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Bad games can try to run, but they can't hide.   No matter how you wordsmith your excuses, you WILL be held accountable for your product.


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  • State of the Studio

    Kyleran said:
    Let. it. go. wow , tired of seeing this post
    This thread needs locked.

    Shame the forum automatically opens this thread every time you visit.....

    Oh wait,  it doesn't.   Walk away, just walk away....
    I don’t understand why people who say they support the game would repeatedly bump a thread about the company needing to layoff employees.  I said this earlier in the thread when there were maybe 6k views... There are now over 12,000...


    I mean.. it’s almost like one of those emails when someone spams the whole company and then the next 500 emails are people replying to all asking to be removed from it...

  • State of the Studio

    Ungood said:
    Dakeru said:
    Ungood said:
    Dakeru said:
    Ungood said:
    Dakeru said:
    Ungood said:
    When I joined.. you all accused me of being someone else..so that is all on you.. you and your fellow harbinger are not, or were you ever the victims in this exchange.. 

    Stop lying already.
    That wasn't them - that was me.
    ME ME ME ME ME! Get it in your head!
    That is why I said "You and your fellow harbingers" unless now you are denying that you are a Harbinger?
    You said "you all accused me"
    No one did but I.
    When you are part of a group.. you rep the group, and everyone else in it rises and falls by your shitty actions.

    You mean like you being an awesome representative for the CoE community?

    Either way your interpretation of "you all" makes no sense.
    Another lie like most of the things you say.
    No.. see you have claimed to be a Harbinger, and thus a part of that community/organization and thus are a representative of them. Your actions reflect on all of them.

    I on the other hand, have never claimed to be apart of the "COE Community" and in fact, I have made it clear I have no affiliations to the game, community, and am not even a backer.

    I am just a random gamer that kinda likes what this game poses to offer, which means, my actions are mine alone.

    Now, so far you have shown me, you can't follow a topic, you can't read a post, shall you not understanding this to that list of things you fail at and make a wonderful example that Harbingers are on reality just a bunch of clueless nerd-ragers on a forums.
    We believe you.  Really!   

  • That One Crazy Game Idea You've Always Had

    I always wanted to try a RvR game with 3 or more realms.  The backstory is that each realm is associated with a specific deity. These deities compete with each other in an eternal struggle.  They are able to channel their power into their realms.   This results in a buff to all players.   That buff is divided by the number of players online.

    So if one realm had 1000 players on they would all get 1 thousanth of the buff.
    If another real had 500 players online each would get a buff twice as strong
    If a third realm was fully out numbered and down to 100... their buff would be 10 times stronger than the first realm.

    The mechanics of what the buff did would need to be worked out via testing... but the general idea is to make all realms competitive at all times.

  • State of the Studio

    Ungood said:
    Ungood said:
    Kyleran said:
    Which the date, by the kickstarter TOS, is not a guaranteed date... As shown here...

    “The Estimated Delivery Date is the creator’s estimate. The date listed on each reward is the creator’s estimate of when they will provide the reward — not a guarantee to fulfill by that date. The schedule may change as the creator works on the project.”

    And, no I think there is a 0% chance that you could use "market research" to file a claim against them.  You would honestly need proof that they, themselves knew there was no possibility of them releasing the game on time.  THey would say, "We believed a new tech called spatial OS would allow us to create our game, extremely quickly, and we underestimated the time it would take to hire a competent staff".  THey would point to the multiple times they've said this.

    And yet again you completely miss the point.  The point is, contrary to what some would have you believe when defending these crowdfunded MMORPGs, the pledge or donation moniker matters little to the courts, they apply the same sort of scrutiny they would any other business: if you misrepresent or mislead the customer, you can be liable for refunding them, through lawsuit if needed.

    Crowdfunding isn't a charitable donation.  It's a money exchange for a known return, one that's listed at the time the money changes hands.  If the seller did something that misleads the customer into purchasing, the law will not throw its hands up and go "oh well, you donated!"
    Yet we can't seem to find many, if any actual court decisions or laws governing crowd funded efforts,  particularly with regards to clear policies of "no refunds" or "deposits."

    As mentioned before, precision in terminology is of key importance as shown in the one example provided, the judge found for the plaintiff  as it was on "order' and not a donation. 

    See screenshots from D,eatherus which clearly use word Purchase.  Not donation. 
    Yes.. but you would have to prove you mislead them.. not that you made a mistake.

    See if I am going to sell you a clock, and say "Yah I can make you the clock in 3 days", and then on day 2, I drop the damn thing, and now need to order new parts and all kinds of other problems , so I say "due to unfortunate circumstances, delivery will be delayed for 10 days" I am not misleading you.

    If the delivery truck then sends me the wrong or parts.. and I get delayed again because of that.. and tell you this.. again.. I am not misleading you.

    Now, realistically, you might want a refund at this point, because you don't want to wait for the clock. I respect that.

    But... under no circumstance did I mislead you or falsely advertised my product.. things happened that delayed production, that kind of stuff happens in real life.
    No.  The point is that if it's a purchase and not a donation that it should fall under the FCC rules which I posted.  The company referring to it as a purchase is important.  As Kyleran has stated "precision in terminology is of key importance".  IMHO if it is a purchase then the FCC rules apply which means no open ended delivery dates.  If a date is not given it defaults to 30 days.  If a date is given and not reached, refunds MUST be given.  Heck, it says the consumer doesn't even have to ask for them... that the default is that the company must refund unless explicitly told otherwise. 

    Edit:  Also, remember the estimated delivery date.  Was it misleading?  If you are saying that you always knew it was unrealistic then you answered your own question.  When people questioned the validity of the date it was vigorously defended.  Now 18 months turns to 42 or so.  Whether you personally believe ill intent or not, I don't think it can be disputed that there could be a case about that being misleading.

    Again though... as far as I know nobody in this thread is considering a refund.  If you are... speak up!  If not, let's put it to bed for a few weeks.  Trust me, you will all have a chance to say the same thing a few more times in a few weeks.  

    Do you work? 

    This is an honest question, but do you do any project work at all?
    Are you looking for a job?  Send me your resume.

  • Founder's Pack Owners to be Able to Play 24/7 Through Final Beta - Legends of Aria - MMORPG.com

    Surprisingly still playing this and having fun.   Working up a mage currently.

    We just bought and placed our guildhouse.  That was interesting as there is really no guidance on how it worked, but it’s down and we have a merchant!