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Bad games can try to run, but they can't hide.   No matter how you wordsmith your excuses, you WILL be held accountable for your product.


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  • Do Soulpacks = Lootboxes?

    Wrong.  You have permanently gained a faster skill ramp. Everyone will die, but each time we both die I will grow faster than you because I started on life 3 and you didn’t.  Or I have a “unique” soul.

    But to keep this conversation on track let’s stick to the question of Lootboxes = Soulpacks and why that is not readily available on their site.  

    Edit it to add:  Since your WTF reaction indicates you cannot understand I will explain in an easier way.

    You and I start on Day 1 together.  You and I want to be Alchemists. We both have the same resource and contacts but I bought 30 soul packs and found an old Alchemist soul which is on it’s 3rd life.  I will gain skill faster than you.  For our whole life.  I will always be ahead of you. I will be able to research things before you and discover things before you.  This lasts until we both die together roughly 1 year in real life from when we start. Then you start again on your second life, but I’m on my 4th.  Again, my alchemist will be ahead of you for our whole lives. Right up until we both die after another year of real life.  Now finally after playing for 2 years you will start over and be where I started 2 years ago. However I am starting on my 5th life... yup... as you start making discoveries I made 2 years ago I am making potions you can’t dream of for another 2 years.

    But the best part is that as long as you and I both knew this going in... it’s something we both accept.  But by hiding the RNG Soulpacks (what we feel are lootboxes) few are even aware of that.  I bet the vast number of people had no clue until this thread.

    So they should update their Business Model section ( and souls section) to reflect all this and stop the IMHO fake protests about how they rejected Publishers over lootboxes.

    Own it.
  • Soulbound Studios to Show Off Character Creation in Livestream Event Today - Chronicles of Elyria -

    SBFord said:

    I dunno....I find these character models...disturbing. What's with the overly huge eyes? Maybe it's a thing for one of the game's races?

    Hey just be happy that they didn't copy the rest of the game and have "eye" selection locked behind a paywall. Your first life you get grey eyes. Your second you can get Grey or Green, third opens Blue, then Purple, etc...

    Then again, game's not out yet so don't rule that out either.

    But I agree with the earlier poster about a marketing guy. If this is the best they can show after all this time...

    I mean, most games go forward in what they present. Go back a year or so and they were showing things like a demo dungeon... go back further and you have the "Princess Bride" sword fight.

    Now you got... "deadeyes" character creator and an oft delayed soon to come Elyria Minecraft type Alpha.

  • Let the pre-Alpha cash shop items flow...

    I gotta take a break from this forum.  The cockiness is honestly getting so fucking cringe worthy.  You guys take armchair development to a whole new level. The lack of self awareness and humility is fucking embarrassing.

    Like I'm sure the devs go... Hmm wonder what slapshot thinks of these changes.  Like come on dude.
    If you think they aren’t trying to consider how it will be reacted to over here IMHO you are quite naive. Each of the developers know EXACTLY who I am.  Heck one may even chat with me fairly regularly :wink: Who knows.   It wouldn’t be the first time either.  PFO devs used to reach out all the time.  Heck, I knew they were closing up shop days before it was even announced.  A development team isn’t some monolithic creation. There are... differing opinions on dev teams too.  

    I’m honored to have inspired the Harbinger monicker and wear it proudly.  We all know who Caspien was referring to  :)

  • Let the pre-Alpha cash shop items flow...

    Kyleran said:

    At the end of the day it doesn't matter, the Devs aren't listening to me in any way, so this is all just a fun theoretical exercise to explore possible ways to expand on post launch revenues.

    Oh I can almost guarantee they at least read what you post.  I KNOW they track everything I post on here and other places.   They won't acknowledge it but they have actually implemented some of the ideas that were first discussed here.   It happened with the "time" issue where we pointed out the flaw and they changed the way times flows (still think they need further tweaks) and it's happening with the death penalty. I honestly think they read these ideas more than they do their own forums sometimes :)

  • Studio "mortified" that folks are using their pay to reserve a name system to "troll" other players

    They have completely backed off the forum name being binding in any way for good reason.  

    1.  THey had originally suggested people to name your accounts different from your character name, so you can separate your in game identity from your OOC identity.  

    2. This is unfair to the people who have higher IP, and defeats the purpose of this whole thing.

    I'm fine with them stepping in, on specific situations, but using this as a blanket rule would be stupid.  I'm not Maulvorn's biggest fan, but his name being taken is obviously a troll.  But there have already been complaints from people with too common of names, and those people are just going to have to deal with it IMO.

    So their decision to take this as a case by case situation is to me the best solution.  
    And is this protection limited to his name?  When people go and squat on his land and rip it apart will Caspien step in to rescue him?  When people kill him and his followers repeatedly, will Caspien step in?

    That's the bigger question and much more important than a name.  If Caspien is "mortified" that someone would use the name Maulvorn... how is he going to react when they can actually ruin this guys game?

    The trigger for reserving names in game was stated to be this registration system.  It was what would lock down your name.  Not what you decided to name yourself on a forum.

    Caspien has now chosen to change that rule (after collecting money of course).

    How will he react when hostile people plop down in this guys town during land selection?  How will he react when they spend the first few weeks of Exposition destroying everything this guy owns in game?   It's going to happen unless Caspien steps in.  Groups have been quite vocal about it.  And if he does step in, will he do it for all the other people that feel wronged?

    Will he step in when some King "abuses" his power on day one?  If one of them caused this "mortifying" name situation, just think of how much trouble is in store once there is an actual game.