and developer diaries, and could tell from the general tone of the dev and community that this would never, ever be a successful MMORPG.

    Sorry to anyone who "donated"! EDIT: Donated for multiple hundreds/thousands of dollars on whale packages, mind you
    I like you.  Please post more often.
  • Chronicles of Elyria: Wherefore Art Thou? - MMORPG.com

    @timeisen Wow... I don’t know whether to stand and applaud you or cry that they have driven all Hope from even you.

    To me it always comes down to a few simple things. Say what you mean. Do what you say you will do in roughly the time you say you will do it.

    It’s fine for a developer to talk the talk and push back on detractors. But then they better walk the walk and do what they said.

    Simply pulling Caspiens own words and then comparing them to reality should be all anyone needs to know about this project. From the silly timelines, to SpatialOS being what would enable all their lofty promises, to ElyriaMUD, to VoxElyria... to the Prelude... on and on and on there has been a massive deficiency in delivering.

    As I said in a recent thread comparing his Jan 2018 State of Elyria to what really was delivered last year, it’s easy to waste other people’s money.

    I still think it would make an interesting column for you to take the statements from the various Kickstarter MMORPGs from a year ago and compare them to reality today.

  • Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse Open Beta Event Begins on January 11th - MMORPG.com

    Too funny.
    They already launched this and then had to pull it down due to... issues.
    Now open beta weekend “event”

    No thanks Stephen.
  • CoE wins coveted "MMO with the Stormiest Future" award from Massively


    Some highlights:
    Chris Neal: "I am hard-pressed to think of a developing game that spends more time talking about almost nothing than Chronicles of Elyria. "
    Elliot Lefebvre: "So let’s give the nod to Chronicles of Elyria, which just… yeah, I honestly don’t see this coming out well. Heck, I don’t see this coming out, period."
    Brianna Royce: "Taking a look at the field of incoming games, I find Elyria is the one I’m most worried about"
    Andrew Ross: "Like SC, they’re selling items for a game that doesn’t exist yet"

    They also posted a followup about the less than exciting progress plan:


    Looks like more and more industry people are starting to see where this is heading.

  • The guy that posted the bullying post on LOL forums has been suspended till 1st january 2019

    katarnrul said:

    The guy that has posted the posts about LOL reporting system punishes victims and supports bullying occurring in the game got suspended till 1st January 2019.

    Here is the official post of someone raising the point:

    Here is the post transcript:

    Rynor has been suspended till 1st January 2019 for asking questions and making a post to show evidence.

    People attacking him on the board haven't got any suspensions or anything. Link where people insults him.

    He asked a question to Riot games and get suspended here.

    The posts that have deleted screens are here.

    Do you guys think there is any fairness in this?

    No fairness at all.  By only banning him a few days they have not taught him any life lessons and this poor person is going to really struggle in the real world by always trying to find someone else to blame their failures on.  

    This coddling and safe space stuff is going to be our ultimate downfall as a society.  I really wonder what The Greatest Generation thinks when they look at how weak and soft we have become and how we have squandered what they sacrificed for.