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Bad games can try to run, but they can't hide.   No matter how you wordsmith your excuses, you WILL be held accountable for your product.


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  • State of the Studio

    Gdemami said:
    Ungood said:
    If say, we knew that he thought that he was stating from a much further along time line, (maybe due to work he had already done on his own for example) that would allow us to understand...
    ...and like I said before, it wouldn't, because you are not a programmer therefore you cannot evaluate the basis of the projection - how much is done, what needs to be done and how much resources it will take.

    Trying to judge projects from outsider perspective is simply put, stupid. More qualification and experience you have, less likely you are going to do it...
    That is a ridiculous concept.   This is a much simpler one:

    Hold people accountable for what THEY say and promise.  If the home builder says they will do X in Y time then expect them to do it. If the caterer says they will have X food prepared at Y time then expect the, to do it. If the programmer says they will do X in Y time then expect him to do it.   

    Shit happens in any profession.  That’s why the “professionals” get paid.

  • What are the best movies/shows with good magic in them?

    Hawk The Slayer
  • State of the Studio

    Ungood said:
    Dakeru said:
    Ungood said:
    Dakeru said:
    Ungood said:
    Dakeru said:
    Ungood said:
    When I joined.. you all accused me of being someone else..so that is all on you.. you and your fellow harbinger are not, or were you ever the victims in this exchange.. 

    Stop lying already.
    That wasn't them - that was me.
    ME ME ME ME ME! Get it in your head!
    That is why I said "You and your fellow harbingers" unless now you are denying that you are a Harbinger?
    You said "you all accused me"
    No one did but I.
    When you are part of a group.. you rep the group, and everyone else in it rises and falls by your shitty actions.

    You mean like you being an awesome representative for the CoE community?

    Either way your interpretation of "you all" makes no sense.
    Another lie like most of the things you say.
    No.. see you have claimed to be a Harbinger, and thus a part of that community/organization and thus are a representative of them. Your actions reflect on all of them.

    I on the other hand, have never claimed to be apart of the "COE Community" and in fact, I have made it clear I have no affiliations to the game, community, and am not even a backer.

    I am just a random gamer that kinda likes what this game poses to offer, which means, my actions are mine alone.

    Now, so far you have shown me, you can't follow a topic, you can't read a post, shall you not understanding this to that list of things you fail at and make a wonderful example that Harbingers are on reality just a bunch of clueless nerd-ragers on a forums.
    We believe you.  Really!   

  • State of the Studio

    I totally agree that they need to be showing big leaps this year in development.  By their own admission they should be moving toward an alpha on UE4, by the end of this year.

    I don't think the Vox is a bad sign, I think it's quite the opposite.  I can see why it looks like a step back, but this is always been part of the plan.  Build/test things on Vox Elyria, an then transfer these things to the Alpha on UE4.

    If we don't hear at least an Alpha date by the end of this year, that's a problem.
    Here is their most recent, updated schedule (if there has been an update please advise):

    1. V3 of the Website (Q3 2017)
    2. ElyriaMUD (Q4 2017)
    3. Alpha 1 (T1 2018)
    4. Server Selection (T1 2018)
    5. Settlement / Domain Selection (T2 2018)
    6. KoE (T2 2018)
    7. Design Experiences (T3 2018)
    8. Alpha 2 (T3 2018)
    9. Beta 1 (S1 2019)
    10. Prologue & CoE Adventure Toolkit (S1 2019)
    11. Exposition (S1 2019)
    12. Beta 2 (S1/S2 2019)
    13. Stress Test (Any paid account)(S2 2019)
    14. Launch (S2 2019)

    That was the list published the July 2017.  It's now Feb 2018.  By their own schedule they should be doing far more than "moving toward an alpha on UE4 by the end of the year".

    First we were supposed to be playing the game now.   Then Alpha 1 was supposed to be worked on in the beginning of this year (now).  Now you would just accept a date by the end of the year?

    Come on man.. they need to do better than that.  At the very least you should be asking them for an updated and realistic timeline.  If you can see that their timeline is wrong, so can they...

  • State of the Studio

    Realizer said:
    Ungood said:
    Realizer said:
     It seems you CoE fans need to be constantly reminded, this isn't about being behind schedule. It's about having nothing to show for the time they've had. When other projects mentioned in this thread were behind schedule (or still are) they were constantly trying to show everyone they were still doing work.. 

     On the other hand CoE seems to doing everything they can to avoid showing their work, while hoping for funding. The thing is no one is going to invest if there's currently no fruits from the 2+ years of labor.  

     Are you guys going to continue to play strawman bullshit? Or are you going to hold Walsh's feet to the fire and start demanding something get done? 
    I guess we will just have to disagree on the definition of "nothing

    As the last time I went to his site, I saw all kinds of 'in-game" footage videos, and Screenshots showing all kinds of features.. not what I would call nothing, but YMMV.
     Screenshots are all well and good but, I'd much rather have some actual technical details on what they are doing with this supposed SpacialOS copy. Or just anything involving the "backend" they like to mention so much.  Screenshots tell us nothing about performance, if all we needed were screenshots Daybreak would still be "developing" EQ:Next. 
    I think the problem is that they have gone backwards.  

    They started with the sword fight demo based on the Princess Bride
    They followed that up with the demo of the mine exploration
    Then they kind of started going off the rails with the "jousting" demo. A mini-game not part of the core promise.
    Now they show screenshots of a voxel based minecraft like client:

    People like to see progression.  The problem IMHO is that those first sword fight demos and mine exploration and even the Jousting one are just fluff with no foundation.  I think they were stand alone demos, not demonstrating the actual game but more like concept art.   Now it seems they are saying "We are actually going to start work on the real game so join us in this MUD".

    People saw the earlier demos, thought they were representations of real progress and bought in.  Now the above, recently revealed screenshot shows how little was done before and how far they still have to go.

    Again- they only hired their lead designer in Oct 2017.  That should tell you all you need to know.