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Bad games can try to run, but they can't hide.   No matter how you wordsmith your excuses, you WILL be held accountable for your product.


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  • New Caspien tantrum about news coverage

    Kyleran said:
    Stay on target folks. Don't let this thread turn into a discussion of GDemanis strange beliefs.  He stated them.  We all disagree.  Great.

    Back to Caspien's reaction! 

    Does anyone think this ends up with an olive branch softball email based "interview" without any chance for follow-up questions?  I'd hate to see that.  I would LOVE to see a live interview.

    I don't feel Caspian really has anything to gain by speaking out or responding further to issues concerning the delays, in fact going dark on the subject is probably the better move.  (For him, not the backers)

    You don't see Brad, Mark, or Chris directly responding to missed promises anymore, so why should Jeremy either? (Again, for him, not the backers)

    All four games are now in the "deliver" or shut up phase IMO as I don't  care how busy they are, just show me the final results.  YMMV.

    I think he would like to "go dark" about the delays.  I think he continually tries to ignore what was said in the past which is why each State of Elyria is almost like GroundHog Day, ignoring what was said previously and just dangling new carrots.

    Unfortunately for him, each time he tries to start his spiel over there are a few folks that stand up and play back his prior statements.

    Sorry, but when selling your product you literally use the words: "Soulbound Studios promises to" and then follow it with "Publish and update our schedule on the CoE website"...  you are obligated to actually do that.  You can try to weasel out of other statements by claiming they were estimates blah blah blah, but there is no weaseling out of something you clearly and literally PROMISED and is 100% within your power to do.  Maybe you can't control hitting the schedule but you absolutely can control publishing and updating it.

    And no, putting it behind the NDA paywall forums in order to hide from criticism does not count.

    And if your response to a relatively mild article that describes the author's disappointment with the lack of updates and progress is to cut off the website and say you are going to funnel your exclusive news to PCGAMER (who as far as I can tell has run 1 CoE article in total since inception) then that should tell any prospective backer all they need to know.

    PS:  I don't really follow Pantheon. I tried backing them in the failed Kickstarter but was not about to give them the minimum of (I think) $100 they wanted on their website.  As for Mark...  backers have been able to get into his game and see for themselves.  They can also get their money back.  And yes, he gets beaten up for being late as those earlier facts mitigate the delay factor but do not excuse it.   And Chris...  I have no friggin idea.  200 mil and counting.  It's the one-off "World of Warcraft" of Kickstarted MMOs that everyone will try to copy but never equal. 
  • New Caspien tantrum about news coverage

    Kyleran said:
    Gdemami said:
    ConstantineMerus said:
    To be honest mate, I find it strange that you of all people would support this, even if you are a major shareholder in SBS. 
    That is the point, me, nor anyone else here is a major shareholder, yet people act like they are...

    Whether his decision was rational or not, is just his business, yet you seem to have an issue with that because you keep bringing it up over and over.

    You cannot say you acknowledge his right to do as he wish and then keep pondering how immature his decision was.
    I'll agree being a kick starter backer does not grant any sort of legal rights on how the project should be run nor even to provide any information on its progress. 

    There is such a thing as keeping ones word, granted an archaic concept in this day and age but I believe Caspian did promise transparency,  along with delivering a game by Dec 2017.

    Finally,  while KSers provide backers few legal rights, it also does not grant the developer any sort of "right" to be shielded from valid criticism either.

    While Capt LOL will undoubtedly hit you up, it's easy to simply go and get what was posted and PROMISED at the Kickstarter and compare. 

    Heres where the whole Dec 2017 for FULL RELEASE came from.  No this wasn't a promise but a target, but for Caspien to now try and make it sound like people are crazy for expecting the game to be released is just laughable:

    Here's where he PROMISES (no weaseling) to publish and update the schedule on the CoE website. Something that was last done July 2017 as far as I can tell.

    Here is where he explains that his wild ambitions will be made possible through SpatialOS (which he cancelled):

    That's just a small slice.  I could go on and on and on.  We didn't even GET to Gannt Charts, not mentioning that he needed millions more in funding on the main Kickstarter page, shutting down Refunds at the same time he announced they needed that funding, ElyriaMud(canceled), VoxElyria(canceled), single player Prelude (years late), players not having to fund anything after the Kickstarter,  lootbox RNG soulpacks, Lootbox RNG sales events... it goes on and on and on.

    Then, when an article actually mentions the fact that he's late and hasn't delivered on what he said he would (and does so in a pretty mild manner), he throws a tantrum and says he is, in essence, going to cut off MMORPG.COM and Massively from "exclusive" info and then proceeds to cry that he had to take a few minutes on a Sunday to respond to the thread on his website.  

    Sorry... that's absolutely childish and about as far from a "startup" mentality as you can get.  When you took literally MILLIONS of dollars from the public and are literally YEARS behind, you should get your ass into work every damn day, not whine like a Baby that you had to login for 10 minutes on a Sunday to type a response.

    As I said earlier.  If a company making an MMORPG that relies on crowdfunding avoids the 2 biggest MMORPG news sites it should set off every spidey-sense you have.
  • New Caspien tantrum about news coverage

    OK.. a few posts above I actually fell for Caspien-Speak.  He had posted today:
    "We've been in production for 2 years and 2 months (Since Nov. 2016)"

    But once again... if you just read what he posted in his Kickstarter (May 2016):
    "We have an established team of 16 people, funded from CEO, Jeromy Walsh’s, own money for the last year." 

