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Bad games can try to run, but they can't hide.   No matter how you wordsmith your excuses, you WILL be held accountable for your product.


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  • The time for Non-Consensual PvP has come and gone

    As already stated quite a few times, the problem with those games is that none has been done with proper consequences for being a psychopathic murderer. As a result, PvP takes over the whole game, there's no RP left at all. Unless you admit that almost every player is "roleplaying" some kind of serial killer of course.
    I take it none of your characters has ever mass slaughtered a castle of NPC "guards" or a village of "enemy"NPCs simply to grind XP or complete a quest?  It's OK to RP a mass murderer as long as they are just NPCs?

    For better or worse, 95% of MMORPGs today is finding new things to kill and ways to kill them...

    PS: We are posting in a 1 year old necro thread...
  • How Crafting will differ in CoE, compared to more traditional MMOs

    @Slapshot If you wish to debate Exposition once again and the fact that there is absolutely no EP store at this time. If you read the title of that thread, it is just a projection of what -might- be in the EP Store. Then please start another thread. This thread is in regard to the Crafting system in Elyria. 
    Simply responding to others.  As you responded to me.  Whether you can buy these crafting techniques or can only get them in game is very relevant to the discussion. The techniques and recipes have a significant impact on the system.  You yourself post a quote from a developer where he discusses how you obtain them.  You can’t post this quote:

    So, want a Katana? Get yourself a recipe for a curved single edged blade with a hidden tang, a recipe for the handle wrap, and one for the guard and then assemble them into a katana. As for how you get recipes: Existing recipes are going to be found, purchased or taught in the world.
    Read more at https://forums.mmorpg.com/discussion/472781/how-crafting-will-differ-in-coe-compared-to-more-traditional-mmos/p5#6Ud8xUExXgZxqqfY.99

    And then complain when when we discuss it.  It’s your own damn post.  

    Have a great day.

    OK.. so back in 2017 I read the great feedback and bought a founders pack to Fortnite.   I thought it was OK but went downhill fast once they launched the BattleRoyale part.  Grew bored, and shelved the account for months.

    Lo and behold... someone hacked the account.  Now, from what I gather there are massive quantities of hacked accounts... but anyway.  I literally saw the Email about a purchase 2 hours after it happened. 

    I simply wrote a comprehensive ticket to Epic, changed my password and enabled 2-factor authentication (which was not an option when I created the account). I removed my paypal account as well.  In the ticket I also explain that the hacker linked his XBOX and Playstation accounts.  Until a few days ago there was no way to remove that link and the website directs you to open a ticket to do so...  So I also separately open a ticket to have the link to his Playstation and XBOX accounts removed.  No response so I open multiple additional tickets.   Finally after 3 weeks they respond, refund the money, but ignore the account linkage.

    So I open another ticket... and another... weeks go by and no response.  Finally this week I see they changed the website to allow you to remove the link yourself.  I do so immediately.

    But apparently the asshole simply has to log back into his Playstation account and it gets relinked automatically.  So for the last few hours I have played tag with the jerk.  My email box is filled with: 

    In today's age, how do you run a company where communication takes 3 weeks each time?  They have no customer service phone number.  They have no online chat that I am aware of.  And they take 3 weeks to respond to every Email.  Now it appears this ass will be able to use his ill gotten gains forever.

    Any ideas on how I can get this guy gone for good?   He cant charge anything.. but I hate the idea that he is able to use the account as though it is his own...

  • How Crafting will differ in CoE, compared to more traditional MMOs

    Care to let me ask a few questions and follow ups?
    you're welcome to watch the stream and ask questions in the text chat

    whether they get answered or not isn't up to me
    I have joined 2 prior ones.  Somehow my questions always seem to be overlooked.

  • How Crafting will differ in CoE, compared to more traditional MMOs

    No, Mystichaze, you probably won't. People have said that CoE is pay-to-win because it has been possible to buy baronies, counties, duchies and kingdoms during Kickstarter, but I think we are going to find the responsibilities of nobility mean that we won't have time for things that common folk take for granted. I have purchased a Baron pack and am expecting that I'll be too busy running my barony to be able to master a crafting profession, or even be an adventurer.
    I totally agree. Taking on these positions means a lot of responsibility. In addition to the extra risk, they will be taking if they dare go out adventuring. I know one thing for certain I am not envious of those that took on the king/queen roles, it is far to much work for me to want to do. I think they are even starting to feel the pressure of their roles now before the game has even started. 
    Good thing we are focused on the MECHANICS OF CRAFTING as you asked.  Perhaps you could start a new thread to discuss the burdens of the perks from that cash you spent, and respond to my post on the MECHANICS?