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  • Kaplan & Team Help Ease the Sorrow of Loss for One Overwatch Player - Overwatch News

    Great to know some "Game Developers" actually know Humanity.

    First Guild Wars 2 with the fire donation.


    And now Blizzard making a donation It's great to know some developers and people actually have humanity and are not completely greedy pigs as some I have met are especially when it comes to most F2P titles and Games out there, just really a great thing to see them actually giving to people in need and doing kind things for others.
  • Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth & New El Dorado Location Anchor Next Update - Monster Hunter World - MMORP

    Not on PC yet, don't do consoles.
  • So apparently ANET is being extremely shady

    So, I too got hit by this ban wave. I was a bit surprised since I bot in a lot of games like FFXIV and Path of Exile, mostly to keep up with my unemployed friends.

    That quote comes straight from the Reddit post.
    So he breaks the rules to "try and keep up with his unemployed friends"? quite the lame excuse he used there. He got banned for breaking the rules and now he is grabbing pitchforks to go against ANET for banning people who break the rules.


    cheating in other games isn't justification for being banned in games you don't cheat in.  That's his point and it is certainly reasonable.

    If their cheat detection is yielding false flags then that's a major issue.  Looking at all live processes is also sketchy as fuck, and possibly illegal

    I hate how prevalent cheating has become, but that doesn't justify every mechanism developers use to catch them.
    i think he implied that he got banned in GW2 for using the cheat engine that somehow didn't get him banned from FFXIV and PoE, so he expected not to get banned  in GW2... as if these companies had the exact same terms of service and user agreements.
    No, he said that he didn't cheat in GW2 as there is little benefit relative to the risk.  which is true.  So apparently leaving those programs running is enough to get a ban.  And we dont know if any of those programs even work for GW2.
    And this is the problem users using Cheat Engine, for example, stated above, or other programs like Asus Keybot 2, which comes bundled with the ROG Motherboards, and ASUS Sonic Suite, shouldn't get users banned from games unless they are warned first, or told it can't be run.

    For example, if a user opens a cheat even with XingCode it doesn't ban them it usually just warns and closes the game and says "Cheat Engine" is running and allows you to close the process for example.

    Scanning a person's entire ram, or hard drive for installed programs is a different story which seems to be an invasion of privacy users shouldn't have to deal with this, and users should have been made aware of changes that would affect them like this in Guild Wars. The difference obviously being if a person, for example, uses Cheat Engine to load (Infinite Mana Potions) into a game and spam them with 0 cooldowns then the cooldown is 5 seconds then obviously they are cheating which should be detected server side anyways and result in a ban, but remember "Black Desert" when people could just use some type of hack to refill HP instantly and stuff without serverside checks, now its not possible thank god.
  • So apparently ANET is being extremely shady

    Here is what I found so far.


    Guess this is why I don't trust Anti Cheat programs not only are they slowing an entire users system down especially those who run multiple tasks, but they also scan all memory processes for cheats or whatever they define as a cheat that isn't even being used to cheat their game aka Cheat Engine for example or 3rd party mods that are not even for Guild Wars 2.
  • Help.. Ever since my laptop's screen got repaired, my nVIDIA card isn't working!

    Honestly I would avoid most Laptop for gaming they generally are not worth the price and suck, if gaming from Home Build an I7, 32 Gigs DDR4-3600 or higher, and use an ASUS ROG board, personally I love any setup like this although others debate the new Threadripper and stuff too I  haven't tested personally can't say but generally any custom built desktop is better.

    The Exception is work and travel if you do this a lot can't stay at home like after work every day then, by all means, get a laptop, but I personally Wouldn't recommend Dell for sure, all the places I know using Dell PC's complain of lag and slowness compared to having like even an ASUS Laptop or something.

    Personally Dell, HP, Alienware are the top 3 piece of crap brands IMO, the parts they use are generic and I had someone waste $1,200 USD on a I7 HP computer from Best Buy the store refund to refund and only issued store credit so I suggested they take the gift card then and buy parts / resell those to others through ebay, or offer-up etc because no one in their right mind would buy such a crappy PC for gaming, like if someone offers you something and you can't afford it and have to accept a crap computer I understand that but if your spending that much money you might as well build one better yourself that lasts longer, has better grade hardware and is actually for gaming................. And most places that offer credit tend to jack up the price on things, for example, a place where a Stove or Computer is valued at $400 you tend to pay $800 because it's on Credit or something I really hate places like this.