    So did production start with a team of 16 a year prior to the Kickstarter (May 2015) as he stated then?  Or did production not start until Nov 2016 as he says now?

    At the end of the day, all that really matters is that they haven't produced the game they said they would, but I am continually amazed at how he constantly revises history and how nobody seems to ever call him on it.  

    And lest we forget... it was Caspien that set the target of Dec 2017 for FULL RELEASE of the game:

    For him to now be questioning why people could expect a released game in 2019 is just laughable.

    In each and every case HE set the expectations and HE failed to live up to them. He is the root cause of all the issues, yet he deflects and revises and people do not question...

  • New Caspien tantrum about news coverage

    And one more thing,  during the Kickstarter this is what SBS said:

    Soulbound Studios promises to:

    • Continue developer transparency & the access levels we’ve become known for 
    • Publish & update our schedule on the CoE website 
    • Use ALL Kickstarter funds on ONLY the development of Chronicles of Elyria

    See that highlighted part?.  The last published schedule on their website is from July 2017 and this is what it says:

    1. V3 of the Website (Q3 2017)
    2. ElyriaMUD (Q4 2017)
    3. Alpha 1 (T1 2018)
    4. Server Selection (T1 2018)
    5. Settlement / Domain Selection (T2 2018)
    6. KoE (T2 2018)
    7. Design Experiences (T3 2018)
    8. Alpha 2 (T3 2018)
    9. Beta 1 (S1 2019)
    10. Prologue & CoE Adventure Toolkit (S1 2019)
    11. Exposition (S1 2019)
    12. Beta 2 (S1/S2 2019)
    13. Stress Test (Any paid account)(S2 2019)
    14. Launch (S2 2019)
    It's something they literally PROMISED to do (so no weaseling) Yet they haven't updated it in a year and a half of their 2-year production.  Then he complains that people actually want updates. 

    All people are asking him to do is what he PROMISED he would do.  He didn't promise to have monthly sales.  He didn't promise to deliver wall of text developer journals.  He promised to publish AND UPDATE his schedule.  His failure to do so is what has caused much of this stress.

    EDIT- WTF... I fell for Caspien-speak!   Their production didn't start 2 years and 2 months ago.  I'll post below.
  • New Caspien tantrum about news coverage

    Caspien has posted a "brilliant" response on his forum:

    Firstly... you really have to love the way he wants pity for having to take a few minutes on a Sunday to post.  He is supposed to be the CEO of a startup company.   Seriously?  You are going to complain about taking 10 minutes to post on a Sunday?  I think I understand why he misses all these dates.  He absolutely does not have a startup mentality and it shows.

    Anyhow, the reason I call it a "brilliant" response is because it pretty much ignores Tim's article but just responds to some really easy low hanging fruit from one poster.  This guy served up softballs and Caspien jumped at the chance to respond.  

    When they promise things that never happen, why dont the community hold them accountable?

    I'm not sure what you mean by never happen. We had several community events come and go that we said would happen, we've got domain & settlement selection coming up soon as well. We reached our Friends & Family milestone earlier last year, but decided not to release the "Walk & Talk" to Alpha 1 backers. Now we're working on getting the game into the hands of players as quickly as possible. Trust me when I say it's coming soon.

    But to say never is both a gross over statement and is honestly incorrect. As long as I'm coming into work every day, never hasn't happened yet. In the words of the famous Dread Pirate Roberts, "You're only saying never because no one ever has."


    Isn't he so smart!  Never hasn't happened yet.  HA HA.  Just want I want my CEO saying when he hasn't delivered what he said he would.

    Or then there is this beauty:

    Is it not a bit dis-concerning that after so many years they have yet to produce anything that can be viewed as progress and are way overdue on timelines and so on?

    We've been in production for 2 years and 2 months (Since Nov. 2016). Since then we've had to roll our own back-end servers, create a front-end that can communicate with our back-end, and implement the many gameplay mechanics and systems that exist in the Pre-Alpha - in addition to all the work we've had to do around world building and world generation; including creating the lore and details of all the biomes, flora, fauna, historical events, and Tribes of Elyria.

    I know that all sounds defensive, but it's really not meant to be. I just wanted to highlight that we've done a ton in a relatively short amount of time. I say relatively because if you compare us with other in-development and previous MMOs you can see that we're still doing quite well on time.

    I know when you're watching the clock waiting for the project to be completed it can seem like an eternity. But I've worked longer than this on single-player free-roaming adventure games.


    Silly people!  Of course an MMORPG can't be completed in 2 years!  Why it's crazy to even think that!  Why would you get that crazy idea in your head?  Gantt charts schmant charts! (for those new to the story, the first big argument was when Caspien listed a Dec 2017 release date and then forcefully defended that date by referring to his Gantt charts)

    And then the Shame On You Guys part:

    And why do we never get a response from SbS on this forum with things like this, not like the tactic of ignoring concerns have worked for them...

    Frankly, because we have things to do. There will always be negative articles that come out about the game. Even post-launch. We can't stop development each time that happens to address it. We shouldn't have to.

    So instead of taking an opportunity to really address Tim, he takes a shot at an easy target which of course he then links to his Ivory Tower followers so they can go "upvote" his response and reaffirm their commitment to what he has literally called it: "The Gospel Of CoE".