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  • Miners make it harder to find budget video cards

    Yep they are I just looked at my 1080ti I paid like $800 USD For it now costs towards $1400 USD for one


    I swear that if there are any petitions I need to sign or if anyone knows of any to ban cryptocurrency from the United States making it illegal I will sign in favor as long as this is going on because Crypto Currency should have their own ASIC miners, not be using computer hardware, and create this problem for users.

    You could check on apps such as LetItGo, or Offer Up I do from time to time see graphics cards used going on there for a decent price.

    Do you want to fight back against these cryptocurrency miners?

    Well as lots of graphics cards have been bought up by them eventually their cards will start to lose profits and no longer be able to mine within 1 year a lot of these cards will go for sale on sites such as Ebay, Simply do not buy used cards like this because they likely come from other countries / China that has used and worn them down a lot anyway.

    They also do the same thing with battery in China they use them until they are almost dead and will only work for like 1-2 charges below capacity and they resell them and people buy them especially 18650 battery also used in Lap-Top and you get scammed found this out on Amazon, if it comes from China, don't buy it because the high capacity never ever reaches 6000 MAH as described.
  • Games dead. Final score 1/10

    What do you mean, BDO is more of an adult community, if you want players who don't troll chat, or talk trash then you might want to consider joining a Life Skill guild, otherwise most guilds are more serious towards node wars, have strict requirements and talk trash once in awhile.
  • Alleged Perpetrator of Call of Duty WWII 'Swatting' Death Indicted for Involuntary Manslaughter - M

    I don't agree with Swatting, but still he isn't the one who did the murder, he did a crime absolutely, but as we all know police who shoot innocent people get away with pretty much everything and are not held accountable simply because of the fact they are the LAW, and because of Training, even though it was clearly a hoax they could have prevented the shooting in the first place I mean Swat Team has AR-15's with scopes they could have known if they were armed for sure.

    Also, clearly this kid was dumb because he clearly used his home phone, with spoofing APPS to make a prank call, this is something you would never do, and it is absolutely possible to SWAT people while remaining 100% untraceable, and Anonymous given the fact anyone can buy disposable phones which are only used one time, and much better methods to actually make it untraceable which is why this kid was indeed stupid.

    3 Years may not seem like a long time to most, but 3 years in jail is a long time to those who are actually in jail/prison for years.

    Either way Law Enforcement needs to do a better job at screening these calls because even I knew just by listening to the 9/11 call that this was a hoax, but then I've been around the whole internet trolling/griefing thing for years to recognize these kinds of calls very easily.
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  • Computer boot but not signal to monitor??

    Well the CPU could be dead, but it could also be the power supply, I mean did he at least plug in a power supply tester and test the power supply voltages first to make sure it wasn't this?

    You don't need any hard-drives to post.

    If the Motherboard has an internal graphics card, remove the graphics card too, plug everything in, remove the bios battery, use the switch on the back to turn off the power supply so everything resets each time.

    Rotate one stick of memory between all ram module slots and power it on and off using the power supply switch in the back so the BIOS / UEFI resets each time?


  • New 'Battlegrounds' Battle Royale Game Mode Pits 100 Players Against Each Other - Paladins: Champion

    Im not sure about Pay 2 Win, but the toxicity is awful in Smite, and Last time I played Paladins people would yell at you just for not playing by the meta and just submit a report you would get suspended, or warnings just for not doing what other people want you to do.

    Hi-Rez has yet to address any of the toxicity issues in either game or put in features to help prevent abuse like Riot Games, or Blizzard Entertainment.

    So my question generally is Paladins BattleGrounds going to have kids yelling at each-other too for not playing the way they think is best.

    This is why the population of Smite Conquest and Paladins is so low compared to Queue up for any of Blizzards Games, or League OF Legends.